7 Best Bamboo Nightstands for Your Bedroom

Man reading in bed; bamboo nightstands

Getting older has a lot of interesting quirks, not the least of which is how your perspective shifts in really small, but somehow monumental ways.

I don’t know when this particular shift came about, but I know that one day I walked into my bedroom, looked at the weird, secondhand shelf I had been using as a nightstand for a few years, and decided right there that I needed to get rid of it and buy myself a quality bamboo nightstand.

Now, I will say that the days of Kmart brand furniture are not behind me yet. There are still certain things that don’t need to be nice and so those stay as they are, more function than form.

But the nightstand was an important change that I didn’t even realize I needed because I had simply gotten used to falling asleep next to what was essentially a small tower of well-placed garbage.

Not great.

Our surroundings matter more than you might think about actively, but the things we keep in our environment subconsciously affect us all the time. And honestly, furniture is a huge part of our space on a day-to-day basis.

Maybe your kitchen table and couch are forgotten when you get ready to go to sleep at night, but having a nice bamboo nightstand was just an awesome upgrade from the poorly constructed and shoddy aesthetics of what I had before and made a big difference.

I set out on the hunt with a vague idea of what I wanted – sustainable, beautiful, built to last – and found a few more bamboo nightstands than I had bargained to find!

In this article, I’ll show you a few of the ones I found and liked during my search.

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    Best Overall

    I had a very, very hard time picking out the best overall bamboo nightstand because of all the great choices out there, but I know a lot of folks are coming here for nothing but the king of the nightstand kingdom.

    Wayfair Foundry Select Hugoton bamboo nightstand
    Source: Wayfair

    If furniture royalty is what you’re after, then you’ve definitely come to the right place!

    For my furniture articles, the different items pretty much do the same thing with very few exceptions. So in most cases, my best is usually going to be about the look of the product and the build quality, and this item knocks those categories out of the park.

    The Foundry Select Hugoton bamboo nightstand is absolutely gorgeous, a very minimalistic appearance that doesn’t come off as plain due to the inset side panels and bamboo grain.

    Another thing I really like is the legs, as a few of the bamboo nightstands in this article sit directly on the ground with no legs. I don’t have anything against that, but the slight angle of the legs outwards gives this piece added stability and style, which I’m a fan of.

    Storage is a big component as well. If you read my Best Bamboo Shelves article, you know that I am one of those humans possessed by the crow mind who ends every day with a pile of stuff in my pockets.

    The Hugoton has a drawer that is sizable without being absurdly deep, and it also has a sizeable shelf underneath the drawer for anything from a white noise machine to a few backup water bottles to keep you hydrated in the night!

    All in all, this is a beautiful and functional bamboo nightstand.

    Also be sure to check out our top-rated bamboo mattresses, to complete your bedroom.

    Best Budget

    Bamboo is always a bargain if you come at it from the perspective of helping save the planet a little with your purchase, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a real bargain!

    During my search, I realized that a lot of the more budget options were holding out on what I would say are necessary parts of a nightstand – namely the drawers and shelves – in order to drop the price.

    Now, if you just want a small bedside table as a nightstand, don’t worry. I covered that category too, we’ll get there!

    But most of us want a little extra, and this was far and away the best value I found for a true nightstand, especially a bamboo nightstand.

    Here we have the Productworld258 Multipurpose Bamboo Nightstand, a really classic looking nightstand with a small drawer and shelf. This piece is a bit more rectangular in shape which lends itself to a space between your bed and the wall.

    With a few slats on the sides of your shelf and a warm, natural color, this would be a great fit for any bedroom.

    Best Bamboo Nightstand Set

    Good things often come in pairs, and the world of bamboo nightstands is certainly no exception, thank goodness!

    I hate when people claim to be OCD just because they’re a little pattern-minded, but I will admit that there is something about seeing a mismatched furniture set that gives me a twitch in my eyelid.

    Save yourself that constant anxiety by purchasing two identical bamboo nightstands that are as good-looking as they are impossible to tell apart!

    The Bierman Solid Wood Nightstand by George Oliver does come as a set of two, but even more interesting is the fact that these two nightstands stack on top of each other to form a double-high bamboo nightstand.

