Liam Morris

Liam is a born-and-raised hippie from the Northeast who loves reading, writing, and all things eco-friendly and sustainable.

Always on the lookout for a new passion project, Liam found a shared zeal for quality and sustainability with the Bamboo Goods team where he now works with like-minded people to bring the best of those products to the public at large!

8 Best Bamboo Countertops and Butcher Blocks by Category

Couple baking in kitchen; bamboo countertops and bamboo butcher blocks

A lot of things have changed since I left my bachelor pad behind. One of the biggest changes that I’ve noticed is the relationship I have with my kitchen, and more specifically, my kitchen counter. The one-bedroom apartment lifestyle has its conveniences, but a tiny kitchen and an even tinier countertop are not on that …

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7 Best Bamboo Bed Frames (2021)

Woman eating breakfast on bed; bamboo bed frames

I’ve talked about this before, but the things you surround yourself with have a profound impact on your day-to-day. And that goes double for what should be the most serene space in your home: the bedroom. Sure, I may have once been the college kid who slept on a mattress directly on the floor. But …

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8 Best Bamboo Shelves by Category

Mother playing with daughter; bamboo shelves

If you have the personality of a crow, like I do, you probably also find yourself acquiring the strangest trinkets, toys, and other cool, pocket-sized stuff. It took a full desk, piled bedside table, and stuffed car cup-holders to realize that I needed something to handle my knick-knacks and started searching around for a bamboo …

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