8 Best Bamboo Cabinets by Category

Woman in home office; bamboo cabinets

For those about to remodel their storage situation – we salute you!

Seriously, I count myself lucky daily that I have yet to go through a full-scale war with every item of furniture in my kitchen – knock wood (or bamboo rather…)!

Unfortunately, my parents had a pretty bad sink leak and since half the cabinets were trashed anyway, they asked if I could help hunt them down some bamboo cabinets to redo the whole set at once.

I come from a proud line of hippies, so the eco-friendly aspect of our favorite sustainable bad-ass-grass went without saying. But the real reason bamboo was the material of choice in this renovation was light!

A dark kitchen is only two steps above a dungeon if you ask me. So having a beautifully light, natural color that you tend to see in a lot of bamboo composites helps reflect the limited light around the room, brightening up the place in a way you wouldn’t believe.

While I was scouring the web, however, I realized that the standard bathroom and kitchen cabinets aren’t the only storage solutions you can find in bamboo. so this article will show off a few of my favorites that I came across!

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    Best Overall

    I know, I know, you’re here to buy the best bamboo cabinets and chew bubble gum, and that bubble gum has been chewed within an inch of it’s life.

    This Best Overall category is a little different from my usual articles because usually, it’s a single item that you can say is or isn’t for you, and move on.

    This time, my top choice is a style, more specifically the Z-SERIES EUROPEAN BAMBOO style from CabinetsDIY.

    The reason the Z-SERIES has my pick for Best Overall is because they offer almost every shape and size cabinet you can think of in this beautiful bamboo material.

    I imagine that if you like the look as much as I do, you can take a moment to find the dimensions that suit your specific needs, cause these guys definitely have it.

    Take your time and browse through the Z-SERIES EUROPEAN BAMBOO product page!

    Best Budget

    The kitchen and bathroom might be the first places you think of when you think of cabinets, but they’re far from the only places you might need a convenient answer to storing your stuff, y’know, not just on the ground.

    Maybe you’re like me and went and got a fancy standing desk (check out my list of the best bamboo desks) which didn’t come with any storage and now you’re standing at your beautiful workstation with a pile of office supplies in a cardboard box next to you.

    Not a good look.

    Get organized on the cheap with the Target Marketing Systems bamboo floor cabinet, offering a great natural wood grain finish, a spacious top drawer, and a large, divided shelf behind a glass door.

    I think this small bamboo standing cabinet is great for a home office as it isn’t too tall to fit beneath a desk that’s in sitting mode, but still tall enough to be in arm’s reach when you’re in standing mode.

    Best Bamboo Cabinet for the Kitchen

    I’m sure you’re all as excited as I am to delve into the fascinating realm of alternative cabinet solutions, but let’s do a category for the folks about to figuratively or literally blow up their food room.

    Yes, the kitchen is the one and often only food room, and anyone who is bold enough to lay waste to such an important room in the name of home improvement has earned my deepest respect!

    Beautiful and modern, the SEKTION / MAXIMERA bamboo base cabinet from IKEA is a great choice for anyone looking to redo the kitchen. Not only is it good-looking, it’s got tons of variations so you can mix and match your way to storage paradise in your own style.

    The natural grain front of these drawers is nice and minimal without any need for additional hardware, which can be a real blessing if you don’t want to see crummy fingerprints on the metal handles and knobs.

    On top of that, drawers tend to have better potential for things that don’t fit into one another like dishes and bowls So, having a few cabinets with drawers instead of doors is a smart choice for stashing mixing utensils, measuring spoons, and other kitchen gear.

    Take a look over at the SEKTION / MAXIMERA product page!

    Best Bamboo Cabinet for the Bathroom

    I have never been a fan of the traditional medicine cabinets that you tend to see in homes across America, something about the bulky construction protruding out from above the sink always seemed clunky and awkward.

    The Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet by Bay Isle Home lets you keep your storage out of the way of your sink and mirror setup, while giving you a multifunctional piece of bamboo furniture complete with hand towel hanger!

