Bring Your Garden to Life With Bamboo: Our Top 8 Suggestions

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Are you tired of looking out at the same old view? Would you like your outdoor space to be more interesting? Many of us conform to the traditional idea of a garden without really understanding why. Without a plan, our gardens, or yards, are simply square or rectangular open spaces.

A patch of grass, a couple of flowerbeds, perhaps a patio if you’re lucky… And, if you have a herd of football-toting littlies to care for, it might very well seem like the easiest option.

But what if you could turn your garden into much more than that?

Imagine this… you open the back door to find a tranquil oasis. Another world. Somewhere you can escape to. Somewhere to kick back and enjoy the view, whatever the season.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Of course, professional landscapers can work miracles. But if you simply don’t have the budget for that… don’t panic. There are still lots of ways you can bring your yard to life by using our favorite garden accessory – simple, affordable, and available, bamboo.

Want to find out why we are massive fans of bamboo? Check out our Why Bamboo page.

Let’s look at how to use bamboo to give your outdoor space that wow factor.

The simplest way to take the visual appeal of your garden up a gear is to add some elegant accessories.

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    #1 – Bamboo Planters

    Bamboo pots and planters come in all shapes and sizes. Planters are a wonderful way to adorn a seating area or patio. Or use them anywhere in the garden to provide stunning focal points.

    Easy to move, planters are perfect for perennials and shrubs that love the summer sun but need a little more shelter over the winter.

    I’ve had a small palm tree in a planter for over 10 years. When winter comes I wrap the planter in bubble wrap and move it to a sheltered spot by the fence. In summer, it takes pride of place in the center of the garden.

    If you’re prone to serial house moves, keep your favorite plants in planters until you’re more settled.

    #2 – Bamboo Fountains and Water Features

    On any TV gardening program, you’ll hear talk of the benefits of adding a water feature to your yard. Japanese gardens are famously built around water. And most stately homes feature fountains, ponds, and the occasional lake.

    Having a smaller garden, yard, or patio, you may think there’s no room for something so decadent. But bamboo water fountains take up hardly any space. In fact, if you have a corner where you can fit a small bowl or bury a small bucket, then you can have a water feature too.

    Take a look at our bamboo fountains article to see some cool examples.

    #3 – Bamboo Wind Chimes

    Add to the ambient sounds of birds singing and the running water with the calming sounds of bamboo wind chimes.

    Our bamboo wind chimes article has some suggestions for wind chimes to buy and how to make your own.

    Fancy making some simple structural changes to your garden?

    Using bamboo to create a landscape in your garden can be pretty easy, and affordable too. Here are some ideas you might want to incorporate into your plan…

    #4 – Trellises

    The humble trellis is often overlooked. But bamboo trellis can be an incredibly affordable way of jazzing up your yard.

    Sectioning off your garden into separate areas is one of the simplest ways to make it look more interesting. Amazingly, your garden can appear bigger too! One way to do this is to use bamboo trellises. Trellises can be purely decorative or you may want to encourage climbing plants to cover them.

    Of course, bamboo trellises don’t need to be in the middle of your garden. They’re also a neat way to encourage plants to breathe life into any boring section of fence or garden wall. They’re super-easy to install too.

    Find out more about bamboo trellises and how to use them.

    #5 – Arches and Tunnels

    If you’ve ever meandered around the gardens of a grand stately home, you’ll recall that arches often feature prominently. Using an arch or tunnel to pass from one section of your garden to another is a decadent and brilliant way to capture the attention of your visitors. A well-placed arch transports explorers from open space to a hidden nook as if through a portal.

    There is a myriad of different bamboo arch and tunnel designs.

    Top Tip: Train climbing plants such as clematis or fragrant jasmine around an arch or tunnel. Try alternative varieties such as the intricate lavender-colored Clematis Crystal Fountain or the stunning ruby-red Clematis Avant-Garde.

    For inspiration, take a look at images of the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace in London. Surrounded by a tunnel covered in foliage, access to the garden is through arches at either end.

    #6 – Borders and Edging

    Separating your yard into sections doesn’t need to be a grand affair. Adding some elegant borders and filling them with your favorite plants adds both color and dimension. Bamboo edging is a budget alternative to traditional borders, but just as good. In some cases better.

    Thinking of an oriental-themed garden? Then bamboo border edging is an affordable way to keep the theme going throughout the whole space.

    #7 – Grow Some Produce

    Now you’ve got your new borders in place, why not use them to grow your own food? There’s nothing quite like wandering out into your yard to gather some fresh veggies for tea.

    Ok, you may be wondering how this fits into using bamboo in your garden…. As a keen gardener and lover of all things bamboo, I have to confess that I’m never far from a bamboo stake. Stakes are used for all sorts of things in the vegetable garden. They’re even perfect for training cut flowers such as sweet peas.

    Top Tip: french beans, kidney beans, and peas flower early in summer. This means you not only get the veggies, your garden will be full of flowers and bees too.

    #8 – Grow Your Own Bamboo

    Whilst we’re on the theme of growing. Why not add some height to your garden by planting some live bamboo? Bamboo is easy to grow and evergreen so it’s interesting to look at all year long.

    There are lots of different varieties to choose from, and as well as being beautiful, it’s also functional. Tall bamboo makes great screening for privacy and you can even make your own bamboo stakes from the dried canes.

    The most convenient way to grow bamboo is to use a strong planter box. Growing bamboo in a planter keeps it nicely under control.

    Now It's Your Turn

    Have we inspired you to change up your garden and add some cool bamboo accessories?

    Excellent! Even the smallest changes can make a big difference.