8 Best Bamboo Desks of 2021 by Category

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If you’re in a situation anything like mine, working from home for the past year has taught you something big: your home office is important!

Having a great space to spend your 8+ hours a day working can really make a difference, and the investment that made the biggest difference for me was a new desk.

A bamboo desk is a great option for anyone looking for a beautiful, durable, and environmentally friendly upgrade to their home workspace.

And in this article I’m going to go over a few of the best options that I dug up online.

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    Best Overall

    Let's not beat around the bush here, you came for THE bamboo desk to reign supreme and won’t settle for anything less!

    I dig that, and so do the folks over at Fully which is why their Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk is at the top of my list.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the desk for you, but I found it to be the best combination of quality build, clean aesthetics, and sustainable materials, which is are important to me.

    This electronically adjusting sitting/standing desk has a stylish and sturdy leg construction and tons of options.

    Build your dream desk from the natural or dark bamboo top, powered cable ports, and even a contoured front edge so you can literally lean into your work.

    On top of all that, the whole thing comes with a warranty; 5 years on the desktop surface and 10 years (that’s right, 10 years) on the electronic and mechanical stuff.

    And hey, if that’s not enough to convince you, our founder and editor-in-chief Mike Bozee has been using this desk himself for the past few years and loves it!

    Check out all the features and design tool for yourself on the Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk product page.

    Best Bamboo Desk Under $100

    This category hits pretty close to home for me because I’m the kind of guy who grumbles about buying printer ink or new sticky notes (why are office supplies so expensive?) and I would always rather wait for the perfect bargain.

    Ikea Anfallare Adils Bamboo Desk
    Source: Ikea

    But, the day always comes where you have to cave and make an investment to upgrade, so I always try to make my dollar go as far as possible, and Sweden is pretty dang far.

    Okay, so not actually Sweden, but rather their pride and joy: IKEA.

    I used to be one of those people who thought IKEA only made cheap stuff for college dorms and Airbnb’s, but I have come around in a big way.

    Their ANFALLARE/ ADILS bamboo desk is sleek, durable, and clocks in under a Benjamin at $95.00 so you can get some meatballs with your change.

    Doesn’t get any Swede-r than that (I’m sorry, it was right there).

    Best Bamboo Standing Desk

    Health is pretty important, even at work, and a lot of people benefit from using a standing desk.

    Staying on my feet or even switching between sitting and standing throughout the day helps me keep from feeling sluggish or tired during the workday, and honestly just makes for a nice change of pace.

    If you’re ready to make that switch and a bamboo standing desk sounds like a dream come true, this Kana bamboo standing desk might be for you!

    The key factors that made the Kana desk stand out were the customizable preset height buttons and the optional storage.

    Having the desk go up at the touch of a button is great, but if you’re like me and have separate filing cabinets or other space for your stuff – it doesn’t come with you.

    The under-desk cloth drawer and desk hooks are great for the essentials you need when either standing or sitting.

    On top of that, the Kana desk emanates that bamboo-style desk feeling – something about the contrast between the slick woodgrain and the heather gray drawer really does it in terms of looks!

    Best Bamboo Seated Desk

    Are the healthy people gone? They are? Okay, great. Honestly guys, I have a convertible sitting/standing desk, but mostly just to convince myself that I won’t slowly turn into Quasimodo while hunched over my keyboard for hours a day.

    Maybe some of you are more at peace with your true desires and seek to boldly deny the standing desk trend…

    Look no further, you rebel, you!

    The beautiful Endrick Desk by Latitude Run is a gorgeous, modern take on a more classic style.

    The steel frame and curved dual leg setup make it rock steady while the naturally beautiful light bamboo desktop with double drawers gives it a subtle elegance.

    There’s even a little shelf underneath for some books or even just to kick up your feet during your next long Zoom meeting.

    Fight the power and check it out on Wayfair’s Endrick Desk product page!

    Best Bamboo Writing Desk

    It’s been a few years since I last busted out a spec script or tried my hand at the next great American Novel, but if I was going to try my hand again, my computer desk is the last place I’d do it.

    Ikea Lillasen Bamboo Desk
    Source: Ikea

    If you’ve ever sat down to write and found yourself miles down the YouTube rabbit hole an hour or more later, you’re probably nodding your head along with me.

    An easy way to avoid the black hole of distraction that is the internet is as simple as having a dedicated writing desk.

    The LILLÅSEN bamboo writing desk is a perfect example of what people have been missing by passing up IKEA.

    A little smaller than the typical computer desk, the delicate look but solid feel of the LILLÅSEN is perfect for any creative who needs a spot for writing and writing only.

    The triple drawer setup is great for spare notebooks and pens, or even just as a place to stash your phone out of sight to really get distraction-free.

    Best Bamboo Lap/Laptop Desk

    This category might seem like a bit of a curveball, but I know there’s a lot of folks who were like me and didn’t have a great home workspace when they first started working remote.

    Skipping the commute is great until you realize that having an actual office with real office furniture made more of a difference than you might have originally thought.

    I was lucky enough to have a spare room that slowly got converted into an office, but for a few weeks I was working from the couch and boy, do I wish I had this guy then!

    The Fully Cooper Standing Desk Converter is one of those things that you see and just think, “wow, they really didn’t have to go this hard” – but they did and I love it.

    Most laptop desks are pretty much just a flat surface, and that’s fine.

    This over-engineered piece of equipment has adjustable legs, a sectioned work surface, and a tray for your mouse and keyboard.

    Load that keyboard tray up with some snacks and you might never have to stand up again!

    Best Bamboo Desktop

    There’s not a lot that goes into a desk, you got legs, maybe some drawers, but the big deal is the flat part, amirite?

    While I was on the hunt for the best of the best, I saw tons of beautiful bamboo desks, many of which were missing something: space.

    When it comes down to brass tacks, the real estate of your work surface matters more than you might think.

    I know I’m always looking for more room what with my keyboard, monitors, mouse pad, water bottle – the list of stuff goes on.

    In terms of desktop space, nothing I saw online came close to the Jarvis L-Shaped Standing Desk from Fully which, yes, does mean that the Jarvis is technically on the list twice, although in two different forms.

    Similar to it’s slightly more compact brother in the Overall Best position, the Jarvis L-Shaped has plenty of choices to be made without compromising on your all-important elbow room.

    If the look and feel of a bamboo desktop are important, you can’t get much more of it in one place, check it out!

    Best Bamboo Standalone Desktop

    If you’re one of the people who saw my last category and perked up thinking, “now he’s getting to the good stuff, I have all the legs and frames I could ever need – give me a slab of bamboo to throw on and I’m good!

    UPLIFT bamboo desktop
    Source: UPLIFT

    Well, that’s pretty crazy.

    I’m just kidding, the work surface of the desk is what gets used the most so if you’re somebody with a desk frame in great shape and you just want to replace the top – you aren’t alone.

    Uplift Desk offers a beautiful standalone bamboo desktop to do just that. They give you plenty of size options to be sure your new desktop fits your existing frame perfectly, and even give you the choice of straight or contoured edge.


    Well folks, those are the hard hitters of 2021 so far. Now, if you’re still thinking to yourself, “wait Liam, what do you mean that’s it? Where’s MY bamboo desk?” – fear not!

    The desks above were the ones I thought were a can’t-miss, but there are still dozens of great choices out there.

    Let us know if any of these turn out to be the one that fills the desk-shaped hole in your heart!


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