Man standing in water using a bamboo fly fishing rod

Bamboo Fly Fishing: Items for Your Tackle Box

It’s a funny thing but I’d never thought about fishing – until I met a boy who loved fishing that ...
Couple wearing backpacks watching people canoeing on a lake; bamboo camping gear

Bamboo Camping Gear: How to Make Your Trip More Eco-Friendly

Who doesn’t love a camping trip? The sun is shining, there’s not a cloud in the sky. It’s the perfect ...
Woman relaxing in chair on outdoor bamboo decking among trees
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Bamboo Decking: The Long-Lasting, Beautiful Solution for Your Garden Project

Would you rather be in your garden or yard than inside the house? Do you wish your kids would get ...
People composting with bamboo
OutdoorWhy Bamboo

Curious About Composting? Add Bamboo for a Healthy, Sustainable Garden

Did you know that 47% of people making New Year's resolutions say they want to eat healthier? I’m definitely included ...
Bamboo stakes supporting plants in home garden

Bamboo Stakes: A Gardener's Best Friend

The first time I ever saw bamboo was in my parents' vegetable garden. As a small child – that’s a ...
Forever Bamboo bamboo edging separating a water feature from lawn

Bamboo Edging: How to Make Your Garden More Interesting

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Person fishing on a boat at sunset; bamboo fishing poles

Bamboo Fishing Poles Can Bring You Even Closer to Nature

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Wayfair AllModern bamboo planters pot

Bamboo Planters: How to Make Container Gardening Sustainable and Easy

Virtually any type of plant can be grown in a planter. This makes them a perfect alternative to borders – ...
Bamboo privacy wall in garden; bamboo planter boxes

Bamboo Planter Boxes: Make the Exotic Hideaway You Dream Of

Hi there, Thanks for dropping in. There’s something exotic about growing bamboo isn’t there? It’s always fascinated me. Probably because ...
Bamboo poles being used as a building structure support
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Why Bamboo Poles Are the Ultimate Natural Building Material

Back in the 90s, I was an ‘ok’ rock climber. Nothing to write home about, but I loved being outdoors. ...
Bamboo outdoor furniture chairs

Bamboo Outdoor Furniture: Your Garden and Patio’s New Best Friend

Have you noticed that the way we use our backyards and gardens has evolved over time? When I was a ...
Growing bamboo in garden pail planters
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Why You Should Consider Growing Bamboo in Your Garden

At Bamboo Goods, we talk about all sorts of useful and fun products made from bamboo. But for this article, ...
Home garden in back yard; bamboo garden

Bring Your Garden to Life With Bamboo: Our Top 8 Suggestions

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Potted plant supported by bamboo trellis

5 Bamboo Trellises Gardeners Need to Know About

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Simple bamboo water fountain in yard

Bamboo Water Fountains: How to Add a Little Zen to Your Space

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Novica Hand Crafted Bamboo Wind Chime from Bali

Bamboo Wind Chimes to Calm Your Home

When you think of rest and relaxation, what comes to mind? Maybe a warm breeze on your skin, a cool ...
Person petting dog in yard; bamboo fencing
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Bamboo Fencing to Add Beauty to Your Yard

Robert Frost is often quoted as, “Good fences make good neighbors.” While many of us are happy to say a ...
Family eating outside; outdoor bamboo shades

Outdoor Bamboo Shades for Your Home

Outdoor bamboo shades are an excellent option for improving the natural look of your garden, patio, arbor, porch, deck, balcony ...