9 Best Bamboo Underwear to Keep You Cool and Dry

Two women overlooking hills and nature; bamboo underwear

Bamboo is a highly breathable material with moisture-wicking properties, making it a great material for a premium pair of undies.

Synthetic materials can lead to a build-up of moisture.

And excess moisture can get ugly:

As Dr. Nupur Gupta points out in a Health Shots article: “Wearing synthetic underwear for long periods of time can lead to yeast infections, urinary tract infection (UTI), and vaginal infections.”

Dr. Gupta is the director of obstetrics and gynecology at Fortis Memorial Research Institute.

Wearing natural clothing, such as bamboo underwear, allows air to pass through your fabrics. More airflow means protecting against the potential development of rashes and yeast infections.

Too much moisture creates optimal conditions for bacteria.

According to Cariloha, Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than even the finest organic cotton, wicking moisture away from the skin much faster and keeping you dry and comfortable easier.”

Bamboo textiles are an alternative that comes from a renewable resource that is fast-growing, renewable, and replenishable.

And it’s stretchy–it has more stretch than cotton, and it is often softer than cotton too. A premium fabric for a premium feel.

Hopefully, you wear underwear that makes you look and feel good. With bamboo underwear, you can feel good about your choice being more sustainable too.

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    Best Overall

    Men’s – Bamboo Underwear Men’s Boxer

    Materials: 95% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Spandex

    Free Shipping

    Bamboo Underwear is a specialized underwear brand that makes organically grown Bamboo Viscose underwear garments. The fabric is FSC certified, certified organic by EcoCert, and certified free from harmful chemicals by Oeko Tex 100.

    These boxers are a great update to a classic. They come in 12 colors and feature a wide, elastic waistband that keeps the feel of the boxers comfortable and flexible.

    They are designed to prevent “riding up,” and are covered under a 30-day return policy. The moisture-wicking and thermal regulating properties of bamboo vs cotton make these a great choice to wear to the gym too.

    Women’s – Bamboo Underwear High-Cut Brief

    Materials: 95% viscose from bamboo, 5% spandex

    Free Shipping

    These high-cut briefs for women are effortlessly sexy. Made of viscose bamboo fabric and repurposed from bamboo into a flattering cut, they’re soft and breathable. They have a cheeky thong back and feature a high-rise waist and a high-cut leg.

    They come in 16 colors, 4 sizes, and are covered by a 30-day return policy.

    Best Budget


    Materials: 92% Bamboo Viscose, 8% Spandex

    These BAMBOO COOL boxer briefs are moisture-wicking, breathable, and stretchy. They have an open fly design, along with an elastic waistband that says “Bamboo Cool.” Amazon sells the cut in three styles: long boxer briefs, short boxer briefs, or briefs.

    They have a soft 3-D pouch, are seamless, and the bamboo fabric is breathable providing ventilation.


    Materials: 95% Viscose, 5% spandex

    These wirarpa high-waisted panties come in a pack of 4, and are put together in a variety of colors to choose from. My favorite color is black.

    The cheek cut is good for those who like full coverage. They aren’t seamless, but the reviews mention the style and cut specifically prevent sliding up.

    I like high-waisted underwear because it’s the most flattering for my body type. Likewise, I appreciate the tummy on these and the ultra-thick, soft, stretchy waistband.

    Best Bamboo Lace Panty- Cariloha Bamboo Lace Thong

    Materials: 95% Viscose from Bamboo, 5% Spandex

    Sustainability: Carbon Neutral Product

    This bamboo lace thong comes in a navy floral color, with a pink lace waistband. The bamboo underwear also features pretty pink flowers.

    It’s a carbon-neutral product, so the company cares about the environment and is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint. Essentially, carbon emissions are acknowledged and offset. And as a whole, Cariloha is a 100% carbon-neutral business.

    Cariloha removes CO2 from the atmosphere through reforestation, renewable energy, and community projects to become carbon neutral.

    Best Loose Fitting Bamboo Boxers- Spun Bamboo Boxer Underwear

    Materials: 70% Viscose from Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton

    These Spun Bamboo Boxers come in 3 colors: steel blue, cream, and black.

