Bamboo Shower Caddies for Your Sustainable Bathroom

Woman putting on makeup after a shower; bamboo shower caddies

My bamboo shower caddy was one of the best purchases I made when I moved into my first apartment.

Bamboo shower caddies are a must in shared spaces to help maximize space and keep products organized with easier access.

The wooden finish of bamboo also will pull the look of your bathroom together. Bamboo shower caddies are the sleek and eco-friendly addition to your bathroom.

Some of the incredible qualities of bamboo include its natural resistance to mildew, cracking, and splitting. Bamboo is 21% stronger than steel, making it incredibly durable.

On top of looking lovely and giving your bathroom a “put together” feel, bamboo shower caddies are designed to last.

A gorgeous bamboo shower caddy ensures a place for everything and helps avoid accidentally knocking a shampoo bottle on your toes.

Give yourself peace of mind and treat yourself to the luxurious wooden look of bamboo in one of the most important areas of your living space.

And be sure to check out our top picks for bamboo towels, bamboo bath trays, and bamboo bath mats to complete your bathroom setup.

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    Best Overall

    This budget-friendly bamboo shower caddy stands at 26.5”, great for larger shampoo bottles or shaving cream tins.

    Add that stunning finishing touch to your bathroom with quick and easy installation. Four anti-slip pads will keep your caddy in place and prevent it from swinging back and forth.

    There are two knobs for hanging on both sides, a total of four knobs. Perfect for families or people with extensive skincare routines.

    Bamboo’s mold-resistant qualities will ensure this shower caddy lasts. You’re getting the most bang for your buck with this bamboo shower caddy.

    Best for College Dorms

    This skinny bamboo shower caddy is perfect for college dorms.

    Those with skinny shower stalls will appreciate the unique styling of these shelves that even allows you to store your bottles upside down to make sure you’re not wasting any of your products.

    For those in more permanent situations, this caddy also works. Adorned with suction cups, this will easily secure to your walls and hold up to ten pounds.

    With three shelves and two knobs for hanging, you’ll be able to bring all your shampoos and body washes with you to your dorm shower in one trip.

    Best for Families

    Standing at a total height of 32”, this free-standing bamboo shower caddy from NEU Home is perfect for families.

    The shelves are large enough for shampoo and conditioner bottles, towels, or bath toys. With plenty of room for each family member’s toiletries, bring a luxurious wooden feel to your organized chaos.

    This bamboo shower caddy also has a carrying handle, so it’s easy to move right where you need it to be for a warm and welcoming bath time.

    Best Free-Standing Bamboo Shower Caddy

    This gorgeous free standing shower caddy will bring warmth to one of the most important rooms in your house. This is an absolute essential in keeping your bathroom organized.

    This bamboo shower caddy is perfect for anyone who regularly likes to change up their shower routine depending on their mood and needs. The three shelves grant you maximum storage, there’s a spot for all your deep conditioners, body scrubs, and face mask.

    The built-in handle allows for easy transport. With 360 access to your products, you can place this elegant touch in any corner of your bathroom.

    Best Corner Bamboo Shower Caddy

    This warm, wooden corner shelf is fetching and functional. Store it in the corner of your bathroom to maximize your space and give yourself easy access to your products.

    You’ll be able to relax freely knowing that this clean and modern caddy built with the strength of bamboo is resistant to fading and warping.

    Equipped with three tiers, this bamboo corner shower shelf will become the perfect home for all of your toiletries.

    Honorable Mentions

    Steel and Bamboo Hanging Caddy

    ToiletTree Bamboo Caddy

    ToiletTree bamboo hanging shower caddy
    Source: Walmart

    If you’re looking for something to hang over a shower door, this is your best bet. A stainless steel structure with bamboo shelves, this shower caddy is rustproof, heavy-duty, and will last you for years.

    Gaps in these shelves allow for draining and prevent pooling around your products. This bamboo caddy ensures a spot for all your shower supplies by sporting two shelves, two knobs, and a soap holder.

    This bamboo shower caddy is also equipped with two suction cups to avoid rocking when you come in and out of your shower.

    Aluminum and Bamboo Shower Caddy with Locktop

    Zenna Home NeverRust Bamboo Caddy

    Zenna Home NeverRust bamboo shower caddy
    Source: Target

    I could not make a list of bamboo shower caddies without mentioning this gem. Made of components using bamboo and aluminum, this caddy is guaranteed rust-resistant.

    It will fit over most showerheads and comes with a LockTop mechanism that makes for an easy and stable installation without the use of tools.

    With two shelves, two knobs, and a soap tray, this caddy will keep your shampoos, soaps, razors, and loofahs organized and easy to access.