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Mother holding bamboo diaper with baby in background
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The Best Bamboo Diapers for Parents Who Want to Feel Less Eco-Guilt

Calling all parents—do you sometimes go to change your baby’s diaper and start to feel the eco-guilt creep in? You …

Woman looking through a leaf; bamboo clean beauty
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How Bamboo Can Help Clean Up Your Beauty Routine

Did you know the average person spends 4 hours grooming themselves every week? I’ll be honest, my 2020 work-from-home routine …

Bamboo makeup brush
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Bamboo Makeup Brushes for Sustainable Beauty

The world of beauty has entered a transformation. We have all seen the aisles change in exciting ways over the …

Bamboo toothbrushes
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Bamboo Toothbrushes for Happy Teeth

Want to lower your plastic consumption, but not sure how or where to start? Opting for a bamboo toothbrush rather …

Woman with long, wavy hair; bamboo hair brushes
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11 Best Bamboo Hair Brushes for Any Style

I have a lot of hair. When I say a lot I mean long distant cousin of Rapunzel length hair. …