3 Best Bamboo Shoes of 2021 by Category

Woman jumping; bamboo shoes

Sustainable fashion is on the up-and-up.

In this article, I have done some research for you to find the best eco-friendly companies selling shoes made with bamboo at this time.

If you are looking to make a step in a more sustainable direction, then bamboo shoes are the way to go.

Bamboo fabric is perfect for feet. It is moisture-wicking and breathable. Moreover, the fibers are stronger than traditional textiles in fabric shoes.

Be sure to check out our top picks for bamboo socks, to go with your new shoes.

Now that you are building up your collection, I recommend exploring our suggestions of bamboo shoe racks to display them on!

Read on for my top picks for the best bamboo shoes of 2021.

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    Best Overall

    Cariuma has a humble origin story. Two friends decided to ditch the corporate world and get together to create a cool-classic shoe.

    The friends, David and Fernando, wanted a shoe that was not wasteful in its production. You could call these two guys influencers in the “slow fashion” movement.

    These kicks are designed with skateboarders in mind. The vintage look and comfortable feel are perfect for those of us who skate.

    For those of us who do not? Well, skating shoes just so happen to be the best everyday comfort shoes anyways.

    The upper and lining of the IBI shoe use bamboo grown in the USA. This shoe is the first of its kind to use bamboo in a 3D knitting process!

    Cariuma is all about sustainability and transparency. The other materials used to make these bamboo shoes are listed on the site with more information on the origins and production processes.

    My favorite part is the cork and mamona oil insole. Mamona oil is an alternative to petroleum, and the cork is sustainably harvested from the bark of the tree to keep the tree intact.

    If you are looking to sport full bamboo style, check out our picks for the best bamboo socks.

    Cariuma offers many different styles for both men and women. To boot, they are backed by awesome reviews. Check out my top pick by heading to the main product page.

    Best Bamboo Shoes for Women

    A good pair of flats is a wardrobe staple. If you are looking to add in some responsible fashion to your dailies, I recommend starting with some basics.

    Baubax is one of the few bamboo companies I have found in my research that steps into the territory of fancy fashion rather than simply… footwork fashion.

    The Baubax Women's Comfortable Dressy Flats are perfect for everyday style that is built to last.

    Bamboo is woven into the top portion of the shoe to lend its classic benefits of breathability and comfort.

    The thought process put into these flats really caught my eye.

    A common issue with flats, as you may know, is how they tend to smell over time. Our feet generally are not getting a lot of airflow while barefoot in there.

    This can lead to smelly shoes that we are tempted to toss or pawn off on our younger cousins sooner rather than later.

    This shoe is designed with time in mind. Next to bamboo, we see other star players such as Merino wool, coconut coir, and natural latex.

    Together they are layered in such a way to assure your feet are properly ventilated and supported.

    To slip into these bamboo beauties, head to the product page for Baubax flats.

    Best Bamboo Shoes for Kids

    Let’s talk about kicks for the kids. In my research, it seems most of the eco-friendly footwear is directed toward the feet of the mindful adult.

    I did discover one company that is starting people young in friendly fashion: Bobux.

    Kids are cute, but these bamboo shoes? I mean, talk about adorable.

    For all shoes, Bobux has a user-friendly site designed to help you find shoes for the little one at their stage of walking.

    The bamboo shoes I am focusing on here are the Seedling shoes by Bobux. The materials are all sustainably sourced from the recycled rubber bottom to the bamboo woven top.

    If the mission and the pure cuteness aren’t enough, Bobux donates to One Tree Planted with the purchase of each pair. Now that is some good karma for a kid.

    Head to the Bobux product page if you are looking to help those first few steps be all the better.

    Best Shoe That Nobody Has Yet…

    So I had to include this as a bonus category.

    It is not every day you see a website that is preparing to launch some awesome products.

    YY NATION is launching soon and aims to sell the world’s most sustainable sneaker. They are already being reviewed as a company that is going to be a big name in eco-friendly fashion!

    The sneakers will have a bamboo and nylon mesh fabric made out of our good friend bamboo mixed with nylon made from recycled plastic bottles.

    Talk about kicking waste!

    To sign up for an email alert about their bamboo shoes, head over to the YY NATION homepage.