Bamboo Pillows for a Restful Night’s Sleep

Woman resting in bed on pillow; bamboo pillow

Everyone has a favorite pillow.

Sometimes the relationship is complicated.

Maybe the pillow is getting lumpy but you spent a lot on it five years ago. Maybe the pillow is too hard but you are convinced it may one day solve neck pain.

I have done some research for you, dear reader, to help you find your new favorite pillow.

Better yet, we will make this a bamboo pillow!

Bamboo works wonders for materials we want to be soft and breathable.

Worried about night sweats? Bamboo is breathable and hypoallergenic.

Crazy about comfort? Bamboo is softer than traditional bedding fabrics.

Looking for the long-term? Bamboo is stronger than cotton.

Now we all have different sleep styles. Read on for my picks on the best bamboo pillows to guide you to the best night of sleep.

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    Best Overall

    For the overall category of bamboo pillows, we have a lot of options on the menu! To find the best bamboo pillow, I factored in the cost, reviews, and benefits of each product.

    And so we begin with the Original Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow by SnugglePedic.

    SnugglePedic Original Bamboo Pillow
    Source: SnugglePedic

    Size and Feel

    Available in Standard size, Queen size, and King size, this pillow has options.

    The memory foam provides a firm and supportive feel while the hypoallergenic down alternative fill adds a cloud-like aspect to the comfort.

    The Inside

    The signature Cloud-Coated shredded foam allows for internal micro air pockets to allow airflow from within and through the pillow.

    This creates a pillow with maximum breathability and temperature regulation control.

    With a hypoallergenic down alternative fill, you can be assured you get a luxurious feel while keeping allergens at bay.

    The pillow itself is fully machine washable for ease of use and maintenance.

    The Cover

    The Kool-Flow premium bamboo cover is made up of micro vented fabric. This lends a soft feel and providers a cool night’s sleep to those of us who heat up at night.

    All materials are tested and certified as non-toxic. The pillow is both Certi-PUR-certified as well as GreenGuard Gold-Certified.

    Backed by great reviews, check out my top pick, the Original Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow by SnugglePedic!

    Softest Bamboo Pillow

    Calling all soft pillow lovers! If you are looking for a cloud-like pillow that is ultra-soft and breathable, then the Cozy House Luxury Bamboo Pillow is for you.

    Cozy House Luxury Bamboo Pillow
    Source: Cozy House

    Size and Feel

    This bamboo memory foam pillow is available in Standard/Queen size and King size.

    The pillow is unique in that it is fully adjustable. Adjustable? Yes, you can actually unzip and add or remove some of the memory foam to suit your ideal level of support.

    The Inside

    The inside is filled with high-density shredded memory foam. Wrapped outside of that layer is adaptive transition foam. Together, they provide lasting structure and support while maintaining exceptional softness.

    The Cover

    The exterior is a hypoallergenic removable and washable bamboo case.

    This pillow is CertiPur-US Certified so you can feel good about a lasting eco-friendly product.

    Cozy House Collection offers a 100%, 90-day money-back guarantee.

    To see my softest pick, head over to the Cozy House product page for the Luxury Bamboo Pillow.

    Most Breathable Bamboo Pillow

    If you spend your nights with your face in or on the pillow you will understand the necessity of a breathable pillow. Cariloha Air Pillow to the rescue.

    Cariloha Bamboo Air Pillow
    Source: Cariloha

    Size and Feel

    The Cariloha Air Pillow features a unique perforated design that allows air to flow between you and the pillow. The result? A consistent and cool night’s sleep.

    Cariloha offers two sizes in the pillow: King size and Standard size.

    The Inside

    The bamboo charcoal memory foam performs as a breathable material, and works to wick moisture as well!

    This keeps you about 3 degrees cooler than other bedding fabrics would!

    The Cover

    The removable and washable cover is a blend of viscose from bamboo and polyester.

    Cariloha has some pretty impressive environmental standards. The bamboo pillow memory foam meets CertiPUR-US standards and the company has won a few awards for its green practices!

    This product is also Fair Trade Certified.

    Best Cooling Bamboo Pillow

    One of my biggest roadblocks to falling asleep is how hot it gets. I am always dreaming about the cool side of the pillow.

    Rather than flipping the pillow and fanning down the room, I suggest a more preventative method to getting a cool night’s sleep.

    The Cariloha Gel Pillow is just what us hotties need to rest well.

    Cariloha Bamboo Gel Pillow
    Source: Cariloha

    Size and Feel

    This pick has a medium firmness and is available in both Standard size and King size.

    The Inside

    The fill is 100% bamboo charcoal memory foam with cooling gel. Perforation in the foam assists with maximizing airflow.

    Most companies have a blend on the inside but Cariloha does not do any messing around. You are getting as much bamboo as you can in these pillows.

    The charcoal works as a sidekick to bamboo. It works wonders in blocking odors!

    The Cover

    The soft cover is a viscose from bamboo and polyester blend. It is also fully removable and washable.

    If you have an eye for the eco-friendly, Cariloha has some pretty impressive environmental standards!

    Best Hypoallergenic Bamboo Pillow

    Pillows, sheets, and mattresses are a breeding ground for allergens.

