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Bamboo spoon on a cloth next to salad ingredients

Eco-Friendly Cooking: The Benefits of Using Bamboo Spoons in the Kitchen

Bamboo spoons have a long and rich history, dating back thousands of years to ancient cultures in Asia. Bamboo was …

Bamboo lamp in the corner of a room

How to Choose the Best Bamboo Lamp to Brighten Your Home

If you live in the northern hemisphere you’ve hit that dreaded time of year when the sun rises later and …

Woman holding a cup of bamboo salt tea
KitchenPersonal Care

5 Benefits of Using Bamboo Salt in Cooking and Self-Care

What comes to mind when you think about salt? A big bowl of buttery popcorn? Or maybe a salty ocean …

Woman in bed under a bamboo duvet cover

4 Perfect Bamboo Duvets for Better Sleep Tonight

There’s something about Sunday mornings that make me want to stay in bed just a little longer. I’ll usually climb …

Woman indoors holding a bamboo extract pill and glass of water
Personal Care

6 Ways Bamboo Extract Improves Your Health

In a world of 24-hour gyms, prescription ads on TV, and the self-care movement at its peak, you may feel …

Woman doing a yoga pose indoors with bamboo products in the room; wellness routine and healthy habits
Personal CareWhy Bamboo

4 Ways Bamboo Helps You Create a Sustainable Wellness Routine

The new year usually has people thinking about lifestyle changes they want to make over the next 12 months. One …

Two backpackers relaxing on a fence, looking at a lake surrounded by trees; bamboo forest for climate change
Why Bamboo

Is Bamboo More Powerful Than Trees in Preventing Climate Change?

During the great lockdown of 2020, we had a lot of time to think and ask questions. It turns out …

People composting with bamboo
OutdoorWhy Bamboo

Curious About Composting? Add Bamboo for a Healthy, Sustainable Garden

Did you know that 47% of people making New Year’s resolutions say they want to eat healthier? I’m definitely included …

Bamboo sustainable alternative; hand holding clear orb in front of trees
Why Bamboo

Can Bamboo Help Clean up the Top Polluting Industries?

I recently read a study by Eco Jungle that talked about how air, water, and soil pollution is at an …

Family enjoying a sustainable Thanksgiving meal with bamboo

Grateful For Bamboo: Top 4 Changes for a Sustainable Thanksgiving Table

I’m a huge fan of the holidays and I’m guessing you are too! What’s the point of this big old …

Man holding a bamboo longboard at the beach

Bamboo Longboards: The Perfectly Cool, Eco-Friendly Way to Travel

Imagine the scene. It’s a beautiful blue-sky day. And here you are, cruising. Your shirttails and hair blow in the …

Giving a give wrapped in a bamboo sheet; bamboo gifts

Our 9 Favorite Sustainable Bamboo Gifts for Everyone on Your List

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are coming which means more baking, tons of events, and LOTS of …

Bamboo vases on table

Bamboo Vases: Earth-Friendly Style and Function You’ll Love in Your Home

It seems every other month there’s a new home design trend we’re trying to keep up with. The farmhouse look …

Family preparing a meal in the kitchen

How Bamboo Can Help You Create an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

We’ve all heard the phrase, the kitchen is the heart of the home. If you’ve ever hosted a gathering you …

Bamboo stakes supporting plants in home garden

Bamboo Stakes: A Gardener’s Best Friend

The first time I ever saw bamboo was in my parents’ vegetable garden. As a small child – that’s a …

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