    They have a single-button fly, a loose-fit cut, and don’t hug your thighs– if that type of cut is your preference.

    Works great for hanging around the house.

    Best Bamboo Bralette – Geae Bamboo Bra in sage

    Materials: 95% Bamboo Rayon, 5% Spandex

    I love this bralette. Bralettes in general are a 10/10 for me.

    The bamboo fabric makes it soft. The 5% spandex makes it stretchy. The triangle bra cut makes it ultra-feminine.

    It comes in two colors. My favorite is the sage.

    This bralette from Geae Bamboo pairs well with the bamboo undies also made by Geae Bamboo (Geae undies come in the sage color as well). Or, you can purchase the bralette as part of a pre-matched bra and underwear set.

    Best Bamboo Sports Bra- BOODY Racerback Sports Bra

    Materials: 80% rayon made from bamboo, 20% spandex

    This bra offers medium support for a mix of high- or low-intensity gym days. It’s breathable and moisture-wicking thanks to the bamboo fabric. And it has removable padding and a 4-way stretch.

    BOODY’s bamboo is organically grown to create the fabric. It’s thermo-regulating and tested for harmful substances through the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certification.

    Softest / Most Comfortable Bamboo Underwear

    Men’s – David Archy Men’s Ultra Soft Males Briefs

    Materials: 95% Bamboo Rayon, 5% Spandex

    These men’s briefs are so soft they have the phrase “ultra soft” in their title. They were also named by NBC NEWS as “Best men's underwear 2020.”

    They’re safe to try too. David Archy offers a full refund within two weeks of purchase. Returns and exchanges are offered for customers, even if they want something just a little bit different.

    Designed with a 3-D pouch, an elastic waistband, and soft bamboo rayon fabric, these undies come in a few different color combinations to make up 5 different bamboo underwear packs to choose from.

    Women’s – Kyte Baby Women’s Bamboo Underwear

    Materials: 97% Bamboo Rayon, 3% Spandex

    This bamboo underwear is smooth and classic. It has a natural waist and full coverage. Made of 97% bamboo, it’s full of a soft breathable bamboo rayon fabric with great moisture-wicking abilities. They come in 7 colors and 6 different sizes.

    Best Maternity - Sunnybuy Bamboo Maternity Underwear

    Materials: 85% Bamboo, 7% Nylon, 8% Spandex

    This maternity underwear from Milker is full coverage. They’re high-waisted, cover the butt-cheeks, and cover the bump. And they’re seamless and very comfortable.

    They are a good fit for someone who is frustrated with the waist of normal underwear sliding down, and provide support without digging or too much snugness. Some reviewers like to wear them after giving birth, too.

    Best Underwear for Kids (Toddlers)

    Boys' – Kyte Baby Boys Briefs

    Materials: All-Natural Bamboo

    These fun briefs make transitioning into underwear fun for kids.

    They come in sizes 2T-7T, in 6 different colors. And they’re made of all-natural bamboo, and the moisture-wicking property of bamboo comes in extra handy when it comes to kids.

    The breathable fabric is also machine washable for easy care and low maintenance.

    Wash inside-out in cold water, with like fabrics. Hang to dry.

    Girls' – Kyte Baby Girls Undies

    Materials: All Natural Bamboo

    Made by the same company as the Kyte Baby Boys Briefs above, these girls' undies are made of all-natural bamboo as well. They come in 6 colors, in sizes 2T-7T.

    The Kyte Baby undies are super soft and great for kids with sensitive skin. They could also be a good choice for boys depending on your little one’s underwear preference.

    Machine washable, hang to dry.


    Bamboo fabrics have many natural properties that make bamboo underwear attractive to consumers.

    For instance, bamboo fabric is softer than cotton.

    The premium softness and natural breathability of bamboo make it the more desirable fabric choice when it comes to intimates

    Bamboo is also heat-wicking and moisture-wicking. More and more brands are choosing bamboo materials vs cotton for fashion.

    The reviews are in. When it comes to underwear, bamboo fabric is just better.

    As fashion continues to get more green, companies are paying attention to carbon emissions and ethically sourced materials.

    All-natural, organic bamboo grass is good for your body and your carbon footprint.