    Pretty awesome feature if you ask me.

    It’s nice to be able to choose which way you want to use this set, and more options is always better!

    See the details on this beautiful set by heading to the Bierman Solid Wood Nightstand by George Oliver product page.

    Best Bamboo Bedside Table

    Alright, to all those who don’t need a place to dump all the accumulated bits and pieces of the day, this one is for you.

    Now, as I’ve said above, I really like my nightstand to have at least one drawer if not more, but wow – this is a nice looking bamboo bedside table!

    The first thing about the PM-Nightstands Bamboo Side Table that grabs my attention is the slightly imperfect triangle shape that makes up the surface of this bedside table. It’s rounded and soft while still having distinct corners which gives it a sleek, modern look.

    Storage isn’t completely forgotten either.

    There is a small shelf underneath the table-top fitted between the three legs. It’s not huge, but the lip around the edges means you don’t have to worry about anything sliding off, which is nice.

    At the end of the day this bamboo nightstand doesn’t quite meet my needs in particular, but I was really tempted by the looks and maybe one day I won’t need a small landfill next to my place of rest!

    Best Bamboo Nightstand With Drawers

    After the last category, I figured I would head for the other end of the storage spectrum and show off the bamboo nightstand that was my second choice for best overall.

    I’m sure you don’t need to guess why at this point, since it’s in the category title and everything, but in case you haven’t guessed – it’s ‘cause of the drawers.

    That’s right, drawers plural.

    The Briananthony 3-Drawer Nightstand by Latitude Run is the well-stocked sleeper’s dreams made reality!

    Not only does this piece have a lovely shelf raised above the main top surface, the bottom two drawers also lock for added privacy – perfect for anyone sharing a space with someone else.

    Combining these features with the lovely light color of the bamboo, this was a top choice for me and I think it would be great in almost any home.

    Peruse the details at the Briananthony 3-Drawer Nightstand product page!

    Best Bamboo Nightstand for Apartments

    I’ve talked about this a lot, but there really is nothing more frustrating than being in a small living space and trying to find furniture that all works with your limited floor plan.

    This category is one where IKEA really shines, and honestly, I think that this might be where they got their reputation of being for college kids – because a lot of their products have a smaller footprint than average.

    Swedish style isn’t just a great band name, it’s also what the NORDKISA bamboo nightstand is all about. With a perfectly square top that goes no wider than the legs, this piece is great for squeezing into a small corner!

    You get a drawer, a shelf, and an additional space between the drawer and the tabletop of this nightstand.

    Which is a lot more storage than you’d expect from something so tiny.

    If you like the look of this bamboo nightstand but wish it were a little larger, IKEA also offers it in a wider version for those blessed with a bit more space. See both options by heading over to the NORDKISA bamboo nightstand product page!

    Best Bamboo Nightstand for Kids

    This was an interesting category. Not only because I don’t tend to include a “for children” category, but because people tend to approach buying products for children with the attitude that it’s going to be grown out of.

    That might be the case with clothing and toys, but when you shop furniture for yourself as an adult you want lasting quality.

    So ask yourself, why would you settle for less when shopping for your kids’ furniture?

    Here we have the 1-Drawer Nightstand by East Urban Home. And while it is pretty cool to look at with its raw bamboo and rattan-style wrapping, there are a few other reasons that I think it’s a good choice of bamboo nightstand for a child.

    Firstly, it’s low to the ground and clearly very solid, so you don’t have to worry about your little guy knocking it over in the middle of some overly rambunctious play. Which is great news for whatever bedside light or glass of water might be on it!

    Secondly, it has rounded corners padded by the rattan wrap. When I was a kid, I fell out of bed more than a few times, and keeping sharp corners away from your little sleeping angel might save you a midnight panic.

    And lastly, it’s just a great piece of furniture that your child can grow into over years and years. Skip the pink and blue particle board equipment that barely lasts a year and get something quality that will serve your family for a long time.

    If that sounds like something your darling little tot might appreciate, cruise that stroller over to the 1-Drawer Nightstand by East Urban Home product page!


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