7 Best Bamboo Bath Mats for Your Bathroom

Woman taking a bath; bamboo bath mats

There’s nothing that quite compares to a soothing shower or a soak in a warm tub.

For me, a warm bath is a daily ritual that helps me relax before bed.

What you bring into your home is important. And a bamboo bath mat offers a tranquil appearance and connection to nature.

So if you want to:

  • Add a touch of nature to your bath or shower
  • Take a stand for the environment
  • Remain safe by using non-slip bath mats

Then you’ll love the benefits of these mats I’ve outlined in today’s review.

Also, be sure to check out our top picks for the best bamboo rugs. Some of which are able to function as bath mats.

Let’s get started.

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    Best Overall

    • Compact
    • Foldable, rollable
    • Non-slip

    So you’re stepping out of the tub. You stretch out your leg to put a cautious foot down. And bam! That feeling of a wet, fabric bath mat greets you. Don’t worry, I know all too well the feeling.

    For me, that was the last straw. A constantly soppy conclusion to an otherwise calm and enjoyable soak.

    Enter the bamboo bath mat.

    This lattice bath mat is a great addition to your bathroom. As it’s compact, non-slip, and eco-friendly.

    It’s made of premium kiln-dried bamboo, making the mat cleaner and tougher.

    I especially appreciate that this bath mat doesn’t contain nails or screws, as wooden mats tend to do. In fact, there’s no metal at all. Making rust a thing of the past.

    Take a look at the ZPIRATES Bamboo Lattice Bath Mat product page.

    Best Non-Slip Bamboo Bath Mat

    Wayfair offers this beautiful, non-slip bamboo bath mat.

    I appreciate that it features a non-slip backing, comprised of nine rubber feet. This is a huge upgrade from typical, fabric bath mats which tend to slip and slide despite having skid-resistant backing.

    You’ll love the appearance of this bamboo bath mat, as it showcases the natural colors and grain.

    Check it out for yourself at the Siegmar Bamboo Non-Slip Bath Mat product page.

    Best Foldable / Rollable Bamboo Bath Mat

    • Compact
    • Foldable, rollable
    • Non-slip

    Quick-drying and ultra-compact, you’ll love this Morvat bamboo bath mat.

    The lattice design provides you with ample support. And the non-slip, rubber grips ensure safety.

    Low to the ground and easy to store, you’ll come to appreciate this bath mat.

    See the details for yourself on the Morvat Bamboo Lattice Bath Mat product page.

    Best Platform Bathboo Bath Mat

    Treat yourself to some luxury.

    The Addilyn Natural Bamboo Bath Rug is a bit steeper in price. But it offers a more elegant style and a waterproof surface.

    You’ll have ample space on this bamboo bath mat, as it’s a bit larger than comparable options.

    Best of all, its luxury does not come at the expense of safety. As it sports an attractive set of 12 rubber non-slip feet.

    See it for yourself and step into another mode of bathroom tranquility at the Addilyn Natural Bamboo Bath Mat product page.

    Best Bamboo Bath Rug

    We’ve all been there before. Too many feet, so little space.

    Well, this bamboo bath mat provides you with all the surface area you could need. Perfect for taking your little ones out of the bath or simply having a dry spot to place your phone.

    Its size is especially handy for people with mobility concerns. And rest assured, this bamboo bath mat has a non-slip backing.

    View the Hammons Bamboo Bath Rug product page for yourself.

    Best Black Bamboo Bath Mat

    • Stain-resistant
    • Minimal cleaning
    • Non-slip

    Okay, so I get it. The natural look isn’t for everyone. Here comes an attractive, black option to the rescue.

    The Artmalle bamboo bath mat requires minimal cleaning and features three layers of paint. Adding to its elegance.

    I personally prefer the light, natural tones of other options featured in this article. However, I do indeed appreciate the sophistication of this black bamboo bath mat.

    Give it a try for yourself over at the Artmalle Bamboo Bath Mat product page.

    Best Budget

    • Compact
    • Water-resistant
    • Non-slip

    The iDesign bamboo bath mat is a cheaper option. Yet is still provides many of the same benefits as the other options featured in this article.

    You can select from various sizes, and it’s even sold as an optional set.

    Check it out on the iDesign Formbu Bamboo Bath Mat product page.

    Honorable Mention

    • Non-slip

    No one likes to step out of the bath onto a wet, slippery floor.

    We want to keep that warm feeling we had while in the tub (or shower!). Nor do we want our toes sinking into a soggy towel.

    What if you could step onto a solid, slip-resistant material that keeps water away from freshly cleaned feet? Luckily, bamboo provides an option!

    Amazon brings us this bath mat that looks more like a plank or step where you can emerge after your shower.

    No worries about slipping in a puddle here!

    The woody slats provide a solid grip while allowing water to quickly drain away.

    It comes in different colors and works in small and large spaces alike.

    Head over to the GOBAM Bamboo Bath Mat product page and explore the various styles for yourself.

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