8 Best Bamboo Shelves for Your Home

Mother playing with daughter; bamboo shelves

If you have the personality of a crow, like I do, you probably also find yourself acquiring the strangest trinkets, toys, and other cool, pocket-sized stuff.

It took a full desk, piled bedside table, and stuffed car cup-holders to realize that I needed something to handle my knick-knacks and started searching around for a bamboo shelf.

I really like the look of bamboo and I love the sustainability of the material, but it’s actually the strength of bamboo that makes it so great for shelving units and wall shelves!

In this search, I was out for something that was a little more decorative and stylish than utility-oriented, since I was on the hunt for a display shelf. But when I started looking, I was amazed at all the options out there and ended up with a shelf for my kitchen as well!

In this article, I’ll show you the best bamboo shelves that I found in my online deep dive, but stick around for the whole list! A lot of these shelves are great in different specific situations, so what might have worked in my kitchen might be better for your bathroom.

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    Best Overall

    No time to waste, cut straight to the chase! I know you are here for only the best, but really, these bamboo shelves are all special in their own way.

    The shelf that’s right for you is really going to depend on what situation you’re going to be using it for, so this shelf is honestly just my personal favorite.

    That being said, I’ll defend it to the death!

    Not really, but I think it has a lot of merit in a few different areas, which is why I picked it as my best overall.

    The COSTWAY Bamboo Shelf is a classic look, simple and unobtrusive but still very charming with its asymmetrical shelves giving it a great variation in the storage space.

    This bamboo shelf would be perfect for a living room to hold plants and photos, or even the kitchen or bathroom to hold dry goods or towels! Really, this would look great anywhere and clearly can hold any items you might think of.

    And for more plant-specific inspiration, check out our article on the best bamboo plant stands.

    Best Bamboo Shelf Under $75

    If you’ve read any of my other product articles then you know I love a bargain.

    What I definitely don’t love is getting burned for trying to be thrifty, and ending up with a bad product that I now have to replace, paying twice for essentially the same thing.

    IKEA has been my true blue through and through on this front, and despite what people may have said in the past (myself included), I have yet to be disappointed by the quality and style of their products.

    The RÅGRUND bamboo shelf is actually a close second to my Best Overall in terms of looks, but then consider the price on top of that and it absolutely blows the competition out of the water!

    Slim and sleek, this shelf is great for small spaces such as the gap between a toilet and shower or maybe just an apartment living room to show off some photos and a succulent or two… dozen.

    I also really loved the solid shelves as opposed to slatted shelves because my partner has a whole collection of beauty products in teeny-tiny bottles that sometimes rolled and fell through the gaps of our previous bathroom shelf, but no more!

    See details on size and more on the RÅGRUND bamboo shelf product page.

    Best Floating Bamboo Shelves

    This was the style I was really thinking of when I set out to find myself a stash shelf for all the junk that ends up in my pockets!

    A more modern take on a classic wall shelf, the floating shelves come directly out of your wall with no visible supports or mounting hardware while still providing a sizeable surface and able to hold plenty of weight.

    This style to me is perfect for a small bedside shelf for a reading lamp and a few miscellaneous items, without taking away from whatever style the rest of your furniture might play to.

    The Floating Wooden Wall Shelves made my list because they’re nice to look at, easy to install, and can you believe it, it’s a two-for-one special!

    Two identical bamboo shelves would be great for a symmetrical couple’s bedroom or to create a uniform look in your entryway, especially with a low profile that doesn’t come out from the wall too far.

    Make sure you check the weight capacity before you display your gold bullion!

    Best Bamboo Shelf for the Kitchen

    This was one of the categories I really was not thinking of when I went down the bamboo rabbit hole, but clearly I was just lacking in imagination!

    When I think shelves, the image that pops into my head is usually a wall shelf. So, when I stumbled across the 3 Tier Bamboo Corner Shelving Rack by Lavish Home, my eyes were truly opened to the possibilities.

    Solid and compact, this bamboo shelf is designed to sit in a corner of your kitchen counter and give all those stray items lingering around the toaster and coffee pot a place to really call home!

    I particularly love this design because so much counter real estate goes wasted under our cabinets, and this shelf turns that dark corner into a storage homerun.

    As a hot beverage household, we immediately loaded our corner shelf up with various teas, honey, coffee filters, and backup beans so that a caffeine fix is always in arms reach and organized.

    Pick one up for yourself at the 3 Tier Bamboo Corner Shelving Rack product page, I promise your countertop will thank me!

    Best Bamboo Shelf for the Bathroom

    The bathroom is definitely one of the most important rooms in the house, but somehow I always find the storage situation to be lacking.

    In the last two houses I’ve lived in, I’ve needed to come up with my own storage solution, and this bamboo shelf is nearly identical to the one that has been serving me faithfully for years now.

    Not too tall and not too short, the Four Shelf Ecostyle Bamboo Tower from Target is perfect for towels, toilet paper, and maybe even a toothbrush holder on top.

    Four individual shelves, all of which are raised off the ground, are great for keeping any number of bathroom necessities while staying out of the way of you and any puddles that might come with you out of the shower!

    See the details for yourself over at the Four Shelf Ecostyle Bamboo Tower product page.

    Best Bamboo Ladder Shelf

    This shelf is a little different from the other categories as it really is a decorative shelf in the truest sense and therefore is less utility-oriented.

    That being said, it is a fair trade – it’s a real pretty shelf.

    The Gemma Ladder Shelf by Coastal Farmhouse is just beautiful, with a gorgeous natural bamboo grain and color, and with shelves that descend in size just as they descend from top to bottom.

    Designed to lean against a wall with small fixtures at the top to prevent it from sliding away from its support, this bamboo shelf is ideal for small plants and decorations, or as a less traditional bookshelf.

    Each shelf has a small lip on three sides to prevent anything placed on it from slipping off the sides or back, which I think gives it a really nice look!

    Take a peek over at the Gemma Ladder Shelf product page.

    Best Bamboo Corner Shelf

    I’m sure there’s a lot of folks who are here for this category in particular, because nothing is more frustrating than having nowhere to put a shelf.

    No need to worry, we have you covered with a bamboo shelf that fits right into any 90-degree nook you might have free in your kitchen, bathroom, or living room!

    Basic Fundamentals Multifunctional 3-Tier Bamboo Corner Shelf gives you pretty much all you need to know right in the title. This shelf is sturdy, spacious, and I personally am really a fan of the lighter-colored bamboo used in this piece.

    The edges of the shelves are round, which maximizes the storage surface while giving it a classic look, and the whole piece is nicely compact without giving the impression that it’s small – perfect for a studio apartment or office!

    Best Bamboo Wall Shelf

    I never liked the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but the idea that sometimes, classics are classic for a reason definitely resonates.

    About as classic as it gets, the HOMFA Bamboo 3-Tier Shelf offers great value and function with three height-adjustable shelves and the ability to be mounted on the wall, or turned into a standing shelf.

    The modular nature of this bamboo shelf is awesome. I love being able to tweak a product so it suits my specific needs better, and if it isn’t a hassle to do so – even better.

    I like the natural wood color, but if you have a theme you’re trying to stick to, it comes in black and white as well.


    Well folks, that’s my list so I guess it’s time to shelve this article!

    Sorry you had to read that terrible joke, but to make up for it, here’s a list of bamboo shelves I really liked but just didn’t quite make the cut.

    Like I said at the beginning, these categories were what I felt fit my home spaces best, but you might find the best bamboo shelf for the bathroom is better suited to your kitchen!