7 Best Bamboo Coffee Tables by Category

Family in living room; bamboo coffee tables

The coffee table is one of the most underappreciated pieces of furniture in the house, if you ask me.

Really, it’s the center of your living room since most of your furniture tends to be pointed at it! A bamboo coffee table is an all around great choice since you’re getting a great combination of style, sustainability, and afordability.

I always made the mistake of just picking any old flat surface, thinking it wouldn’t really matter much. It’s just there to hold some magazines, drinks, and other miscellaneous things, after all.

Thinking back, most of my coffee tables have actually been hand-me-downs or cheap makeshift wannabes, which is definitely not what I want my space to look like!

The time came to upgrade and a bamboo coffee table just made the most sense – durable, stylish, and most important for me, sustainable.

If you’re ready to make an upgrade to a more beautified hang-out space, or just want to brag about how your coffee table is made of grass (bamboo is a grass, folks), then a bamboo coffee table might be just what you’re looking for!

There are a lot of options for bamboo coffee tables out there online, and I had a really hard time deciding which one was best for me.

In this article I’m going to talk about a couple of the options I checked out, separated by category of what I thought was most important to consider. Hopefully it’ll make some of your decisions easier!

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    Best Overall

    I’d say it makes sense for first place in my heart to be first place in the article, right?

    Sometimes, the durable, beautiful, and environmentally friendly pieces all just fit together to make one perfect whole – this is that combination.

    Sleek, solid, and low to the ground, the Belmonte is, in my humble opinion, the Cadillac of bamboo coffee tables.

    What? Cadillacs aren’t cool anymore?

    Fine, this is the Maybach of bamboo coffee tables, whatever. The point is that it’s better looking than furniture has any right to look.

    The Belmonte Coffee Table by AllModern is exactly the kind of solid build construction I want meeting the exact style and panache I wish all my furniture had.

    I mean, come on, that gorgeous mottled top, the flared legs, the clean lines? Beautiful.

    Check out the details for yourself at the Belmonte Coffee Table product page!

    Best Round Bamboo Coffee Table

    I’m not sure how long it took me to realize that sometimes, King Arthur just knows what he’s talking about when it comes to home décor.

    I kid, but in all seriousness, a round coffee table has a lot of advantages that you may not think about! For me, game night seating arrangements become way easier when there aren’t any corners to contend with, having to squish together along the flat edges.

    This beautiful bamboo coffee table by RAD Children’s Furniture sports a classic round top, perfect for a game board, cheese board, or any other type of board you may want to gather around in your living room!

    Interestingly, it’s marketed as children’s furniture. That to me means one important thing – childproof.

    The Round Table is simple, classy, and handmade from our favorite sustainable building material. If you aren’t convinced, go ahead and check it out for yourself at the Round Table product page!

    Best Bamboo Coffee Table Under $100

    Sadly these days, more expensive does not translate to more quality, and the wonderfully weird and wild world of furniture is no exception.

    However, just because you want a product with a good build and look doesn’t mean you have to break the bank!

    If you’ve read any of my previous articles you know that I am an IKEA enthusiast, and my Swedish sweetheart has proved once again that they can drop the price without dropping the (meat)ball on the product.

    The latest masterpiece of affordable home furnishings, feast your eyes on the NORDKISA bamboo… bench? Okay, IKEA might be great at making the stuff, but any way you slice it, this is a bamboo coffee table.

    I guess you can sit on it if you want, but to me this would be better used in the living room for popcorn bowls and morning cups of coffee.

    Furniture is what you make it (in this case literally), so head on over to check out the NORDKISA product page yourself and tell me that’s not a coffee table, I dare you!

    Best Glass Top Bamboo Coffee Table

    Now, usually when I think of glass top coffee tables I think of one of two things: an awesome action scene where someone gets thrown through the glass in a spectacular fashion, or my grandma’s house.

    This is definitely the first one, because the Chalfant Glass and Bamboo Coffee Table by George Oliver is anything but old school. Modern, chic, edgy, whatever word you want to use to describe this piece might make you think sportscar, not bamboo coffee table.

    Honestly though, it’s just awesome looking and not much more needs to be said.

    It helps that glass goes with anything, so worry not about your living room’s color palette and head over to the Chalfant Glass and Bamboo Coffee Table product page to check it out!

    Best Bamboo Coffee Table With Storage

    This was a big one for me – I love to game, and most of the time when I’m on the couch playing something on Switch I’m also listening to a podcast or music.

    That means that anytime I’m not in game mode, the coffee table is covered in controllers, headphones, and occasionally a stray chip-clip.

    That is just far too much stuff to be laying out and about, so a built-in storage drawer was a major consideration when shopping around for an upgrade.

    This was the top contender when it comes to living room space efficiency.

    What if there were a whole entire coffee table’s worth of space under your coffee table top?

    Well, the Sedlak Solid Wood Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage by George Oliver makes that dream a reality!

    The top of this beautiful amber-colored bamboo coffee table lifts up on hinged arms to reveal a storage space beneath that is almost as large as the entire table itself.

    Take a look at this stunning combination of style and function at the Sedlak Bamboo Coffee Table product page.

    Best for Apartments

    I’ve talked about this before, but there really is nothing more frustrating than being in a studio that’s too small to even have real furniture.

    Wayfair Corrigan Studio bamboo coffee table
    Source: Wayfair

    I’ve talked about this before, but there really is nothing more frustrating than being in a studio that’s too small to even have real furniture.

    Sometimes, you end up using makeshift things, justifying it because where would you even fit a real coffee table?

    No worries, you can enjoy a quality piece of furniture without having to sacrifice on size or style with the Corrigan Studio bamboo coffee table.

    At a reasonable size – while still folding easily to hide away if you really need that floor space – this bamboo coffee table gives you the best of both worlds.

    Not only does it fold for storage, it has some of its own. With a nice shelf that fits under the tabletop and even helps lock the legs in place so you never have to worry about the table folding up while being used.

    Take a look at the Corrigan Studio bamboo coffee table and see if this is the perfect fit for the never-ending game of Tetris that is your apartment!

    Best Bamboo Coffee Table Set

    When you have a couch set with a loveseat or even an armchair, you might need more than one coffee table. And let’s be real – you want them to match.

    With a coffee table set, you’re getting more table so you want to be sure you’re getting more quality as well.

    This gorgeous bamboo coffee table set is beautifully subtle and would be an elegant addition to any couch set, with a varied level of height and a natural woodgrain.

    The Esse Solid Wood 3 Legs 3 Nesting Tables is a perfect match for any three-piece living room set, with a small, medium, and large table to go with your chair, loveseat, and sofa.

    On top of that, these bad boys are nesting tables, meaning that if you want a little more room on charades night, they fit one underneath the other to take up less space!

    Take a look (or three) over at the Esse Solid Wood 3 Legs 3 Nesting Tables product page and see for yourself!