Bamboo Bookshelves for Eco-Friendly Book Lovers

Bamboo bookshelves in home office

There's no better feeling than grabbing your favorite book and making yourself comfortable in your favorite chair.

Well, there's one thing.

After finishing your book, you pop your book back on your bookshelf and pat yourself on the back for another book completed.

As an avid reader, you collect many books, so it's important to have a good quality bookshelf where you can easily see, organize, and access all of your books. Along with size, the durability and look of the shelf matter too.

In today's blog, we're going to share a few of our favorite bamboo bookshelves that are perfect for your books, home, and styling needs.

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    What Are Bamboo Bookshelves?

    Bamboo bookshelves are shelves made primarily of the sustainable material of bamboo. Bamboo is a grass plant stronger than steel and great for the environment. Bamboo grows fast, creates more oxygen, and is easy to make furniture with.

    The strength of bamboo bookshelves makes it a no-brainer to withstand the weight and collection of books for book lovers everywhere. It's also lightweight and easy to clean compared to its hardwood counterpart.

    After you see the bamboo bookshelf options we have for you, you'll also see how diverse bamboo bookshelves can be and how they can fit into homes of all different styles.

    What to Consider When Buying a Bamboo Bookshelf

    Don't judge a book by its cover.

    When it comes to bookshelves, you should.

    If you don't like a bookshelf, move on.

    But if you like it, double-check the following features to ensure you're choosing the right bamboo bookshelf for your space.

    1. Measurements

    Before you fall in love with a bookshelf that doesn't fit into your space, measure your space first.

    Having measurements at hand makes bookshelf shopping easy. Whether in-store or online, you can skip all the ones that don't fit in your space and focus on those that do.

    A few things you consider when choosing a bookcase are how tall, wide, and deep it is.

    • Tier height – Are the shelves tall enough to hold your large textbooks? Large prints?
    • Deep – If you have wide books, will they be able to fit without sticking out?
    • Wide – Do you have enough space for the bookshelf? Do you prefer a taller and narrower one instead?
    • Height – Do you want a shorter bookshelf, or do you like a tall one for more vertical space?

    Bamboo Goods Tip: Use filter options to look at bookshelves within your desired measurement range when shopping online. If you're going to the store, note the measurements on your phone so you don't forget.

    2. Cleanliness

    Bamboo is an easy-to-clean and maintain material, but if you're looking for a detailed bamboo bookshelf, it can be a bit more difficult to clean.

    If you want to minimize cleaning, consider getting a simple bookcase without intricate details that can collect dust.

    Instead, opt for simple, sleek bamboo panels that are easy to wipe in one go.

    3. Bookshelf Location

    Where will the bookshelf go? In the middle of the wall? By the corner of your room? Or front and center as a statement piece?

    Having an idea of where your bookcase fits in your home makes searching and shopping for one much easier.

    Instead of searching for general bamboo bookshelves, you can look for corner or statement shelves on Google making your search seamless.

    Care and Maintenance of Bamboo Bookshelves

    To maintain bamboo bookshelves, less is more. You don't need fancy furniture cleaners or treatments; all you need are cloth rags and water.

    Here are the three simple steps to taking care of your bamboo shelves so they stay clean, strong, and sturdy for years to come:

    1. Wipe down with a soft dry cloth to remove any dust.
    2. Then wipe down with a moist towel to round up any leftover dust or stains.
    3. Finish off with another dry cloth to remove leftover moisture from bamboo.

    If your bookcase gets direct sunlight through the window, it is a good idea to treat it with linseed oil to prevent it from cracking and preserve its shine every few months after you clean it.

    No matter which bookshelf you choose on this list or if you find another, choosing bamboo is always a great and sustainable option. Cleaning it regularly and preserving it will give your bamboo bookshelf a greater shelf life and be better for the environment.

    Best Bamboo Bookshelves

    100% bamboo bookshelves can be hard to find but not impossible. We found a few that are 100% bamboo and others that are made of natural bamboo and sustainable materials that can easily be recycled.

    Here is the breakdown:

    Best Statement Piece

    Inspired by eastern culture and patterns, this 100% bamboo bookshelf will surely make a statement in your home. This piece will stun your guests, whether you're putting it in your living room, bedroom, or home office.

    Wayfair MoNiBloom bamboo bookcase
    Source: Wayfair

    With hollowed patterns on the sides and a stunning double door with intricate details, this 5-tier bookshelf gives you 3-tiers to display your favorite books and decor. Behind its beautiful double doors, you have 2-tiers to keep your books safe and dust-free.

