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Man in bed reading; bamboo socks

14 Best Bamboo Socks by Category

Drab and disappointing socks are a thing of the past. As we collectively grow appreciation for comfort, value, and sustainability, …

Woman in kitchen preparing food; bamboo utensils

10 Best Bamboo Utensils for Your Kitchen

Next time you’re upgrading your kitchenware, choose bamboo utensils over plastic. Bamboo utensils are all-natural, durable, and eco-friendly. Despite being …

Friends at a picnic laughing; bamboo cutlery

9 Best Bamboo Cutlery by Category

If you’re like me, you’re no doubt familiar with the heaviness of silverware. Bamboo cutlery is much lighter. Let’s take …

Woman eating breakfast on bed; bamboo bed frames

5 Best Bamboo Bed Frames of 2021

I’ve talked about this before, but the things you surround yourself with have a profound impact on your day-to-day. And …

Family on bed; bamboo mattresses

4 Best Bamboo Mattresses of 2021 and 3 Reasons to Switch

The answer to everything is a good night’s sleep. Finding the right mattress that has it all can make the …

Woman sitting in front of computer; bamboo keyboards

6 Best Bamboo Keyboards of 2021 by Category

A lot of us spend a fairly large portion of our day on the computer, whether for work, school, just …

Couple cooking and cleaning in kitchen; bamboo paper towels

10 Best Bamboo Paper Towels and 5 Reasons to Switch in 2021

Have you ever heard of bamboo paper towels? They are a bamboo version of a paper towel, but they’re actually …

Two women overlooking hills and nature; bamboo underwear

9 Best Bamboo Underwear by Category

Bamboo is a highly breathable material with moisture-wicking properties, making it a great material for a premium pair of undies. …

Woman with long, wavy hair; bamboo hair brushes
Personal Care

11 Best Bamboo Hair Brushes by Category

I have a lot of hair. When I say a lot I mean long distant cousin of Rapunzel length hair. …

Man sitting on chair outside wearing bamboo sunglasses

8 Best Bamboo Sunglasses of 2021 by Category

Who doesn’t want to look their best? Unfortunately, fast fashion is terrible for the environment and leaves more and more …

Man reading in bed; bamboo nightstands

7 Best Bamboo Nightstands by Category

Getting older has a lot of interesting quirks, not the least of which is how your perspective shifts in really …

Man looking at shoe; bamboo shoe racks

7 Best Bamboo Shoe Racks by Category

I’m a pretty simple guy when it comes to what I wear, and that is twice as true when it …

Couple in bed; bamboo sheets

8 Best Bamboo Sheets by Category

Let’s talk about sheets. Cotton was king for far too long. Before we dive into the best bamboo sheets I …

Family making a pizza; bamboo plates

13 Best Bamboo Plates by Category

I recently wrote an article about some of the best bamboo bowls on the market. It only felt fitting to …

Couple playing guitar; bamboo plant stand

11 Best Bamboo Plant Stands by Category

Plant lovers! We all crave that little bit of nature we can bring indoors. Our living space should be a …

Woman in home office; bamboo cabinets

8 Best Bamboo Cabinets by Category

For those about to remodel their storage situation – we salute you! Seriously, I count myself lucky daily that I …

Mother playing with daughter; bamboo shelves

8 Best Bamboo Shelves by Category

If you have the personality of a crow, like I do, you probably also find yourself acquiring the strangest trinkets, …

Family in living room; bamboo coffee tables

7 Best Bamboo Coffee Tables by Category

The coffee table is one of the most underappreciated pieces of furniture in the house, if you ask me. Really, …

Shower; bamboo towels

8 Best Bamboo Towels by Category

When I think about bamboo, I picture pandas slowly munching on hard sticks in a faraway land. Bamboo, despite appearances, …

Couple cooking; bamboo bowls

6 Best Bamboo Bowls by Category

Do you ever get tired of your bowls chipping after normal use? I know I do. That’s why I decided …

Grand room; bamboo room dividers

7 Best Bamboo Room Dividers by Category

Sometimes the furniture or colors aren’t what makes a room feel right, it can just be the way it’s split …

Kitchen; bamboo dish racks

5 Best Bamboo Dish Racks by Category

A bamboo dish rack: more than just a countertop accessory. So if you want to: Spruce up your kitchen’s natural …

Standing desk; bamboo desks

8 Best Bamboo Desks of 2021 by Category

If you’re in a situation anything like mine, working from home for the past year has taught you something big: …

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