14 Best Bamboo Socks by Category

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Best Overall
Super Soft and Comfortable No Show Bamboo Workout Socks for Men & Women & Kids
Best Compression
BAMS Compression Socks Women & Men- Premium Bamboo Graduated Knee-High
Best Non-Slip
LUCKAYA 3 Pairs anti-slip socks for Yoga Pilates Barre, Hospital and Maternity.
Price not available
Available on Amazon
Available on Amazon
Available on Amazon
No-show, super soft
Improves circulation
Pilates, maternity, barre
Best Overall
Super Soft and Comfortable No Show Bamboo Workout Socks for Men & Women & Kids
Available on Amazon
No-show, super soft
Best Compression
BAMS Compression Socks Women & Men- Premium Bamboo Graduated Knee-High
Price not available
Available on Amazon
Improves circulation
Best Non-Slip
LUCKAYA 3 Pairs anti-slip socks for Yoga Pilates Barre, Hospital and Maternity.
Available on Amazon
Pilates, maternity, barre

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Drab and disappointing socks are a thing of the past.

As we collectively grow appreciation for comfort, value, and sustainability, bamboo socks make for the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Bamboo may sound like an odd material to wear on your feet due to its reputation of being strong (which it is!), but the fibers make for a luxurious, pillowy feel.

Bamboo socks are moisture-wicking, breathable, and so comfortable.

They are 21% stronger than steel yet provide more comfort than cotton so you can go ahead and throw out those holey socks you have in the back of your drawer and replace them with these durable and plush alternatives.

Starting a journey to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle can be overwhelming, but starting with simple swaps like socks can ease the intimidation.

Whether you are looking for yourself or someone you love, purchasing some bamboo socks is a small step that will leave a big impact.

On top of feeling heavenly, bamboo is a sustainable substitute for other materials commonly used in clothing. Bamboo only requires 2/3 the amount of water needed to grow cotton so you can give a gift you feel great about.

Not sure where to start? Below are the best bamboo socks in multiple categories so you can snag a pair for everyone in your family.

Also, be sure to check out our top recommendations for bamboo shoes.

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    Best Overall

    Socks should never be uncomfortable.

    With extra cushioning in the sole, these no-shows are perfect for everything from lounging to weightlifting.

    Say goodbye to your insecurities about foot odor. The lightweight mesh and moisture-wicking will keep your feet dry after a run and cool after a long day at work.

    Both breathable and cozy, these socks are a dream.

    Best Budget

    Mitch Bogen Bamboo Moisture Wicking Non-Sweat Business Dress Men’s Crew Socks Odor Resistant 7 Pack

    Look no further for a classy pack of socks on a budget.

    Among the many benefits of bamboo, this pack of seven contains staple crew socks for daily wear into the office that will last you years. Additional bonus points for these cozy crew socks because they’re machine washable and anti-fade!

    These elegant yet budget-friendly socks are so comfortable you might even forget you’re at work.

    Best Bamboo Socks for Women

    Cariloha Bamboo Ankle Softy Socks – Blue Lagoon

    With these Cariloha ankle socks, you’ll be provided with warmth, comfort, and (thanks to some no-slip foot beads) stability. The organic bamboo repels odors, allergens, and potential skin irritants to keep your feet feeling fresh all day.

    If you weren’t sold yet, the herringbone weave pattern is gorgeous. Whether you’re taking a self-care day or chasing your dogs around the house, these socks are up for the task.

    Best Bamboo Socks for Men

    Cariloha Men’s Bamboo Trouser Socks

    Cariloha has the best bamboo socks for men.

    These crew socks are equipped with incredible arch support, seamless toe construction, and a thick bedding of support for the bottom of your feet.

    Men who are on the go will appreciate the bamboo benefit of odor resistance.

    The additional touch of embroidered bamboo stalks is stylish and sleek.

    Best Bamboo Socks for Girls

    Shopping for a girl? This pack comes in an assortment of pastels and has all the benefits of bamboo while being incredibly stylish.

