Bamboo Bed Frames for a Sustainable Night’s Sleep

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I’ve talked about this before, but the things you surround yourself with have a profound impact on your day-to-day. And that goes double for what should be the most serene space in your home: the bedroom.

Sure, I may have once been the college kid who slept on a mattress directly on the floor. But as adulthood has set in, a nice bamboo bed frame made more sense for my sleeping space — in more than a few ways.

If you’ve gotten used to sleeping in a lower-sitting bed, you may not realize the comfort you’re sacrificing having to half fall into your mattress and then climbing out again come morning.

Having a nice headboard is a sure sign of adulthood as well. Your friends and family might not judge the bare bedroom walls to your face, but there’s a certain sense of smug superiority that comes with having a decorative beginning and end to your bed that I promise is worth every penny!

Jokes aside, a bamboo bed frame is the perfect way to improve your nighttime nest in a beautiful and sustainable way. And those things are important in my life, so I set out to find the best of the bed frame world.

In this article, I’ll go over a few of my best finds, and hopefully give you some ideas of what you might want in a bamboo bed frame of your own.

If you find the perfect bed frame and are ready to give the rest of your sleeping gear an overhaul, don’t forget to check out our articles covering the best bamboo mattresses, bamboo sheets, and bamboo blankets!

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    Best Overall: Ethelsville Solid Bamboo Platform Bed

    Wayfair brings you elegant and natural beauty with this solid bamboo platform bed. Available in both queen and king sizes.

    Simple, solid, and attractive. You'll love this bed.

    See it for yourself at Wayfair on the Wrought Studio Ethelsville Solid Wood Platform Bed product page.

    The bed itself not enough? Wayfair also offers the Wrought Studio Ethelsville Platform Configurable Bedroom Set. Complete your bedroom with the matching set of bed frame, nightstand, and clothes drawer. You can also add on a matching 5-drawer chest to spruce up your room even further.

    Eco Ridge Willow Bed

    Another simple, solid bamboo option for you to consider. Gorgeous, natural tones to liven up your bedroom.

    Like the Wrought Studio Ethelsville bed, Eco Ridge also offers a matching nightstand, clothes drawer, and chest which can be purchased separately.

    Take a look at Wayfair on the Eco Ridge Willow Bed product page.

    Bamboo Currant Bamboo Platform Bed

    Alright, we’re going to do things a little differently than usual since all the bed frames do an excellent job holding mattresses. I can’t say one is objectively better than the rest.

    For all my perfectionists out there though, I’m going to take it from the top as usual with my personal favorite. So let’s all say hail to the king!

    Er, California King, rather.

    The Greenington Bamboo Currant Platform Bed does come as either a California King or Queen size, depending on how much mattress real estate you’re working with. But the main focus here is really the look.

    Beautiful and simple, the bright amber of the bamboo will stand out in any color scheme. With a stylish, slatted headboard and delicate but sturdy legs to give this platform bed frame a subtle elegance.

    The soft finish and rounded corners are perfect for a bedroom set. Even the hardwood looks comfortable and inviting, making the overall feel even more appealing.

    As somebody on the taller side, I have a personal appreciation for the platform style. A headboard is great, but having the footboard can feel a little limiting when your legs go just a bit past the end of the mattress. And with the Bamboo Currant Platform Bed, you can stretch with confidence!

    Eco Ridge Ria Bamboo Platform Bed

    This bamboo bed frame is a platform style, similar to the previous entry. But with a couple of key differences in design.

    Most importantly, the Greenington Eco Ridge Platform Bed has a solid headboard. Which some may prefer over the slatted style – to each their own!

    The color and wood grain on this piece are a little softer as well. With a more muted, beige tone to the bamboo and a tighter grain pattern.

    I’m a big fan of this. The almost pin-stripe quality is one of my favorite looks in a bamboo composite, especially for larger furniture that occupy more space in a room.

    The legs and posts on this bamboo bed frame are nicely rounded with a slight taper where the legs meet the floor. But more straight up and down as opposed to the angled legs you often see on modern style pieces.

    To top it all off, this bed frame does come with a full set of slats. Meaning you won’t need a box spring to keep your mattress level when you shift in your sleep.

    Of course, the slats are optional if you’re like me and want to keep a box spring for the extra height. But it’s one less thing to worry about if you’re looking to upgrade from a slatted bed frame and don’t already have your own.

    This bamboo bed frame comes in Queen and Eastern King.

    Bamboo Platform Bed With Exotic Tiger Design

    Don’t be fooled by the name of this bed; there aren’t any tigers to be seen here.

    The exotic tiger design in this case refers to the bold, eye-catching wood grain pattern on the headboard. Which will be slightly different on every bed as it is a naturally occurring coloration of the bamboo.

    I love this design.

    There really is something cool about owning a piece that’s truly one of a kind. And while it’s not quite a bespoke bamboo bed frame, it’s close enough!

    The Greenington Azara Platform Bed does feature a slatted headboard. Only on this piece, you have two wider boards with a slight curve to them — something that adds to the character of this already standout bamboo bed frame.

    While the legs at the headboard are hidden slightly under the main structure, the legs at the footboard are more prominent and with modern style angles as well as a connecting board that sits underneath the actual mattress platform.

    Willow Bamboo Bed Frame

    With this next bamboo bed frame, we have another beautiful example of a solid headboard. Accented by the soft angles and distinctive joinery pattern on the support pillars on either side.

    Although the Greenington Willow Bamboo Bed is still a platform style, this particular bed frame has a taller footboard. Giving it a little more depth and hiding some of the empty space between the bed and the floor.

    The wood grain is beautiful as well. An evenly striated pattern with a nice contrast between the light and dark, highlighted by the solid headboard.

    Overall, this piece gives me a sense of sturdiness. From the legs in the corner to the wider boards on either side of the mattress platform. And as a big supporter of the “buy once” mentality, that speaks to me.

    This bamboo bed frame is offered in both a queen and king size.

    Wrap Up

    And that’s all for the bamboo bed frames folks, I hope you found what you were looking for in a sustainable and stylish piece of bedroom furniture!

    Don’t forget to check out our bamboo mattresses article if you want to upgrade your sleeping experience even more.

    If none of the items I listed filled that bamboo bedframe-shaped hole in your heart, don’t lose hope. There are always more options. And if you find one that you fall in love with, let us know – we’d love to hear from you!


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