Bamboo Mattress Pads for a Cool Night’s Sleep

Woman reading in bed; bamboo mattress pad

Looking to improve your night’s sleep on a budget? A bamboo mattress pad can be a cost-effective way to upgrade a mattress that is no longer working for you.

As time goes on, mattresses wear down and lose shape while their owners’ sleep styles often change.

Mattress pads can add several years to the life of your mattress, solving any pains your sinking mattress may be causing and relieving your wallet from the pain of dropping a couple of hundred dollars on a brand new mattress.

You spend a third of your life sleeping (and some of us just spend a lot of extra time laying in bed on our phones). Why not treat yourself to a bamboo mattress pad for some extra pillowy comfort?

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    What Are Bamboo Mattress Pads?

    Bamboo is an extremely eco-friendly alternative to other mattress pad materials like wool, feathers, memory foam, cotton, or latex. Bamboo grows 4-7 times faster than trees while wielding 20 times the timber. As they grow, bamboo plants require 33% less water while producing 35% more oxygen.

    Bamboo can also be softer on your skin than cotton.

    In fact, 100% bamboo mattress covers have thermal controlling properties that will keep you warm in the cold months and cool in the hot months making them perfect for the entire year. This also makes bamboo pads a great option for those who experience heat flashes. Pair with a bamboo comforter and pillow to get an incredible, temperature-controlled night's sleep.

    When you’re done with your mattress topper, you’ll be happy to know that 100% bamboo products are biodegradable.

    Why You Should Use a Bamboo Mattress Pad

    As a recent college grad living in a tiny apartment, I often feel strapped for cash. Mattresses are an investment that can put a huge dent in your wallet. With a mattress pad, you have an affordable solution that can extend the life of your current worn-down mattress and protect the lifespan of your bed springs.

    If you get lent a mattress that’s too firm, your mattress pad is a great option for adapting it to be softer.

    Your sleep preferences can also change over time so a bamboo mattress pad can provide you more comfort than your mattress alone can.

    Mattress pads can be especially helpful if you’re sharing a bed with someone who has a different sleep style than you. Whoever prefers a more plushy experience can insert a mattress pad beneath a fitted sheet or blanket.

    If you’re a camper or outdoorsy type, you can slip it under your sleeping bag to give you some cushion between your back and pinecones and rocks – giving you super comfy sleep under the stars.

    Parents of children prone to spills or accidents might also want to protect their mattresses with a bamboo mattress cover.

    How to Use a Bamboo Mattress Pad

    Most bamboo mattress toppers are not machine washable (as prolonged soaking can lead to mold or swelling of the bamboo fibers) so you’ll want to spot clean your mattress pads with mild soap and a damp towel.

    Some may be able to be washed, but you’ll have to check your manufacturer's tag to be sure.

    What to Consider When Buying a Bamboo Mattress Pad

    More or thicker is not necessarily better! A good general rule to go by is: back sleepers will enjoy a firmer mattress topper since they offer better spine support while side sleepers will prefer a cushier mattress cover. Someone who likes sleeping on their stomach will also probably prefer a firmer, more sturdy mattress topper that won’t sink in and mess with their spine alignment.

    Though these are general guidelines and preferences can obviously differ from person to person.