Bamboo Floor Mats for Your Home

Bamboo floor mat

Bamboo floor mats add a welcoming, warm touch to your home that is unparalleled by your ordinary rugs, runners, or vinyl mats.

Whether you’re looking to protect your floors or spruce up your home with a new piece of decor, bamboo floor mats will fulfill all of your needs.

These floor mats can be used in almost any room of your house and in covered areas outside such as your front stoop or balcony.

Bamboo is appealing for its sustainable properties, gorgeous aesthetics, or effortless upkeep. Regardless of which magical qualities draw you to bamboo, adding a bamboo mat to your home will surely exceed all of your expectations.

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    Why You Should Use Bamboo Floor Mats

    Bamboo floor mats are a great way to protect your floor. They’re extremely strong. In fact, bamboo is 21% stronger than steel. Since bamboo is durable and has moisture-wicking properties, your floor mat can stand up to all activities from weightlifting to dynamic stretching.

    Commonly made from plastics and rubbers, bamboo is the eco-friendly alternative to other floor mats. A natural material that requires 33% less water than trees, bamboo also grows 4-7 times quicker than trees while yielding 20 times the timber.

    Not only is bamboo better for the planet, but these floor mats are also typically cheaper than competitors using different materials.

    Bamboo is easy to clean and incredibly lightweight and easy to transfer from room to room. For my fellow apartment dwellers who are constantly changing the layouts of their homes based on their moods, this is a huge selling point.

    How to Use Bamboo Floor Mats

    The luxurious look and inviting texture of bamboo add some stylish personality to any room in your house. Put one in each room to tie your home together!

    You can use bamboo floor mats indoors or outdoors. Though bamboo is water-resistant and can stand up to spills, you’ll want to avoid submerging your bamboo floor mat. When using outdoors, you’ll usually want to keep your mat in a covered location like your front porch or patio.

    Floor mats come in sizes ranging from large to small. Warm bamboo can bring an elegant spa feel to your bathroom or cushion your feet from the shock of a cold floor when getting out of bed in the morning. A comfortable bamboo mat can ease your fatigue in the kitchen when you’re doing dishes or manning a needy risotto.

    You can even find bamboo mats for sleeping on as bamboo has great temperature controlling properties. Try pairing it with a bamboo comforter if your bed just isn’t cutting it for you some days.

    Many are equipped with non-slip bottoms so you’ll be safe no matter what room your mat ends up living in.

    How to Clean Bamboo Floor Mats

    Bamboo floor mats are super low maintenance making for an incredible home decor addition. Drink spills can be easily wiped off and any larger messes or dust can be wiped with a damp warm towel.

    For smaller bamboo floor mats, you can wash with a gentle soap and warm water. Be sure to allow your bamboo floor mat to dry completely because prolonged moisture or pooling can cause your bamboo fibers to swell or mold.

    With proper cleaning and drying, your bamboo floor mats can last years!

    What to Consider When Buying Bamboo a Floor Mat

    You’ll want to consider the space you’re using when you’re purchasing a bamboo floor mat. Live in a very rainy area? You’ll probably want to keep that mat indoors for the majority of the year.

    Bamboo floor mats are appearing in more and more homes. Whether you appreciate the eco-friendly qualities or attractive appearance, bamboo is the superior material for floor mats in your home.