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Family enjoying a sustainable Thanksgiving meal with bamboo

Grateful For Bamboo: Top 4 Changes for a Sustainable Thanksgiving Table

I’m a huge fan of the holidays and I’m guessing you are too! What’s the point of this big old …

Man holding a bamboo longboard at the beach

Bamboo Longboards: The Perfectly Cool, Eco-Friendly Way to Travel

Imagine the scene. It’s a beautiful blue-sky day. And here you are, cruising. Your shirttails and hair blow in the …

Giving a give wrapped in a bamboo sheet; bamboo gifts

Our 9 Favorite Sustainable Bamboo Gifts for Everyone on Your List

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are coming which means more baking, tons of events, and LOTS of …

Bamboo vases on table

Bamboo Vases: Earth-Friendly Style and Function You’ll Love in Your Home

It seems every other month there’s a new home design trend we’re trying to keep up with. The farmhouse look …

Family preparing a meal in the kitchen

How Bamboo Can Help You Create an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

We’ve all heard the phrase, the kitchen is the heart of the home. If you’ve ever hosted a gathering you …

Bamboo stakes supporting plants in home garden

Bamboo Stakes: A Gardener’s Best Friend

The first time I ever saw bamboo was in my parents’ vegetable garden. As a small child – that’s a …

Forever Bamboo bamboo edging separating a water feature from lawn

Bamboo Edging: How to Make Your Garden More Interesting

Are you looking for an easy way to add some visual appeal to your garden? Making your yard or garden …

Bamboo flatware cutlery next to a bamboo cutting board

Bamboo Flatware You’ll Want to Use Every Day: Our Top Picks

Did you know that 85% of consumers are looking to buy more sustainable products? If you’re one of them you …

Plyboo Louver bamboo wall panels with chair
DecorHome Improvement

Sustainable Bamboo Wall Panels to Transform Your Space

Looking to refresh and elevate your space without a massive overhaul? Sure, you can use paint to change it up, …

Man drinking from a bamboo cup while looking at a mountain

Top 6 Bamboo Cups to Make Your Next Beverage Eco-Friendly

Picture yourself relaxing on a lazy Sunday morning. Is your warm cup of coffee or tea within reach? Now think …

Family on bed wearing bamboo pajamas

The Top 6 Softest Bamboo Pajamas for the Entire Family

If you’re a hot sleeper, most pajamas out there can be plain uncomfortable. Your pajamas can sometimes feel too warm …

Mother holding bamboo diaper with baby in background
Personal Care

The Best Bamboo Diapers for Parents Who Want to Feel Less Eco-Guilt

Calling all parents—do you sometimes go to change your baby’s diaper and start to feel the eco-guilt creep in? You …

Bamboo soap dish at sink; bamboo bathroom accessories

Bamboo Bathroom Accessories: Add Comfort and Elegance to Your Home

Now that you’ve swapped out your old toilet paper for bamboo, make your eco-friendly bathroom collection complete with bamboo bathroom …

Rolls of bamboo toilet paper in a basket

Top 5 Bamboo Toilet Paper Brands for a More Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Heard of bamboo toilet paper but not sure if it’s worth the hype? We get it. Toilet paper may not …

Bamboo beaded curtain in a home's doorway, separating rooms

Bamboo Beaded Curtains: Add Some Eastern Mystery to Your Home

I talk a lot about using bamboo in your garden or outdoor space. But today I’m looking at something you …

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