    Product Dimensions: 64.6” H x 27.2” W x 11.8” D


    • 100% bamboo – a sustainable and sturdy choice
    • Storage Options to display and hide – all-in-one
    • Beautiful, unique details
    • Tools provided to assemble


    • Assembly required
    • A little more time to clean due to intricate details

    Best Corner Bookcase

    Looking for the perfect nook to curl up in? Look no further. This 5-tier bookcase tucks seamlessly into any corner of your home to make any room a cozy corner. The alternating shelves allow you to display your books from all angles and levels.

    Wayfair Nerbonne corner bamboo bookshelf
    Source: Wayfair

    It also maximizes vertical space and the three-legged stubs to add additional support to ensure your shelf is as sturdy as a rock.

    Product Dimensions : 71.5” H x 12.8” W x 13” D


    • No tools needed to assemble
    • Made of bamboo
    • Tucks into any corner


    • Assembly required
    • Only used in the corner

    Best Natural

    If you love a rustic look, this bookshelf is for you. With bamboo in its natural form, this bamboo bookshelf gives any room an unmatched tropical and rustic feel. It has 3-tiers with plenty of height and depth space so you can store large books, prints, and more.

    Wayfair Whobrey bamboo etagere bookcase
    Source: Wayfair

    It also has horizontal bars in the back panel to keep your books from sliding out. If you move often, this bookshelf is foldable and lightweight, making moving a breeze.

    Product Dimensions : 41” H x 24” W x 15” D


    • Made from real bamboo
    • Foldable shelves
    • No assembly required
    • Sturdy and lightweight


    • Takes a bit longer to clean due to slits between the bamboo
    • Small, shorter books can fall off the sides

    Best for Minimalist Design

    With its earthy, warm tones of bamboo and the black metal stands through the bamboo panels, this Fully bookcase is the perfect modern addition to your home. It has 5-tier tiers where you can easily store books and decor of various heights.

    This bookcase will look great in any home, from a warm minimalist design to an industrial look.

    Dimensions: 44.3” H x 31.6”W x 16.5”D


    • 15-year warranty on frame
    • 1-year warranty on bamboo shelves
    • Two height options
    • Three different color options


    • Not 100% bamboo
    • Assembly required

    Best Narrow

    Wide bookshelves are great, but sometimes there isn't enough space. This is where the best narrow bookshelf comes in. The 2-toned MoNiBloom bookcase has five shelves, two of which are hidden by a horizontal panel bamboo door.

    MoNiBloom bamboo bookcase with bottom cabinet storage
    Source: MoNiBloom

    This bookcase is great for any room that needs vertical storage.

    Product Dimensions: 11.4″D x 12.2″W x 50″H


    • Great for narrow spaces
    • Closed doors
    • Easy to clean
    • Adjustable shelves


    • Assembly required

    Best Simple and Affordable

    It's not always about the statement pieces. Sometimes, we want a sturdy shelf that does the job. This simple but strong bamboo bookshelf is perfect for any space. The shelves are adjustable, so you can change them to fit the height of your different books.

    Source: MoNiBloom

    It also has full coverage on both sides, so you don't need bookends to keep your books standing tall.

    You can get this shelf in 3 different tiers so that you can maximize your vertical space in three ways. Also, this bamboo shelf is easy to clean, lightweight, and super sturdy for any books and plants you want to store.

    Product Dimensions: 11.4″D x 12.2″W x 31″H


    • Affordable
    • Easy to clean
    • Lightweight
    • Sturdy
    • Adjustable shelf height
    • Three size options


    • Assembly required
    • Narrow

    Best for a Little Bit of Everything

    This elegant bamboo bookshelf is a stunner with everything you'd want in a bookshelf. It has back panels, open shelving, a peek-a-boo door, and a solid door. With different display options available, you can style this bookshelf any way you can imagine.

    Wayfair Asiata bamboo bookcase
    Source: Wayfair

    From categorizing by genre or displaying by book colors, this bookshelf makes it easy to display all your newest and favorite reads.

    Product Dimensions: 68.25” H x 28” W x 11.5” D


    • Beautiful, sturdy, lightweight
    • Made of bamboo
    • Available in 2 colors
    • Has 2 doors


    • Assembly required
    • 90-day warranty