Bamboo Rugs for Your Sustainable Home

Family eating breakfast; bamboo rugs

Few materials evoke a sense of nature and outdoors like bamboo. In fact, bamboo is an eco-friendly grass, not a tree — despite its woody appearance and hard texture.

Bamboo symbolizes nature in the popular imagination. Pandas, rapid growing greenery, and those melodic sounds as bamboo stalks rub together… bamboo is evocative while being an incredibly flexible material.

Bamboo rugs exude warmth while being easy to clean and maintain.

They can have the sturdiness of wood or the luxurious softness of wool, particularly when combined with other natural fibers.

You love the look and cleanliness of hardwood floors. However, touching cold floors in the morning is not a nice way to start the day.

Rugs present a nice way to decorate and save your tootsies from those cold mornings.

Bamboo is a durable, natural material that – alone or as a blend – can provide an array of rug options.

Tip: Bamboo rugs, depending upon construction, will vary in the amount of traffic they tolerate. So, be sure to check if your bamboo rug is for low, moderate, or higher traffic areas and select accordingly.

Rugs are only one floor covering option made from bamboo. Be sure to check out our article on bamboo bath mats to explore more floor coverings from the wonderful world of bamboo!

It is time to take your home to the next level with some comfy bamboo rugs.

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    Best Hybrid Bamboo Rugs

    Okay, it was hard to choose one in the category of hybrids! There are so many great options for rugs.

    Bamboo can be combined with wool, seagrass and other materials to make rugs. Often, bamboo silk or viscose is used for these rugs. Bamboo silk is fiber removed from the bamboo stalk.

    The softness of viscose gives a look similar to actual silk (which is more expensive).

    My first selection is a seagrass/bamboo weave from Wayfair that is sure to be the highlight of your main living area!

    The clean lines, neutral shade, and wide coverage make this a great fit into nearly any design scheme.

    Check out the Wayfair Bamboo Slat/Seagrass Beige Area Rug product page for the specifics.

    Best Rustic Bamboo Rug

    If you are craving a more rustic feel, Wish offers a bamboo look that is reminiscent of 1970s aesthetic.

    A little Boho, anyone?

    Bamboo threads nestle into a tweed border to complete a clean sophisticated look. The jute backing cushions enough that no additional padding is required.

    Despite the rustic look, the clean lines and neutral color of this rug fit into everything from hippie-chic to a more sophisticated décor.

    View this rug on the Handmade Natural Bamboo Rug product page.

    Best Round Bamboo Rug

    Nothing opens up a living room the way a large round area rug does! In addition to keeping your toes off of the cold floor, round rugs convey a sense of space the way linear rectangle rugs do not.

    Wayfair combines bamboo with seagrass to make a rug that covers your main gathering space with ease. Neutral tones keep this rug understated, while the distinct round border encourages people to gather in your space.

    Check it out on the Nasim Flatweave Bamboo Slat/Seagrass Tan Area Rug product page.

    Best Bamboo Bath Mats

    Head on over to our article covering the best bamboo bath mats. You'll appreciate what they have to offer.