Bamboo Wind Chimes to Calm Your Home

Novica Hand Crafted Bamboo Wind Chime from Bali

When you think of rest and relaxation, what comes to mind?

Maybe a warm breeze on your skin, a cool drink, a view of unspoiled mountain tops or endless oceans?

But what do you hear?

Probably a slower, soothing sound inspired by nature.

Wouldn’t you love to capture a feeling of peace and calm in your home through sound?

Adding bamboo wind chimes to your house, garden, or porch can help even the most distracted human pause. The light tinkling sound floating on the breeze takes us back to lazy summer days and can help us feel more connected to the world around us.

If you’re looking to add a soothing sound to your home or outdoor living space, bamboo wind chimes are an ideal option because of their dream-like melodies and whimsical designs.

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    What Are Bamboo Wind Chimes?

    Bamboo wind chimes offer a unique appearance and sound compared to other types of wind chimes.

    They’re made from bamboo rods cut in various lengths and strung together. The natural hollow shape creates a light clatter sound often described as sounding like flowing water. This soothing sound is said to create a sense of calm and security.

    Bamboo wind chimes are a great alternative to wood and metal because bamboo is a more sustainable material to grow and produce. Bamboo grows 4-7 times faster than trees without the need for pesticides or fertilizers.

    In some cultures, bamboo wind chimes are thought to bring good luck and are often used as part of feng shui to create positive energy in homes.

    Types of Wind Chimes

    When you start shopping for the perfect wind chime, you’ll find a variety of styles and sizes to choose from. Each type will give you a very different sound experience that will change the energy and mood of your home and garden.


    Bamboo wind chimes are an ideal choice because the rods create a natural earthy look and feel with mellow, airy sounds. Bamboo chimes are often hand-carved for a look that works well with indoor and outdoor spaces.

    Depending on the size of the rods, you’ll hear a deep drum-like sound or lighter, tinkling tones that will blend seamlessly into nature making you feel both relaxed and energized.

    They are also the most sustainable option using less water and producing more oxygen compared to trees. Bamboo goods are more eco-friendly than metal because the materials don’t need to be mined and can be processed at a lower cost and environmental impact.


    Wood wind chimes are similar to bamboo in their natural look which makes them a nice option for outdoor home decor.

    The chimes are created when hollowed-out wooden tubes click together creating an echoing sound. The tones may be deeper or lighter depending on the length and thickness of the wood.


    Metal wind chimes are a popular choice because they’re durable and can have a wide range of tones depending on the size and material used. The metal rods can be made of aluminum, copper, steel, or brass giving a variety of different looks and sounds from a light tinkling melody to a deep hollow echo.

    Metal wind chimes can be tuned to specific notes or melodies, creating clear, rich sounds that can be louder than other wind chime options.


    Wind chimes made from glass offer a delicate sound and appearance and often come in many different colors that work well with any home decor.

    Glass tiles are strung together creating musical tones in the breeze. They’re often painted into translucent colors that catch the sunlight creating a beautiful display.

    Glass wind chimes are typically quieter than metal or bamboo with lighter, higher tones and are a good indoor option because glass can be more fragile in strong winds or other elements.


    Sometimes called ceramic wind chimes or pottery wind chimes, porcelain wind chimes can have a more natural look with unfinished texture or be glazed creating a polished and glossy finish.

    When the porcelain rods and bells blow together in the wind they create low tones that can sound similar to metal or, if the porcelain is thinner, higher tones similar to glass.

    Porcelain wind chimes are best for indoor spaces because, while beautiful, they are often more delicate than metal or bamboo wind chimes.


    Wind chimes crafted from shells are a great way to bring your love of the water into your home.

    Various sized shells are strung together to create soft, tinkling sounds similar to rippling water. Their natural appearance blends nicely into home decor, especially near coastlines where shells are found.

    Shell wind chimes can be a variety of sizes and colors and are a great option for softer sounds.

    What to Consider When Buying Bamboo Wind Chimes

    When choosing a bamboo wind chime, be sure to consider the overall size, tone, and purpose of the chimes.

