11 Best Bamboo Hair Brushes for Any Style

Woman with long, wavy hair; bamboo hair brushes

I have a lot of hair.

When I say a lot I mean long distant cousin of Rapunzel length hair.

Managing and maintaining this mane is an unpaid part-time job for me. I am always looking for the best tools and tricks to get my hair out of my way and, if possible, look cute.

Introducing the bamboo hair brush.

In other rooms of the house, bamboo delivers strength and style. In the bathroom? It is just the same.

Brushing with bamboo does wonders for shine. The minimal pores on the surface of bamboo help to keep oils from penetrating into the material.

Translation? More gorgeous natural oils for me, less for the brush.

Moreover, it is durable. Swapping to bamboo will extend the lifetime of your next brush.

Read on to see my favorite picks by category across the web!

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    Best Overall


    Last update on 2024-06-22 // Source: Amazon

    Let’s start out with my favorite brush!

    I love a paddle brush as it provides grip, detangling power, and a strong massage.

    The BFWood Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush is my winner because it has it all. It is one of the few bamboo brushes I have come across in my research that features 100% pure bamboo pins.

    Bamboo pins bring shine to hair while staying strong and in place compared to a traditional plastic pin. These pins are also spaced out so the brush is easy to clean.

    This brush can be used on any hair type, wet or dry!

    I love the air hole to provide some give when brushing. This makes for a much more comfortable massage experience.

    The paddle also features a hole at the bottom of the handle so it can be hung. If I can hang it on a wall, I get excited.

    Although there are many brushes for many styles or needs, this brush is my favorite because it boasts the best of the basic benefits of bamboo.

    Best Bamboo Edge Brush


    Last update on 2024-06-23 // Source: Amazon

    Okay, so my hair is brushed and I am almost ready to go out of the door. One thing is off and it needs to be fixed now.

    The flyaway brush saves the day!

    This little edge brush smooths a hair-don’t back into a hairdo.

    I appreciate the elegant design and thin handle. The boar bristles work wonders on whisking locks back into their place. Natural oils are redistributed into the scalp to lock in a shine.

    This edge brush is great for travel since any hair type can benefit from a flyaway fighter, and the sleek bamboo handle offers an indent for grip and an overall minimal design.

    Best Bamboo Brush and Comb Set

    When I think of a brush and comb set I think of the number two.

    Think again. Think double.

    The Bekind Nature Bristles wooden hair brush and hair comb kit comes with four pieces!

    This set comes highly rated and recommended, and is an excellent pick for any budget.

    And it gets better. The set comes with three combs of various sizes for all hair types as well as a wide paddle brush.

    The brush features a unique air ventilation hole to improve flexibility. In addition, this brush has bamboo bristles. Bamboo bristles are key to reducing static and increasing shine.

    Unlike most brushes I have come across in my research, this one has a silicone cushion backing. This is designed to reduce hair loss from brushing!

    This set is great for travel options and comes with a comb travel bag.

    Best Bamboo Hair and Beard Comb

    The Seek Bamboo beard comb is a stylish and minimal addition to your hair care routine.

    Seek Bamboo comb
    Source: Seek Bamboo

    I love anything that can accomplish two jobs.

    Sure, I am a woman who does not have a beard. But my boyfriend has one and I want to be someone who can provide a comb to a man in need.

    The Seek Bamboo comb can do it all. This pocket-sized, 100% bamboo comb has a travel-friendly form and a natural look.

    Now let’s talk function.

    The Seek Bamboo brush is designed for hair, beards, and mustaches. Pure bamboo wood is durable and excellent at bringing shine to your locks.

    The comb has dual sides. There is a wide and a fine side to provide for whatever area needs some love.

    To boot, the price of the Seek Bamboo comb is also pocket-sized as well.

    Best Eco-Friendly

    Package Free boasts a lovely, compostable bamboo hair brush.

    Source: Package Free

    Pure bamboo wood is already one of the most eco-friendly natural materials out there.

    When it can be delivered to you in its form without any extra packaging, we have a total win on our hands. But, if you are in New York, this company has a few storefronts as well.

    The Package Free Bamboo Hairbrush is made of 100% bamboo and natural rubber.

    The paddle is wide for good grip, and the brush is rectangular and sturdy.

    Great for any hair type, the brush has the added benefit of being a massaging style with sturdy bristles. This helps stimulate the scalp and makes detangling a breeze!

