Bamboo Cutting Boards Preparing Your Meals

Man cutting food; bamboo cutting boards

How you prepare your food can make all the difference. I know it has for me personally.

Since my purchase of a bamboo cutting board during the summer of 2020, I’ve been cooking a whole lot more healthy foods. Vegetables galore. #teamsweetpotato

All kidding aside, I’m truly appreciative of my cutting board. And I know you’ll just love yours too.

As a preface, I want to stress the importance of bamboo cutting board care. Totally Bamboo provides a helpful resource for caring for bamboo products. Who doesn't love a long product lifespan?

Here are a quick handful of general best practices to get you started:

  • Hand-wash only. Dishwashers cause splintering.
  • Treat with oil from time to time. Mainly whenever the board appears dry. Royal Craft Wood food grade mineral oil is a great option.
  • Do not soak your cutting board for prolonged periods of time.

If you're looking for a full-on butcher block, don't worry. We have you covered. Check out our article on the best bamboo countertops and butcher blocks.

Ready? Great! Let’s jump right into my top picks.

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    Best Overall

    You want the best. The most durable, reliable, and beautiful. Well, look no further.

    Royal Craft Wood brings you an elegant assortment of bamboo cutting boards.

    Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Bulk Cutting Board
    Source: Royal Craft Wood

    I personally have owned their Large Cutting Board style since the summer of 2020. And I haven’t looked back. As a nice touch, I appreciated that the Royal Craft Wood company owner sent me a thank-you note months after I received the product.

    Mike's Royal bamboo cutting board

    Admittedly, my board could use some of that oil I was talking about!

    You’ll appreciate the premium style of these boards, as there are made entirely out of carefully selected 100% bamboo.

    What what’s great? You can get the best of this brand by exploring all their varieties in a one-stop shop. View their entire collection of cutting boards to see for yourself.

    Best Bamboo Cutting Board Set

    Royal Craft Wood also offers its cutting boards in sets.

    In case one isn't enough for you, sets come in 2, 3, 4, and 5.

    Royal Craft Wood bamboo cutting board 3 set
    Source: Royal Craft Wood

    You’ll just love the Royal Craft Wood sets. They're a fine addition to your kitchen routine:

    • Thick, sturdy, durable, and gorgeous
    • Deep built-in juice grooves
    • Built-in handles
    • Double-sided design
    • Water and odor resistant

    Take away the guesswork, and give yourself the gift of budget-friendly luxury. You’ll be well-stocked for all your food prep needs.

    I’m personally a big fan of extra-large cutting boards. But do also appreciate having a couple of smaller options on hand for those simple dishes.

    Best Giftable

    Totally Bamboo Texas-shaped bamboo cutting board
    Source: Totally Bamboo
    Source: Totally Bamboo
    Source: Totally Bamboo

    Totally Bamboo has a wide selection of bamboo cutting boards, perfect for a multitude of occasions and tastes.

    Take a look over at the Totally Bamboo cutting boards collection page.

    I want to specifically call your attention to the ridiculously giftable shaped cutting boards collection. Need I say more?

    From paw prints to ukuleles, Totally Bamboo has you covered. You’ll even find a whale tail in there somewhere!

    Got a sports lover or state loyalist on your list? Boom. Here’s your place.

    I personally like the pineapple-shaped bamboo serving and cutting board. Add that Hawaiin flare to your loved one’s kitchen. Bet they’ll always think of you when meal prepping and serving.

    Take note of Totally Bamboo’s care instructions for bamboo cutting boards. You (and your loved one) will be glad you did.


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