Sandra Huynh

Sandra is a recent college graduate working in social media where she finds joy in storytelling, meeting wonderful people, and taking snapshots of simply special moments.

She is so happy to be able to fulfill her passions for education and sustainability writing for Bamboo Goods — providing people with the best possible options for making informed, eco-friendly swaps for a greener lifestyle.

7 Best Bamboo Chairs for Your Home

Girl sitting at home; bamboo chairs

A statement chair makes a world of difference in your living space. Especially a bamboo chair. Chairs made from bamboo bring you comfort and class while blending seamlessly into both modern and rustically furnished homes. Not only will you love the way bamboo looks in your house, but you’ll also love the fact that your …

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6 Best Bamboo Comforters for Your Bed

Woman in bed reading; bamboo comforters

Snuggling up inside a big, fluffy comforter at the end of the day is an amazing feeling. Bamboo comforters provide an incredible softness and silkiness that is out of this world. Organic bamboo fabric is breathable while having high moisture absorption. This moisture-wicking quality will ensure you sleep comfortably no matter what the weather is …

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8 Best Bamboo Bath Trays for Your Tub

Woman in bath holding wine glass; bamboo bath trays

Imagine this: you settle into a perfectly warm bath after a long day… but you forgot some items you wanted for your “me time.” Your book, your deep conditioner, your bath bomb, and (most importantly) your wine! A bamboo bath tray makes bathtime stress-free. Having all of your essentials within arm’s reach will make the …

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14 Best Bamboo Socks by Category

Man in bed reading; bamboo socks

When you buy through our links, Bamboo Goods may earn an affiliate commission. Includes Amazon. Drab and disappointing socks are a thing of the past. As we collectively grow appreciation for comfort, value, and sustainability, bamboo socks make for the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. Bamboo may sound like an odd material …

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