Bamboo Towels for Your Sustainable Bath and Kitchen

Shower; bamboo towels

When I think about bamboo, I picture pandas slowly munching on hard sticks in a faraway land.

Bamboo, despite appearances, has the power to transform into an ultra-soft fabric worthy of the space between your toes.

Not only is it cozy, but it’s also sustainable!

Bringing bamboo products into more aspects of my life provides me peace of mind in consumerism.

Recently, I have been looking into incorporating more bamboo products into my home. To my surprise, I found myself falling in love with bamboo towels, of all things. They're soft, absorbent, and eco-friendly. What more could one want?

Read on for my highest recommended and reviewed bamboo towels!

And be sure to check out our top picks for bamboo shower caddies, to complete your setup.

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    Best Overall

    I would like to start out with my all-time favorite bamboo towel. This hand towel set is a lovely addition to any bathroom.

    The set comes with three soft and super absorbent bamboo towels. What I really appreciate about these towels is how long they last on the towel rack.

    An everyday hero and a beautiful addition to any room, these bamboo towels last a long time between washes thanks to the odor-resistant properties of bamboo.

    To check out my favorite towels overall, see the Cariloha Bamboo Hand Towel Set product page. Be sure to note their great reviews!

    Best Bamboo Towel Set

    When it comes down to pure use, the towels I use around the house the most would be face towels. In pandemic boredom, I have found I use four towels a day on average (and growing).

    Being remote for work I have really decided to lean into the self-care life. These soft towels are just the right size and oh-so-fluffy.

    If you are curious about my exact spa situation, I like to spray down my face with rosewater and then wipe my skin clean with these bamboo towels.

    At 9″x 9” they are the best set for me because they are the perfect size. They translate well into the bath and even into the kitchen for quick cleanups.

    I like that they match and I feel like an adult having matching towels.

    If you are looking to feel like an adult, up your self-care game, or just need some matching towels, check out the product page for the Hudson Baby 12-Pack Rayon from Bamboo Washcloths.

    Best Bamboo Towel for the Bathroom

    When it comes to a bath towel, there’s an important non-negotiable: it has to be cozy.

    I need a towel that can transport me from a hot shower back into the real world.

    The Cariloha Bath Towel is the ultimate shower solution.

    Not only is this bamboo towel ultra-soft, you also get the benefits of a towel that is odor resistant and that wicks away moisture.

    To further shrink your carbon footprint, you will find yourself able to go a bit longer between laundry loads thanks to these benefits.

    Cariloha offers a deal when buying a set. Check them out at the Cariloha Bath Towel product page.

    Best Bamboo Towel for the Baby

    Why do babies always get the best stuff? Baby oil, baby powder, what’s next? Well, I think I found it: baby towels. Specifically, baby bamboo towels.

    Alongside being ultra-soft and adorable, these little towels are perfect for bath time, mealtime, or just for everyday messes.

    These bamboo towels are perfect for face wipes or just any dry bath needs. I love removing makeup with these.

    Rather than tossing a disposable cotton swab, I can simply wet one of these cute bamboo towels (I like to add some jojoba oil on them) and swipe my makeup off.

    The pack comes in a set of 24, so I can use one every day for a few weeks before needing to wash them up and fold them into cute little squares again.

    Check out the Hudson Baby® 24-Pack Moose Rayon from Bamboo Washcloths.

    Best Bamboo Towel for Hair and Beauty

    May I talk now about my long hair problems? What about my long hair solutions?

    Although I love a good hair wash, it often results in a night of maintenance, drying, waiting, and re-adjusting my neck to accommodate the weight of a full-sized towel.

    Introducing the bamboo waffle towel. No more needing to wait forever until my hair is perfectly dry to be set for the morning.

    No more answering ‘yes’ when people ask if I just took a shower in an attempt to make small talk.

    This organic bamboo towel is perfectly shaped to twist into a turban that squeezes hair dry. My favorite part is how lightweight this towel is.

    I can comfortably go about my morning without balancing a body towel on my head.

    To boot, the towel is 100% bamboo. So I really get the best of the moisture-wicking properties bamboo has to offer.

    The seller, ettitude, does great things by the way of bamboo. Globally certified in sustainability and ethics, you can feel good about bringing beauty to yourself and the world. All products made by ettitude are 100% organic!

    My fellow hair-headed humans, you must try the Bamboo Waffle Hair Towel by ettitude!

    Best Bamboo Beach Towel

    When I picture my perfect day at the beach, of course the waves are crashing, the book is at its climax, and there are no seagulls stealing my snacks. I like to keep it simple on the sand.

    Lugging a towel around has always felt like a chore. Introducing the bamboo beach towels. These bamboo beach towels are versatile and ultra-lightweight.

    They can be used to lay on the sand, make a picnic, or even as a makeshift outfit. I personally will wrap my hair up in one after taking a dip in the water.

    I find the designs fun and stylish- a reboot to those beach towels I fought my brother over as a kid.

    The seller, Mosobam, offers free shipping across the USA without a minimum as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Hello to summer, hello to the 2-Piece Fouta Bamboo Towel Bundle!

    Bonus: Bamboo Towels for the… Toilet

    Okay, okay… I need to address the panda in the room. Not the one that was eating my bamboo earlier, the one who is using the bamboo towels to clean up after using the bathroom.

    In my research, I found a bit of a trend with bamboo towels for the back end. Although lux, I may address the category in my assessment for next year.