    Large wind chimes work well in backyards or under open covered porches. Smaller wind chimes are ideal near sitting areas where they won’t be too loud or indoors near windows that are frequently opened.

    The number of tubes or rods on your wind chime will impact the harmony and variety of sounds your wind chime will create. The more rods on your wind chime, the more melody you will hear.

    Typically large bamboo wind chimes will have deep echoing tones while small and more delicate bamboo wind chimes will have lighter, more whimsical notes.

    Consider the look you’re going for in your home or outdoor space. For a more natural, earthy feel you’ll want a classic bamboo look. If you’re looking for something more contemporary, you can find hand-carved options with various themes and shapes for your home.

    Bamboo wind chimes also make a thoughtful gift or can be used as a beautiful memorial. When choosing a style, you’ll want to think about the person it will be given to or who it’s in remembrance of. What shape or tone reminds you of them? Thinking about the size, tone, and purpose of your wind chime will help you make the perfect choice.

    How to Make Your Own DIY Bamboo Wind Chimes

    Bamboo wind chimes can also be a fun DIY (do-it-yourself) project because the rods don’t have to be tuned to create a pleasant sound. When thinking about how to make a bamboo wind chime, you’ll want to choose the number and size of rods to include to get the look and sound that you want.

    Care and Maintenance of Bamboo Wind Chimes

    Although bamboo is a naturally occurring material, it still needs to be cared for if you want it to last outdoors for a long time.

    Wipe down the bamboo rods regularly with a damp cloth and store your wind chimes indoors during the harsh winter months. Try to hang your wind chimes in an area that receives some shade and bring them in during extreme weather

    No matter which wind chime you choose, be sure to place it in an area you use regularly so you can enjoy the soothing sounds all season long.

    Best Bamboo Wind Chimes

    Here are a few of our favorite bamboo wind chimes to help you find the right look and sound for you.

    Best Overall

    Our top pick is this Melody Garden Handcrafted Bamboo Wind Chime from Bali because of its space-friendly size and classic design. Combined with coconut shell and albesia wood, this wind chime will bring an authentic design to your home.

    Novica Hand Crafted Bamboo Wind Chime from Bali
    Source: Novica

    Best for Gardens

    We love this Bamboo Wooden Birdhouse Wind Chime for its multi-purpose design. The classic bamboo creates a calm soothing sound ideal for hanging near porches and gardens. The added birdhouse will attract birds to your garden and bring you even closer to nature.

    Best for Gifting

    You can’t go wrong with this Hand Crafted Bamboo Wind Chime when shopping for a gift. This wind chime is handcrafted in Indonesia and is a unique option that blends aluminum chimes with curled bamboo to bring you a gentle, rain-like sound.

    Novica Hand Crafted Bamboo Wind Chime
    Source: Novica

    Best Modern

    The Bamboo Cord Wind Chimes from Pures is the perfect choice for a clean and modern look. With a deep tone and expert tuning, this chime will create a high-end resort feel in your own yard.

    Pures Music bamboo wind chime
    Source: Pures Music

    Best for Memorial

    If you want your bamboo wind chime to have even more meaning, we recommend the Personalized Bamboo Wind Chimes that allow for name and date placements of your loved ones. Create a special place of remembrance where the soothing tones will always be near you.

    Source: Etsy

    Best for Small Spaces

    This Natural Ring Bamboo Chime is a great wind chime for smaller spaces because it only hangs about 28“ total in length and has a playful mellow sound like falling rain. You won’t need to worry about overpowering chimes while you enjoy time with family and friends, but can still enjoy the soothing tones.

    Woodstock Chimes bamboo wind chimes
    Source: Woodstock Chimes

    Best for Kids

    Kids need serenity too and these hand-carved designs from Cohasset Gifts are sure to bring them a fun day of play and a restful night's sleep. Choose from a traditional butterfly design, a friendly dragon, or even a playful pink flamingo to hang in their room or outside their window.

    Etsy butterfly bamboo wind chime
    Source: Etsy