11 Best Bamboo Plant Stands by Category

Couple playing guitar; bamboo plant stand

Plant lovers! We all crave that little bit of nature we can bring indoors.

Our living space should be a source of comfort and enjoyment. An easy way to improve our home environments is with the right plant stand.

Recently, I’ve come to appreciate the power that bamboo plant stands can offer your home.

Importantly, your space will have the right look and feel for those long days indoors. Take a look at these bamboo plant stands. One of these is sure to brighten up your home!

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    Best Overall

    This striking plant stand goes big!

    There are multiple places to hold a range of planter sizes. It is easy to visualize your array of plants placed here. Your smaller plants will be accommodated as they grow larger plants. Moreover, the wheeled design makes moving the plant stand a snap.

    Users rate this stand as sturdy and beautiful. Make sure to pay attention to the assembly instructions.

    Once fully assembled, the unit will be a conversation piece. With indoor/outdoor functionality, this plant rack will give balconies and deck spaces a boost.

    Best Entry-Level Bamboo Plant Stand

    The VILDAPEL Plant Stand is a highly rated entry-level plant stand, that is also compact and sturdy. It is a great value for the money, and is a straightforward option.

    Its simple design and neutral tones will fit into almost any decorating scheme. Should you choose to add your own artistic touch, the small size ensures this will be an easy paint job.

    Best of all, when not in use, the plant stand is collapsible and can be easily tucked away.

    See this plant stand for yourself on the VILDAPEL product page.

    Runner Up

    Home Depot offers up a simple “no-fuss” plant holder. One of your medium to larger pots will get a boost in height. You can reverse the holder to display your plant and a higher or lower level. It is also adjustable to fit your various plant pots. For displaying a single larger plant this fits the bill!

    Home Depot product page.

    Best Bamboo Plant Stand under $60

    The Gymax 4-tiered plant rack is impressively priced for the amount of plant space provided. The design boasts a small footprint, which means your placement options are many – even in smaller abodes.

    Moreover, your heavier pots will be well supported on this lean piece. Each tier supports up to 22 pounds on each tier. The tapering construction will appeal to your sense of style. Supporting cross bars mean that this tall plant ladder is structurally sound.

    Check out the Gymax plant stand product page to learn more.

    Best 3-Tiered

    Let’s say that you have a few plants that you want out of the way and nicely displayed. Here we have 2-tier and 3-tier plant holders that keep it simple.

    A small, 3-tiered stand from Amazon may be just what you need. This very simple planter can be placed on a desk or table. It’s also a safe choice if you are new to houseplants or just want to keep it simple.

    Best 2-Tiered

    Now on to Amazon’s 2-tier option. This little charmer features a dark bamboo design that is reminiscent of a furniture piece. You will like the simple, sleek look – perfect for the minimalist plant lover.

    Best Large Bamboo Plant Stand for Small Spaces

    With tidy dimensions, the Dulcie Plant Stand by Bay Isle Home will hold a lot of plants without crowding your smaller space.

    This stand has an average-sized footprint, so make sure the measurements fit into your smaller space.

    Wayfair says that each tier can hold 15 pounds. Commenters agree that this is best for small plants!

    Check out the Dulcie Plant Stand product page on Wayfair.

    Runner Up

    This traditionally styled shelf is an easy fit into nearly any decorating style you choose!

    The Wayfair plant display is versatile enough to be used to store other items beyond plants. The clean, square lines provide a very linear approach to displaying your plants. This is 5-tiered shelf is tall enough to display a nice variety of house plants of small to medium size. The very limited available reviews were very positive. If you prefer a well-reviewed product you may want to stick with the recommended plant stand above.

    Take a look at the Wayfair product page.

    And for more shelf inspiration, check out our article on the best bamboo shelves.

    Best for Multiple Plants

    So you've gone a little overboard in the plant department. They are all over your living space. Don't worry. Happens to the best of us.

    And that's where this multi-level plant stand comes to the rescue. It simply goes beyond a typically-tiered plant stand. Your hanging plants and traditionally potted plants are displayed together in one unit.

    What sets this stand apart from others is that it holds both potted plants and hanging plants together. The hanging bar is well above the progressively larger tiers.

    This plant stand will hold a good selection of small to medium-sized planters – which translates to more options to display your plant pots. Say goodbye to smaller bamboo plant stands. The compact design means you can carve out a concentrated sanctuary in one location.

    Best Rustic Bamboo Plant Stand

    Sagebrook offers a collection of bamboo plant stands that adds a bit of bohemian appeal. Often in trios, these plant stands will make you feel connected to nature. The woven pattern highlights the clean, elegant design.

    If you prefer your plant stands closer to the ground, there is this stubby-footed version below.

    Or, buy a set of each and create a mini jungle for an area of your living space.

    Check out the Sagebrook Home planters product page.

    Runner Up

    Do you want to bring the casual, natural elements of boho into your home? Target carries two versions of bohemian plant holders that remind us of a simpler, groovier time. Sagebrook’s 3 Natural Bamboo Planters holds true to the boho style.

    Look at the product page.

    For a little less boho, turn to the finer weaving of the Sagebrook Bamboo Planter in white. This trio injects a bit of elegance while keeping the famous 1970’s bohemian flair.

    Check out the product page.

    Best Tower Bamboo Plant Stand

    Tower plant stands provide a vertical showcase for your plants.

    Plants are displayed on an impressive 6 tiers for up to 7 plants! A streamlined plant stand will not add a bulky piece to your indoor space. Plants are cleanly displayed while remaining out of the way.

    Runner Up

    Let’s take a look at an eye-catching plant stand featuring four tiers.

    There is a cute little windmill design at the top of this. It then drops down to a low two-shelf middle section.

    Finally, a cross-legged triangle plant stand rises up on the far side of this stand. One of my favorite parts of this stand is the wheels that make moving this larger unit much easier.

    You can move plants outdoors during warmer weather. Or, you can shift indoor locations to capture more (or less) sunshine throughout the seasons. The whimsical design would get a higher rating if more reviews were available.

    Wayfair product page.

    Best Corner Planter

    Ikea offers the ASKHOLMEN, an understated plant stand that allows your plants to be displayed while taking a very small amount of floor space.

    The structure of this plant stand is specifically engineered to fit tightly into a corner. Three posts that taper towards the top provide stability and nice optics for a neglected corner wall. A great way to liven up those harder to decorate corners with some foliage!

    Head over to the ASKHOLMEN product page for more info.

    Bamboo Plant Ladder

    A tasteful piece for your higher traffic areas, like the kitchen.

    It is small and neutral enough to blend nicely into any décor. For those very small places – near kitchen counters, above desks, by your couch, great the Ikea plant stand. This tasteful little planter displays small plants nicely. Plants are displayed in a near-vertical design.

    Five little planters are attached to the ladder framework, so precious counter space and window sills are saved.

    See for yourself on the Ikea plant stand product page.