8 Best Bamboo Sheets to Keep You Cool

Couple in bed; bamboo sheets

Let’s talk about sheets.

Cotton was king for far too long. Before we dive into the best bamboo sheets I want to break down why we need the cotton monarchy to move over.

In my research, I have noticed a roadblock in the mindset towards alternative bedding- thread count. The outdated thought process that the count is directly related to quality needs to be challenged.

Cotton is one of the most pesticide-dependent crops in the world. The fabric so woven into our lives needs to be rethought.

Moreover, cotton production relies heavily on freshwater.

Cotton leaves a larger carbon footprint than most other crops!

By researching this further, I have come to reevaluate what I am wearing and what I am sleeping in.

Now let’s look at bamboo fiber. Bamboo grows so fast and without the help from pesticides.

It grows so fast that my boyfriend once spent a class period in school where the whole class sat outside and watched it grow.

Bamboo is physically and emotionally tough. It doesn't need our help to grow. Talk about a role model!

Also be sure to check out our top picks for bamboo blankets and bamboo mattresses, in order to complete your bedroom setup.

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    Best Overall and Softest Bamboo Sheets

    I have two words to describe why these sheets first caught my eye: “Oprah approved.”

    Cozy Earth bamboo sheet set
    Source: Cozy Earth

    Yes, according to a review from Oprah this is the “Softest bedding ever!”

    Cozy Earth offers what they guarantee to be the softest sheets in the world. These silky sheets are made from premium 100% viscose from bamboo fiber.

    With a 100-night guarantee that you have the softest sheets possible, there is nothing to lose besides those crusty cotton sheets you have been sporting since 2010.

    Sourcing only from USDA-certified organic farms, Cozy Earth prides themselves in knowing everyone in the supply chain from “seed to sheet”.

    I appreciate that Cozy Earth does not use any dyes and uses only non-toxic materials. If you want to slumber in silky soft sheets, check out why we love the Cozy Earth Sheet Set.

    Available in sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Queen/Full, King, California King, and Split King.

    Most Luxurious

    This leads me to one of the other kings in the industry: Cariloha. This bamboo goods company has been in the game since 2007!

    Made from 100% viscose from bamboo, this sheet set offers all of the benefits of bamboo!

    Soft, cool to the touch, and sustainable sheets at a reasonable price point have convinced me that this is the best set out there.

    The twill weave delivers sheets twice as soft as cotton and it comes in various muted colors for a relaxing vibe.

    Alongside a top-quality product, Cariloha has king-sized standards.

    Check out the product page for the Cariloha Classic Bamboo Bed Sheet Set to learn more about these carbon-neutral sheets with plenty of reviews to back them up.

    Available in sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

    Also be sure to check out my favorite bamboo mattresses, to complete your bedroom.

    Best Bamboo Sheets for Kids

    Looking to start them out young with the right sheets? Cot-sized, 100% pure bamboo fiber sheets and duvet covers by Panda are the way to go. Panda is a London- based, eco-friendly company that keeps kids’ needs in mind.

    Soft on the skin, hypoallergenic, and a temperature regulating organic material help ensure a sound night’s sleep.

    The Kids Cloud Duvet also features straps to ensure bedding stays in place for kids with the wiggles. The little ones will be snuggly ready for bedtime with these cozy sheets!

    You can feel safe that there are no harmful materials or dyes in these sheets with the OEKO-TEX certification.

    Panda gives back by donating to keeping pandas away from the past threats of extinction. Panda loves pandas the way pandas love bamboo!

    See the Panda product page to explore their options.

    Available in sizes: Cot and Cotbed

    Best Blended Bamboo Sheets

    Are you convinced yet that bamboo gives the softest and best quality sheets? If you are still sitting on the fence, feel free to keep your seat right there and consider a blend.

    At 60% microfiber and 40% rayon from bamboo, this Marquette Boza sheet set is soft on your skin and on your wallet.

    Keep in mind, when shopping for bamboo the thread count is generally irrelevant.

    In a blend, however, you can let yourself get excited about a four-digit number.

    At a 1,800 thread count, you can both say you have tried something new and brag to your friends about your mighty high thread count!

    See the Marquette Boza Rayon from Bamboo Luxury 1800 Thread Count Rayon Sheet Set for yourself on the Wayfair product page.

    Available in sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King.

    Best Bamboo Sheet Set

    I am a pillow person.

    With age, I have found myself needing pillows in more places on my bed. One under the left leg. One to the right. One on the floor just in case. You get the gist.

    Cariola Resort bamboo bed sheets
    Source: Cariloha

    Cariloha's Resort sheet set offers a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

    Organic, 100% pure bamboo viscose fiber sheets offer the classic benefits bamboo has to showcase.

    Hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and breathable, this set will help you drift into a healthy night’s sleep.

    Looking for options? This is one of the few sets I have come across in my research that offers eight colors.

    Available in sizes: queen, king, California king, and split king.

    Best Bamboo Sheets Under $101

    Okay so by now you may have noticed the general price point for bamboo sheets. Yes, they are certainly up there, and yes they are worth it.

    Not ready to go for a full set just yet? I recommend starting with the most important sheet: the fitted sheet. Ettitude sells their signature sateen fitted sheet for $100.

    On top of being cooling and silky smooth, it is blended with charcoal-infused polyester. Made with 70% organic bamboo lyocell, these sheets are as soft on you as they are on the environment.

    Get in on the ettitude attitude by visiting the product page for the Sateen+ Fitted Sheet.

    Available in sizes: Full, Queen, King, and California King.

    Best Cooling Bamboo Sheets

    My favorite part of bamboo sheets is how cool they are, literally.

    Why are bamboo sheets so cool?

    Viscose from bamboo provides a lighter weave in the fabric which gives better airflow and breathability to the material.

    Now let's talk about the silky sheets that are the coolest of them all. Introducing Layla Bamboo Sheets.

    At an average of three degrees cooler than cotton sheets, this is a godsend for those of us who are hot sleepers.

    With hundreds of reviews specifically speaking to how cooling these sheets are to back this up, there is no doubt that these are the go-to for those of us looking for temperature control.

    Not only does Layla offer a 5-year warranty, these sheets help extend the life of your relationship. We can finally cuddle again without complaining about our partner’s night sweat!

    To take it down three degrees, see the Layla Bamboo Sheets product page.

    Available in sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, and California King.

    Most Durable Bamboo Sheets

    Viscose from bamboo is built to last.

    The fibers are naturally longer, making for a more durable material that is less likely to rip or tear.

    Cotton sheets typically have shorter fibers stitched together, making for a weaker fabric.

    Bamboo sheets are soft, cooling, and eco-friendly. If you are looking for all of these qualities plus a sheet set that is built to last, I recommend sheets by Hotel Sheets Direct.

    These sheets are 100% organic and 100% viscose from bamboo so you know you are getting a material that is able to deliver all of the benefits of the sturdy bamboo plant.

    To make for more of a hotel feel, the pillowcase in the set features a unique pillow pocket feature. This pocket tucks the pillow in the pillowcase so it is not exposed.

    For a sheet set to last you for years, see the Hotel Sheets Direct product page.

    Available in sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, and California King.