    Perfect for everyday wear during any season, sports, and keeping feet warm while studying, your girl will be proud to show off these socks.

    One mom’s review said that she not only ended up purchasing more for her child, but for herself too!

    Best Bamboo Socks for Boys

    MeMoi Sports Bamboo Blend Crew Socks

    Not sure what to get the boy in your life? These printed crew socks have personality and comfort on their side. They come in black, charcoal, or navy and are available in shoe sizes 5-9.

    Bamboo’s incredible durability allows for rough-and-tumble play in style.

    You’ll know the benefits of buying bamboo, but all they’ll need to know is how cool these socks look.

    Best Bamboo Socks for Babies

    Fruit of the Loom Baby Boys’ Striped 10pk Beyondsoft Breathable Socks

    Welcome a petite person to the world with the gift of comfort.

    Not only are these socks tiny and adorable, they come with a soft and stretchy band to easily get on to wiggling feet.

    They go from six months to a toddler size 5T.

    Best Athletic Bamboo Socks

    EcoSox JAG Athletic ZIG-LITE Bamboo Running Socks

    These athletic socks, made in the USA, are going to give you the best performance for a run.

    The compression they provide will prevent foot fatigue and assist you in your recovery.

    Of course, there are also the moisture-wicking and odor resistance benefits of bamboo that keep your feet dry and vented.

    Best No-Show Bamboo Socks

    Still need socks with your low-top shoes? These no-shows are perfect.

    From Toms to Chucks to a perfect fall bootie, the reinforced toe will ensure all-day endurance. With the extra touch of heel grips, you can protect your feet while rocking your favorite pair of stylish shoes.

    These organic socks are so soft you might forget you’re even wearing them.

    Best Bamboo Dress Socks

    Dress them up or dress them down. These unisex bamboo crew socks have everything you could possibly be looking for in a sock. They are sophisticated and comfortable.

    This pack comes with neutral tones that work in a business setting or a casual setting.

    Moisture-wicking and odor repelling material will have you focusing on your presentation rather than worrying about sweaty feet. Once you try these, you’ll wonder why you ever went to work wearing cotton socks.

    Best Bamboo Compression Socks

    There are bamboo options available for those who need extra support in their legs. The stretchy and flexible bamboo fibers make these socks easy to put on and take off.

    These compression socks from BAMS are incredible at maximizing blood flow and preventing swelling. A double stitching protects against tears and damage, allowing for years of wearing.

    Invest in the health of your loved ones with socks that were built to last and will provide them with true comfort.

    Best Hiking/Outdoor Bamboo Socks

    EcoSox Bamboo Full Cushion Hiking Socks

    These full cushion bamboo socks will become your new favorite hiking accessory.

    The bamboo fibers are so soft and supple against your feet which will help prevent blisters. These high-quality hiking socks are reinforced with a knitted heel and provide plenty of padding to add arch support and prevent foot fatigue on your expedition.

    Whether you’re doing a day hike or taking a multi-day trek, your feet will thank you for protecting them.

    Best Non-Slip Bamboo Socks

    Nothing snaps you out of your zen zone quite like losing your balance and almost losing some teeth. This is where bamboo grip socks come in.

    Whether you’re doing Pilates, barre, or housework, these socks will keep you steady and planted. However, not recommended for yoga.

    This unique pack comes with 3 vibrant colors, is adorned with the most amazing design, and is perfectly packaged for a gift bag.

    Bonus: Best Stocking Stuffer Bamboo Socks

    Corgi Face Bamboo Crew Socks
    It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays. I mean, they do sneak up on us every year.

    Available in pink or green, these bamboo socks from Sockology with little corgi faces on them are incredible. I love these because they are so obviously great for casual wear, but could also spice up your office attire.

    With all of the phenomenal benefits of bamboo, you won’t just love the way they look. You’ll love the way they feel and the good you’re doing for the environment. I can think of about ten people I could gift these to (if I don’t end up keeping them for myself.)

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