Bamboo Room Dividers for Your Sustainable Home

Grand room; bamboo room dividers

Sometimes the furniture or colors aren’t what makes a room feel right, it can just be the way it’s split up.

My partner and I are pretty lucky to have a sizable living room-kitchen combo, but often when I’m working from the kitchen table, I wish it were more like two separate rooms.

Since we first tried out our bamboo room divider, there’s an entirely different feel to the space without having to pay a zillion bucks to have a contractor put up new drywall.

I’m sure you’ve seen the occasional room divider with tacky lacquer and silk designs at a restaurant or boutique, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

You want something that’s going to feel natural and add to your home’s existing décor with a delicate touch while also being solid and unyielding in terms of build.

You know, like a wall that comes and goes as you please, not at the cost of a construction crew and a fairly permanent home renovation.

There are a lot of different styles of bamboo dividers depending on what you plan to use it for, the size of the space you’ll be dividing, and of course the aesthetic design.

In this article I’m going to go over a few of the best options I found in my hunt for a grown-up fortress of solitude, organized into a few stand-out categories so you can see what will best suit your own living space!

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    Best Overall

    I know the drill, there’s a ton of options you could search through until you found the choicest, most beloved bamboo room divider in all the interwebs – but I already did that, so I won’t hold out on you.

    This is room division, not long division.

    The Bloodworth 6 Panel Bamboo Folding Room Divider is the exact thing that comes to mind when I think bamboo room divider.

    It’s simple and clean with beautiful arced tops to it and a classic, stylish pattern woven right into the panels.

    Speaking of, with the 6 individual panels and two-way hinges, you can fold it or extend it as long or short as you need to. Not many dividers have as many panels as the Bloodworth, making it the perfect choice if you’re going to be dividing up a larger room.

    This size is great for a dressing area in a master bedroom or to separate off a corner of your living space to use for a temporary office. With a superior amount of coverage and the ability to fold tightly enough for storage out of the way almost anywhere, this is the choice for me.

    Take a look at the Bloodworth Bamboo Folding Room Divider product page on Wayfair!

    Best Bamboo Room Divider for Apartments

    I’ve lived in a studio apartment before and trust me, once you’re done telling yourself it’s “cozy” you start to pace that pad like a caged tiger.

    Now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get more out of your space, limited though it may be, you might just need to break it up a little!

    The important thing about a bamboo room divider is going to be the number of panels. If you have too many, even if they stay folded it’s going to be bulky and when you’re dealing with less than a few hundred square feet, it adds up quick.

    I feel like the Vosburgh 3 Panel Room Divider is the perfect solution – three medium sized panels in a classic island style.

    Another nice thing about it is the full bamboo construction, which makes it light enough to move regularly no problem. See the details yourself on the Vosburgh 3 Panel Room Divider product page.

    Best Bamboo Room Divider for Kids

    So not actually for kids, but for households that have children in them… you got it, okay. Kids are great, and as much as we have to keep an eye on them, you want them to be able to have their own space too.

    When your darling little tot has outgrown the playpen, you may feel like there’s no good spot to keep them out of the way but in earshot.

    A bamboo room divider will give your kiddo a spot all their own, which feels awesome (adults like it, why wouldn’t kids?) and keep whatever room their new nook is in looking put together.

    Really, it just needs to be something that can stand up to your kid’s hardcore lifestyle, and the Bamboo54 Bamboo 4 Panel Screen does that just fine. Won’t break the bank, classic look, and that sturdy, all bamboo construction – you can’t ask for much more!

    Have a peek and see if it’s the partition for your adorable mini-me at the Bamboo54 5301A Bamboo 4 Panel Screen product page.

    Best Non-Traditional Bamboo Room Divider

    I mentioned right at the beginning that what’s really great about dividing up a room is the feel it brings, not necessarily the privacy.

    If you’re looking for something to be that marker between the spaces that has a little more in terms of style and a little less in terms of blocking the air space, this might be the bamboo room divider for you.

    While the Vintage Home 96″ Tall Burgundy Bamboo Screen in Pot does look pretty different from your typical bamboo room divider, I’m sure you can see how this would be an awesome way to mark out different spaces.

    Preserved bamboo canes combine with life-like artificial leaves to create a year-round spot of Zen greenery in your home.

    When you’re ready to make the transition from living room to South-East Asian jungle, bushwhack your way to Staples and peruse the Vintage Home 96″ Tall Burgundy Bamboo Screen in Pot product page yourself!

    If you think this is an awesome look but want the real deal, you can visit Lewis Bamboo to find out which bamboo is best for your living partition and even purchase that species right off their website. Be sure to do your research though – living bamboo can get away from you pretty quick if you aren’t careful!

    Best Outdoor Bamboo Room Divider

    Your backyard might not have the same feel as a room in your house, but really, what’s the difference? It’s outside? There aren’t really any walls or ceiling?

    That may be true, but if you live side by side with your neighbors like I do, you kinda wish you had some walls.

    I put up a screen like this a few months ago because our balcony was way too exposed to the surrounding neighborhood, and it was a tremendous help. The first screen I put up was plastic, but it clashed with the trees and plants that I had around so I ended up switching for a more natural looking option.

    This Backyard X-Scapes Natural Bamboo Outdoor Privacy Screen was my choice, and I couldn’t be happier – cost per square foot it was the same as the ugly plastic I used before and so much nicer.

    While this bamboo partition does not come with a stand, it’s strong enough to hold it’s own weight up with just a little support, and the tight weave holding the individual canes together means you get plenty of privacy.

    Pick up your own from Lowes at the Backyard X-Scapes Natural Bamboo Outdoor Privacy Screen product page.

    DIY Bamboo Room Divider

    This category isn’t really a best of since you’d be doing it yourself, but I’d be out of line if I didn’t account for those of you who have the raw materials on hand and want to build your own bamboo room divider.

    I think an at home project is awesome, and a room divider is definitely a great place to start if you want to use bamboo as a base material, especially since you don’t have to process it as much when compared to other building materials.

    Don’t let that make you think it’s as simple as 1-2-3 however, there’s still a good bit that goes into preparing your raw bamboo to be used for crafting.

    I’ve included a video from the Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) YouTube page where they show the process from start to finish, beginning with the cleaning of the raw bamboo.

    Check it out below to get started on your own!