Bamboo Curtains for Your Home

Girl reading on couch; bamboo curtains

So, you’re sitting there in your home at night. Curtains closed, blocking out the world around you.

But wait. Do you know what you’re also blocking out? Nature.

Enter the bamboo curtain.

Why sacrifice your natural surrounds just because it’s nighttime? Allow yourself to embrace the calm and beauty that bamboo brings.

Wake up to the view of attractive bamboo, instead of typical artificial curtains.

If you’re also shopping for your home’s exterior, I recommend you check out the article I wrote on the best outdoor bamboo shades.

Let’s dive right into a handful of my top picks.

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    Best Overall

    Goodbye typical curtains, hello nature.

    This bamboo curtain allows the bamboo grains to shine through in all their glory.

    Home Depot Radiance farmhouse bamboo Roman shades
    Source: Home Depot

    For me, the sight of the lines and ties bring about a sense of tranquility.

    You won’t need to worry, as these curtains are pet- and child-friendly.

    Lightweight and easy to hang, you’ll have little issue with the setup.

    Love the sun? Great! These bamboo curtains allow some sunlight to shine into your home. Making it a wonderful fit for patio doors.

    Give yourself the gift of the sun’s warmth blending through doors and windows by picking up this set of bamboo curtains.

    And when you venture outside into the glow, don't forget your set of bamboo sunglasses. You'll be glad to take the bamboo look with you.

    Best Budget

    Okay, so this Wayfair pick is actually a blend of bamboo and cotton. But that doesn’t mean you’ll love it any less.

    The Blue variation I find particularly attractive. It doesn’t scream bamboo, but it more than makes up for that by being luxurious in its own right.

    Simple and elegant at the same time, you’ll appreciate their easy-going feel.

    Note that they’re sold individually, so you might need to purchase two panels.

    Allowing ample light into your home, these sheer bamboo curtains come in two sizes of your choosing.

    Peel back the curtain, and see it for yourself on the Gracie Oaks Oleskiewicz Bamboo Curtain product page.

    Best Bamboo Curtain Panel

    The Sawyers Bamboo Semi-Sheer Single Curtain Panel from Wayfair is a bit heavier than other products featured in this article. This makes it a great choice for patio doors, as it won’t blow around in the wind when the door is left open.

    Think of this curtain panel as a bamboo drape for your home.

    I personally prefer the Green/Ivory style, as it offers a lighter color than the Espresso/Brown option.

    Like your privacy? Good news. This bamboo curtain panel is semi-sheer, meaning it provides a bit more privacy than standard sheer curtains. Score one for bamboo drapery.

    For more privacy inspiration, see our top recommendations for bamboo room dividers.

    Head on over to the Sawyers Bamboo Semi-Sheer Single Curtain Panel product page to learn more.

    Best Bamboo Curtains for Doors

    Got a set of interior doors? I’ve got the bamboo curtains for you.

    Target offers a 100% bamboo option, trimmed with cotton. And note these curtains are sold per panel. So, you might need to order two.

    Simply slide the curtains out of the way when not in use. No fumbling with dangerous cords.

    The Brown style is my favorite, although you are able to select an Espresso style.

    Best of all, these bamboo curtains are light filtering. They won’t completely block out the sun, but rest assured you will have more privacy than normal curtains.

    Check them out on the Versailles Home Fashions Bamboo Curtains product page.

    Best Short Bamboo Window Panels

    Goodbye typical curtains, hello nature.

    This bamboo curtain allows the bamboo grains to shine through in all their glory.

    Home Depot Versailles Home Fashions espresso bamboo curtains
    Source: Home Depot

    Sometimes less is more. And that’s no different when it comes to bamboo window panels.

    These simple bamboo panels emanate the style of bamboo.

    Sold as a set, these panels provide coverage and versatility.