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Woman looking through a leaf; bamboo clean beauty
Personal Care

How Bamboo Can Help Clean Up Your Beauty Routine

Did you know the average person spends 4 hours grooming themselves every week? I’ll be honest, my 2020 work-from-home routine …

Overhead view of a clean bamboo floor
Care & Cleaning

How to Keep Your Bamboo Floors Immaculately Clean

With bamboo trending like wildfire in the sustainable space, it’s not surprising we are seeing more bamboo floors in homes …

Growing bamboo in garden pail planters
OutdoorWhy Bamboo

Why You Should Consider Growing Bamboo in Your Garden

At Bamboo Goods, we talk about all sorts of useful and fun products made from bamboo. But for this article, …

Home garden in back yard; bamboo garden

Bring Your Garden to Life With Bamboo – Our Top 8 Suggestions

Are you tired of looking out at the same old view? Would you like your outdoor space to be more …

Woman standing in sustainable bamboo grove folding her arms
Why Bamboo

Is Bamboo Really More Sustainable? Making the Move to Eco-Friendly Products

You’ve heard the hype and know we’re big fans of bamboo for just about everything. Bamboo can be made into …

Bamboo grove on bamboo farm
Why Bamboo

How Sustainable Bamboo Farming Supports Rural Villages

You’re aware by now that bamboo is an incredibly sustainable crop. It grows quickly without fertilizers, regenerates itself, and absorbs …

Potted plant supported by bamboo trellis

5 Bamboo Trellises Gardeners Need to Know About

From growing indoor to outdoor plants, learning how to care for each of your precious plants takes time and effort. …

Woman drinking from bamboo straws

Our Top 6 Favorite Bamboo Straws and Why You Need One

If you’ve been around for a while, you know how we feel about single-use plastic (just say no). Plastic straws …

Breakfast in bed on bamboo serving tray

Bamboo Serving Trays for Hosting and Organization

If you’re anything like me you probably have endless uses for trays and platters. A quick look at Pinterest will …

Couple lounging at home with dog; bamboo charcoal bags
Care & Cleaning

Bamboo Charcoal Bags: The Natural Air Purifier That Won’t Break the Bank

Has this ever happened to you? It’s morning and you’re greeted not by the smell of breakfast but by bad …

Simple bamboo water fountain in yard

Bamboo Water Fountains: How to Add a Little Zen to Your Space

There’s something magical about being around water. Don’t you think? Walking along the beach or sitting beside an ambling stream, …

Bamboo bookshelves in home office

Bamboo Bookshelves for Eco-Friendly Book Lovers

There’s no better feeling than grabbing your favorite book and making yourself comfortable in your favorite chair. Well, there’s one …

Bamboo chairs outdoor by pool; bamboo furniture

Bamboo Furniture Pros and Cons

With the popularity of bamboo products, bamboo furniture is no exception. Thanks to the sustainability movement, homeowners everywhere have been …

Woman laying on bamboo poles; bamboo products
Why Bamboo

How to Introduce Bamboo Products into Your Lifestyle

Plus 10 Easy Swaps to Make Like us, you’re probably pretty excited about seeing more eco-friendly products in the market. …

Novica Hand Crafted Bamboo Wind Chime from Bali

Bamboo Wind Chimes to Calm Your Home

When you think of rest and relaxation, what comes to mind? Maybe a warm breeze on your skin, a cool …

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