    Best Round Bamboo Brush

    The Bass 205 Dark Bamboo Brush features premium, natural bristles you'll be sure to love.

    Bass 205 Dark Bamboo Brush
    Source: Bass Brushes

    Let’s talk style.

    I love the look of a fresh blowout but do not always feel I have the time or talent to do it like the stylists.

    Say hello to the Bass round brush!

    This brush is designed to style. It features a tourmaline ionic barrel which works to condition and style by replenishing negative ions.

    Sound like too much science? Trust the stylists. Bass is one of the top recommended names in the professional hairstyling world.

    I have long and thick hair. In order to round brush blow dry, I need time and a little technique. The rubber grip featured on this brush allows me to hold the right grip while taming the mane.

    Bass brushes are built to last. They have been making brushes for decades to last for years.

    Best for Travel

    The Body Shop's Mini Bamboo Hairbrush is a compact go-to for your handbag.

    The Body Shop Mini Bamboo Hairbrush
    Source: The Body Shop

    A brush is a purse essential.

    Now that we can finally be on the go again, it is time for us all to level-up on our bag game.

    The Body Shop mini bamboo hair brush is the perfect travel companion for all hair types.

    When they say mini, they sure mean mini. That is what I like about this brush. It does the job in a concise and no-fuss manner.

    The Body Shop is known for its high-quality oils and products. I recommend exploring the hair oils mentioned on the product page or just pairing the brush with a simple jojoba oil to tackle flyaways.

    Best Bamboo Hair Brush Under $20

    The Brush With Bamboo hair brush is an affordable option, as found on the ZeroWasteStore.

    Brush With Bamboo hair brush
    Source: ZeroWasteStore

    An essential for me is always a classic hairbrush for my everyday grooming.

    If I can get a long-lasting, quality brush on the cheap, it is a total win.

    What is unique about this brush is the pure bamboo pins. Bamboo has fewer pores than most woods (note: bamboo is technically a grass) so it works better at allowing natural oils to stay on the hairs’ surface.

    Bamboo bristles work to reduce static as well, fighting away frizz.

    The paddle is finished with natural beeswax. This makes for a brush that is built to last in humid or wet environments (note: this is not a wet brush).

    Best for Detangling

    I have long, thick hair. Is it fun? Yes. Is it a constant chore? Yes.

    Out of the shower, the work begins. When my hair is wet and tangled, I tend to dread the next few hours.

    That is, until I started using a wet brush.

    The Bamboo Vent Paddle Hair Brush is unique from most traditional designs in that it is vented. The wide slats in the center of the brush allow for maximum drying.

    This minimal design makes for a lightweight natural brush that is great for travel or daily use.

    The paddle and top are all one piece and 100% bamboo. The boar bristles make this brush friendly for those with thin or damaged hair as well!

    … And I'd be remiss to not mention a related find of mine when it comes to the shower. Head over to my best bamboo towels article to check out the best bamboo towel for hair and beauty!

    Best Bamboo Scalp Massaging Hair Brush​


    Last update on 2024-06-23 // Source: Amazon

    Brushing does not have to just be a daily chore for detangling and grooming.

    Bristles can stimulate blood flow and exfoliate the scalp as well!

    The Dry Scalp Paddle Brush by Beyond 100 Naturals delivers a sturdy wooden-feel brush that works to massage your head and brush your hair all in one.

    The bristles and brush are made of 100% bamboo to deliver all of the benefits to your hair while invigorating the scalp.

    Maintaining a healthy scalp keeps hair shiny and free of dandruff. So this brush works for today and sets you up for success for later in the month.

    Speaking of 100%, Beyond 100 Naturals offers a 100% money-back guarantee!

    Best for Thin or Damaged Hair

    Beauty by Earth's Boar Bristle Hair Brush is the solution for strong, healthy, beautiful hair.

    Beauty by Earth Boar Bristle Hair Brush
    Source: Beauty by Earth

    Looking for a brush that is easy on your hair?

    This boar bristle bamboo hair brush has a unique bristle design to allow for detangling with ease.

    The bristles are a combination of boar and nylon pins. The bristles surround the pins to shine and detangle your locks.

    Thin or damaged hair can stay protected with this gentle brush.

    Beauty by Earth offers a money-back guarantee on the brush so you can assure that this is your dream brush risk-free!