    The shuttered door design is classic and the whole thing is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your shower steam damaging the lovely composite that makes up the entire construction.

    Additionally, there are light and dark color options if you need to match your existing bathroom furniture or simply have a personal preference for one or the other!

    See details on dimensions at the Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet product page.

    Best Standing Cabinet

    You don’t always want something that hangs on the wall to keep things in, maybe the layout in a room just doesn’t make sense for a wall cabinet or maybe there’s just a gap between your other furniture that you want to fill.

    For situations like these, a standing bamboo cabinet, or hutch as some people call them, is a great option. It doesn’t hurt that you don’t need to break your back mounting it on the wall either!

    The Gauna 2 Door Accent Cabinet by Foundry Select is a nice choice, giving you enclosed shelves on the bottom and exposed shelves on the top, letting you keep the things that need to be displayed in plain view and the clutter out of sight.

    The tight boards of this piece are really cool to look at, it gives the whole thing a sense of sturdiness, which is definitely a quality you want your standalone furniture to have.

    Something that also caught my eye is the simple pull holes in the doors are a nice touch to avoid handles or knobs which can catch on anything brushing against the cabinet as you move past it.

    Check out the details over at the Gauna 2 Door Accent Cabinet product page!

    Best Bamboo Wall Cabinet

    While standard kitchen cabinets technically are wall cabinets, I wanted to include a less kitchen-oriented option on this list, something that doesn’t scream plates and mugs when you see it.

    My personal favorite of all the wall-mounted bamboo cabinets I saw was the Bamboo Natural Spa Wall Cabinet by Gallerie Decor, mostly because this particular one seemed to be the most versatile, both in terms of size and style.

    Size-wise, it’s a little taller than most of the other wall cabinets I saw, and that coupled with the fact that the shelf inside is adjustable means that you’re going to have a much easier time fitting everything you need into it.

    Style-wise, it’s got a really classic but still somehow funky look, with a slatted door and a nice edge that somewhat reminds me of baseboard moulding or trim. This cabinet wouldn’t look out of place in your living room or out in a poolside cabana!

    Scope out this neat piece at the Bamboo Natural Spa Wall Cabinet product page.

    Best Bamboo Storage Cabinet

    This one was actually really easy for me, because I’m a total sucker for anything that combines two items into one, especially if that combination is greater than the sum of its parts.

    Wayfair Bay Isle Home Whobrey bamboo cabinet
    Source: Wayfair

    The Bay Isle Home Whobrey bamboo cabinet hits that sweet spot perfectly with a bamboo cabinet for your entryway that doubles as a shelf to place your personal decor touches or keys!

    I’m sold.

    That being said, it’s not just a gimmick, this two-door accent cabinet is really beautiful to look at and has a strong, sturdy construction of light-colored bamboo complete with three side drawers.

    The three side drawers provide ample storage for keeping dust and dirt off your stuff and your room looking tidy.

    Best Raised Bamboo Cabinet

    This was an interesting category that I didn’t initially expect to include, but I eventually decided it needed to make the list.

    A raised cabinet is not used in very many circumstances because usually the person picking the cabinet either has the floor space or the wall space for a standing or wall-mounted cabinet.

    But there is that very special space that most people don’t think they’ll need much storage near, since you would (hopefully) be there with just you and your thoughts.

    I’m talking ‘bout the toilet.

    Yes indeed, the “raised cabinet” is a misdirect, this is a potty cabinet that is designed with the sole intention of sitting over the tank of your super bowl while a support is fitted behind the hot seat. So to speak.

    If you are an avid bathroom reader or maybe just don’t ever want to run out of toilet paper ever, ever again, check out the Linon Bamboo 2-Tier Wood Freestanding Bathroom Shelf to bring a whole new meaning to the term “water closet.”

    This beautiful commode cabinet is perfect for any throne room lacking in space for spare towels, TP, or air fresheners – all in a clean, natural bamboo finish.

    See the light over at the Linon Bamboo 2-Tier Wood Freestanding Bathroom Shelf product page!