Bamboo Yarn for Your Knitting Projects

Bamboo yarn and knitting needles

While bamboo yarn is relatively fresh on the crafting scene, makers new or seasoned are seamlessly incorporating this incredible material into their projects.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to competitor materials and has soft, breathable qualities that will bring an extra touch of grandeur to whatever you knit or crochet.

Add bamboo yarn to your craft box for a fun, new twist to centuries-old crafts.

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    What Is Bamboo Yarn?

    Bamboo yarn is spun from distilled glucose derived from bamboo plants. Bamboo is an incredibly eco-friendly alternative to other yarn materials such as cotton or silk.

    Compared to timber, bamboo requires 33% less oxygen to grow. The parts needed for bamboo yarn can even be harvested from the bamboo plant without destroying or killing the plant.

    Bamboo is incredibly strong and whatever incredible creation you choose to make with bamboo yarn will last you a very long time. Bamboo plants are 21% stronger than steel.

    Many bamboo yarns achieve their vibrant colors from natural dyes as well. When not mixed with synthetic fibers such as acrylic, bamboo yarn can be biodegradable. Yarn made with bamboo fibers tends to have hypoallergenic qualities, which is an added perk if you’re making a piece for someone in your life with sensitive skin.

    Bamboo is a natural product that will feel amazing in your pieces and make you feel amazing about choosing a material that’s better for the environment.

    Benefits of Bamboo Yarn

    Bamboo fibers can be softer than silk and more breathable than cotton. The addition of bamboo yarn to any project is a recipe for velvety coziness.

    Since bamboo is strong and flexible, it processes into a soft and durable yarn.

    Since some bamboo yarns are UV treated, some of your projects may protect your skin from harmful sun rays.

    What Is Bamboo Yarn Good For?

    The breathable qualities of bamboo make this yarn great for clothing projects. In addition to moisture-wicking, bamboo does a great job at temperature regulation. This means it will keep you warm during cold months and cool during hot months.

    Yarns made from bamboo fibers have a shiny luster, providing your projects with a luxurious look and feel.

    Bamboo yarn is easy to work with so it is suitable for many projects for crafters of all levels.

    How to Choose Bamboo Yarn

    Pick a skein of bamboo yarn and pair it with your favorite bamboo knitting needles. Due to the nature of bamboo fibers, you will want to keep in mind that bamboo tends to shrink more than other materials when determining thickness and length.

    With all of these things in mind, picking a bamboo yarn for your next project should be a no-brainer. Available in different colors and sizes, bamboo yarn is an easy choice guaranteed to elevate your creations.

    Whether you’re crocheting a temperature blanket or knitting a new sweater, be sure to reach for a skein of bamboo yarn.