Edwin "Liam" Morris

Liam is a born-and-raised hippie from the Northeast who loves reading, writing, and all things eco-friendly and sustainable.

Growing up with an attorney for a mother and a developer for a father, Liam acquired a knack for analysis and problem solving, and since childhood has been insistent on settling for nothing but the best.

After a stint at Temple University, Liam felt that higher education was not providing him with the proper tools to succeed in his real areas of interest, and so he left school to pursue a full-time career in restaurant management.

With a start in the restaurant industry, hospitality gave way to sales and customer service. Allowing the day jobs to stay more in the background and the interests and hobbies to lead the way.

Always on the lookout for a new passion project, Liam found a shared zeal for quality and sustainability with the Bamboo Goods team where he now works with like-minded people to bring the best of those products to the public at large!