Mike Bozee

Mike and Nolita created Bamboo Goods to provide resources for people looking to explore eco-friendly options for their home goods.

He is also the founder of Nut Free, a resource for those impacted by nut and peanut allergies.

Mike gets a kick out of performing improv comedy and loves finding ways to empower others with information for living their best lives.

Outdoor Bamboo Shades for Your Home

Family eating outside; outdoor bamboo shades

Outdoor bamboo shades are an excellent option for improving the natural look of your garden, patio, arbor, porch, deck, balcony exterior, or gazebo. You’ll love the versatile, eco-friendly benefits that bamboo has to offer. After all, bamboo is 21% stronger than steel. Talk about durability. Additionally, outdoor bamboo shades are often low-maintenance and there are

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Bamboo Curtains for Your Home

Girl reading on couch; bamboo curtains

So, you’re sitting there in your home at night. Curtains closed, blocking out the world around you. But wait. Do you know what you’re also blocking out? Nature. Enter the bamboo curtain. Why sacrifice your natural surrounds just because it’s nighttime? Allow yourself to embrace the calm and beauty that bamboo brings. Wake up to

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