Bamboo Bath Trays for Your Next Soak

Woman in bath holding wine glass; bamboo bath trays

Imagine this: you settle into a perfectly warm bath after a long day… but you forgot some items you wanted for your “me time.” Your book, your deep conditioner, your bath bomb, and (most importantly) your wine!

A bamboo bath tray makes bathtime stress-free. Having all of your essentials within arm’s reach will make the time you dedicate to lifting the world off your shoulders a truly relaxing activity.

With a bamboo bath tray, you will also have the reassurance that you are using something incredible. Bamboo is incredibly eco-friendly. It is the world’s fastest-growing plant and requires less water while producing more oxygen.

Bamboo is also both unbelievably strong and flexible. You’ll be able to hold everything you need to relax and get yourself clean. Plus, you’ll have added room for snacks.

The warmth of bamboo’s wooden look will give your bath time a luxurious spa feel.

There are few things better than a warm bath after a long day. Below, you’ll find the perfect accessory to the best part of your self-care routine.

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    Best Overall

    The Royal Craft Wood bamboo bath tray is a useful and elegant addition to your bathtime routine. You'll love all the compartments for your phone, tablet, wine glass, soaps, and more.

    Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Bath Tray
    Source: Royal Craft Wood

    It's water-resistant, expandable, and comes in 7 colors. I personally prefer the natural variation, but you might prefer brown, gray, black, white, pink, or blue.

    Is bath time really complete without a very full glass of wine? This bamboo bath shelf will keep your wine safe and stable during your self-care time.

    Relax while watching that movie you’ve been meaning to get to using the tablet holder with bamboo backing.

    While this tray has many staples like a candle spot and phone tray, it also has additional hooks to hang your razor and loofah to make sure you’re entirely fresh and clean when you exit the bath.

    Oh, and this one has my favorite feature: a spot specifically for snacks.

    Best for Couples

    This warm bamboo tray from Belmint will bring glamour and elegance to your bath.

    With a built-in slot for your phone, book, or tablet, you will never have to worry about water damage again.

    This tub tray expands from 31” to 43” making it perfect for most tub sizes. You can even bring it with you without a worry if you move.

    Two removable compartments will ensure you have everything you need for a relaxing night at your fingertips. From accessories to washcloths or combs or candles, this tray has a spot for all your relaxing necessities. Of course, this incredible bath table would not be complete without a slot to keep a wine glass stable.

    Still not sure? This bamboo bath caddy tray is designed to accommodate couples. It could be the perfect addition to your next romantic anniversary or Tuesday date night.

    Best Budget

    This bamboo bathtub tray will give you a luxurious look and feel on a budget. Coming in a natural or dark wood finish, there are slots for your books, candles, loofahs, razors, and more.

    An added support bar for your book or tablet will prevent neck strain by keeping your entertainment at just the right angle.

    With metal handles on the side, you’ll be able to transport all your bath time goodies with stability and ease.

    This bamboo bath tray has everything you need to bring glitz and glamour to any dull weekday.

    Best Extendable Bamboo Bath Tray

    This extendable bamboo bath tray will change the way you experience your self-care time.

    The waterproof coating will prevent your bamboo bath tray from enduring mildew and water damage.

    Designed with two slide trays that allow you to adjust the tray from 29” to 43”, which also makes this bamboo bath tray a great option for a gift since it will fit most tubs.

    Enjoy your favorite story or show with a book and tablet slot equipped with a waterproof backing. Looking to use this tray for a romantic night? Remove the waterproof covering to enjoy this bamboo bath tray from both sides. Did I mention the wine slot and built-in spot for a candle or cup?

    With a slot for your cell phone and two detachable trays, this bamboo bath tray allows you to bring in as much or as little of the outside world with you into your bath.

    This extendable bamboo bath tray truly has everything you need. There is an additional soap dish to keep on the side to prevent getting your personal items sudsy. It also comes with four pads that can be adhered to the edges of your tray to prevent slipping or spilling.

    Unwind with this bamboo bath tray in your tub and transform the way you bathe.

    Best Luxury Bamboo Bath Tray

    This chic bamboo bath tray is the definition of luxury. Made with 100% bamboo, you can relax knowing your tray is incredibly high quality and eco-friendly.

    Designed to match your upscale decor, the white finish is modern and stylish.

    Truly give yourself the spa experience with a removable phone tray to keep your phone safe while allowing yourself some time to disconnect from the stresses of the outside world. Next, escape into your favorite fantasy or mystery world with the built-in book stand.

    Built with a wine holder and a removable soap tray to increase convenience, everything you need for bathtime will be right where you need it to be.

    This bamboo bath tray, which fits tubs 29” to 43”, was truly made for all your bath time needs.

    Best for Laptops and Tablets

    The Rebrilliant bath tray is a good option for your larger electronics such as laptops and tablets.

    It's made from rayon from bamboo and comes in 7 color options.

    Wayfair Rebrilliant rayon bamboo bath tray
    Source: Wayfair

    Whether you’re more of a book person or a tablet person, this tray is perfect for escaping into your favorite world. This is the ultimate bamboo bath tray for binge-watching your favorite show or if you really need to, finishing up some work on your laptop. This tray will be able to support most devices.

    Don’t worry. Even though this tray is incredible for your favorite electronics, it still has everything you need for your bath time including a wine slot, a place for a cup or candle, and small trays on the ends for your soaps, loofah, and other accessories.

    Best Alternative Colors

    This extending bamboo bath shelf from Royal comes in a couple of different colored finishes which are not only stunning, but are a protective layer of lacquer.

    In addition to looking great, this tray comes with a separate soap dish for utmost convenience, a tablet or book holder, a candle slot, and a tray for accessories. Of course, how could this bamboo bath tray make it to this list without a safe slot for your wine.

    Use this tray, equipped with non-slip grips, for yourself or for two on date night.

    This wonderful bamboo bath tray comes in Gray, White, Black, Brown, or its natural wooden finish.

    Honorable Mention: Best for a Minimalist

    This unique little bamboo bath tray is the perfect solution for anyone who wants more wiggle room in their bath or just wants to have the essentials on hand.

    With a length of 19” across and being able to handle up to five pounds of weight, this tray offers you plenty of space for a book, glass, candle, and body scrub, but offers you the freedom to bend your legs and achieve your highest level of comfort. It swivels, allowing you to enter and exit your tub freely.

    This easily installs with suction cups and can be installed on the inside or outside of your porcelain tub. You’ll enjoy this bamboo bath tray which is a happy fit for a long, well-deserved rest or a quick bath.