Bamboo Chair Mats for Your Home Office

Man with dog in home office; bamboo chair mats

A great bamboo chair mat serves as a functional accessory that adds a fancy, organic charm to any office space.

Whether you’re working from home or working in the office these days, the addition of a bamboo mat underneath your desk will surely bring a bit of warmth and relaxation to days of back-to-back meetings and endless email threads.

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    What Are Bamboo Chair Mats?

    Bamboo chair mats are a great way to protect your floors from damage such as scuffs, stains, or spills.

    If you’re rolling an office chair around on a rougher or lumpier surface like carpet, a chair mat can make it much easier to maneuver around your workspace.

    Why You Should Use a Bamboo Chair Mat

    When looking to add a chair mat to your workspace, opt for bamboo. Not only will it be a gorgeous addition proving a calming zen after even the most frustrating meetings, but bamboo is also environmentally friendly, and incredibly so when compared with the materials of other popular floor mats.

    Bamboo is an incredibly eco-friendly material that yields 20 times more timber than trees while requiring 33% less water. While many chair mats are made of plastic, bamboo chair mats have the edge of being biodegradable once you’re done with them.

    Bamboo is also super strong; 21% stronger than steel in fact! Larger mats can be used to protect your floors from your heavy desk in addition to your rolly chair.

    The elegance and warm touch of a bamboo chair mat will bring comfort to any space while shielding your floors from any wear and tear.

    These are absolutely perfect if you’re renting and are concerned about getting your safety deposit back.

    How to Use a Bamboo Chair Mat

    Many bamboo chair mats come with felt backing or non-slip grippers to prevent slipping and sliding around. Installation instructions will differ from mat to mat.

    Look for one with rounded edges for your convenience. Those rounded edges will allow you to roll easily on and off the mat, making your life oh so much easier when you need to roll to the kitchen for a midday snack but may be feeling too burnt out to walk.

    Some mats may cause instability and wobbling so you might want to find one with a “lip” or “tongue.” This extends from the rectangular chair mat into the area beneath your desk. So if you’re a shoes-in-the-house kind of person (no judgment here) you can swing or rest your feet without scratching your floor.

    What to Consider When Buying a Bamboo Chair Mat

    Bamboo chair mats are great on both carpeted or hard floors like wood or concrete.

    Many bamboo chair mats roll up for easy storage and portability, perfect for apartment dwellers who may want to pack up their workspace at the end of the day or move frequently.

    Add a bamboo chair mat to your workspace for convenience, aesthetics, and protection.