    Starting with a hypoallergenic material like bamboo is a great preventative way to stop allergens from disrupting us in sleep and beyond!

    The Original bamboo pillow by Coop provides a clean and comfy bamboo pillow.

    Coop The Original bamboo pillow
    Source: Coop Home Goods

    Size and Feel

    This pillow is designed with comfort and support in mind. The fill is medium-firm but is adjustable.

    It is offered in Standard size, Queen size, and King size.

    The Inside

    The fill is memory foam and microfiber. Avoiding down materials and feathers is key in producing a reliable hypoallergenic pillow.

    The Cover

    To wrap it all up, the washable pillowcase is made with a bamboo blend from rayon.

    Bamboo allows for more breathability and clean comfort to enhance the benefits of the interior.

    Moving into the clean benefits, it is CertiPUR-US certified and GREENGUARD Gold certified.

    Seeing both of these in one product has been rarer in my research. Clearly, Coop takes clean comfort seriously!

    Beyond all of that, this pillow is backed up by free shipping and a 100-night guarantee.

    See the product page for The Original bamboo pillow from Coop.

    Best Bamboo Pillow Set

    My bed is an array of pillows. One for the right leg. One for the side of the bed. Another for under my head. You get the picture.

    If you are looking to stock up on comfy bamboo memory foam pillows look no further than this set available on Amazon!

    Size and Feel

    Both pillows in the set are Queen size and provide an extra firm comfort feel.

    The Inside

    On the inside is a shredded memory foam that is designed to help keep you cool at night. There are no other fillers or materials inside.

    If you are a lover of memory foam, you may have found a winner here!

    The Cover

    The case is made with bamboo rayon to provide a soft and breathable material. The case itself is fully removable and washable.

    This set comes very well-reviewed and offers a ten-year warranty.

    Best Budget

    We have gone over a lot of options on my list. A pillow for this, a pillow for that. Maybe you just need a pillow and you want it to be a bamboo pillow.

    Are you looking for bamboo on a budget? This is the best pick I have found for you for some real comfort without breaking the bank.

    Say hello to the Bamboo Pillow by Golden Quality Bedding.

    Size and Feel

    Size offerings range from Queen size to a Body pillow size. Golden Quality offers the pillows in two packs as well!

    The firmness is at a firm to extra firm.

    The Inside

    The Bamboo Pillow by Golden Quality Bedding has memory foam natural traction support for those of us looking to protect our spine health. Comfort? Check.

    The Cover

    The bamboo fabric case is machine washable, breathable, and dust-mite resistant. Cleanliness and coolness? Check.

    Reviews back this pillow up as a good product for the cost!

    Best Bamboo Pillow for Kids

    I like to get things fun-sized. I pretend there is a kid in my car so I can get the child-sized amount of ice cream I want at my adult age. Miniature things are adorable to me.

    So what I am saying is if you are shopping for a little one or not, check out this perfectly portioned pillow.

    Many of the bamboo pillows I have found as marketed towards kids in my research were not very well-reviewed.

    I am offering a creative solution to you with this COMFYT memory foam pillow. The price, I promise, is still on the fun-sized side.

    COMFYT memory foam bamboo pillow
    Source: Wayfair

    Size and Feel

    The Shredded Memory Foam Plush Support Pillow by COMFYT is ideal for a small-sized pillow for travel or for kids.

    This memory foam bamboo pillow is sized at ‘Standard’ (3” W x 30” L).

    It has a plush comfort level.

    The Inside

    Inside the pillow is 50D high-density space memory foam, which is fully removable should you wish to adjust your firmness level.

    To beat the heat, there is an extra gel-infused layer to increase comfort and add structure.

    The Cover

    The cover is fully bamboo from rayon and may be removed to be machine washed.

    Lastly, this is an eco-friendly find, it is Oeko-tex certified.

    People of all ages, head to the Wayfair product page to see the COMFYT memory foam bamboo pillow!

    Best Long Bamboo Pillow

    Looking for a body pillow or just to level-up your bamboo bed?

    The Alwyn Home bamboo memory foam pillow boasts many features unique from most I have come across in my research.

    Alwyn Home memory foam bamboo pillow
    Source: Wayfair

    Size and Feel

    The pillow is 20” W x 54” L with a thickness of 8”.

    Perfect for hugging or sleeping on at night. Side sleepers, this is the key to a great night of sleep!

    The feel is medium, perfect for some structure without too much give.

    The Inside

    The fill material features a blend of memory foam and polyester.

    The memory foam responds to your body temperature and shape to create a customized comfort!

    The Cover

    The fabric on the outside is made with rayon from bamboo and aloe vera to give an extra feeling of a cooling and soothing surface.

    This bamboo memory foam pillow is ideal for not only sleeping but for lounging as well. It works really well as a support pillow for reading or watching television.

    Cozy up to the Long Bamboo Aloe Vera Memory Foam Pillow by Alwyn Home!

    Wrap Up

    There you have it!

    Bamboo brings the best to bedding.

    It is a cooing, hypoallergenic, soft, and durable material. No matter which pillow you pick, you will experience a whole new kind of comfort in your sleep.

    See our articles on the best bamboo sheets, best bamboo mattresses, and best bamboo blankets if you are looking to pair your pillow with more of the best.

    Sweet dreams!