Bamboo Chairs for Your Home

Girl sitting at home; bamboo chairs

A statement chair makes a world of difference in your living space. Especially a bamboo chair.

Chairs made from bamboo bring you comfort and class while blending seamlessly into both modern and rustically furnished homes.

Not only will you love the way bamboo looks in your house, but you’ll also love the fact that your furniture is made of such a sustainable material. Bamboo grows 4-7 times faster than trees using 33% less water while producing 35% more oxygen and is 100% biodegradable. During its entire life cycle bamboo is working hard to be eco-friendly.

On top of that, bamboo is 21% stronger than steel. Your bamboo chairs will be strong, sturdy, and resistant to damage. Invest in comfort that will last you for years.

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    Best Overall

    Glitzhome 32 in. H Contoured Natural Bamboo Rocking Chair

    This rocking chair combines the comfort of your grandma’s house with the sleek and stylish appearance of your mid-century dream home.

    Add this to your porch for a perfectly polished look or toss your jean jacket aside and get cozy in this contoured bamboo seat next to the fireplace. With a weight capacity of 250 pounds and adorned with felt mats to keep those curvy gliders from bothering your downstairs neighbors or scratching your floor, you’ll find yourself rocking for hours.

    Best Budget Bamboo Chair

    AGEN Armchair, rattan/bamboo
    This bamboo chair is an absolute steal. The hand-woven rattan just inspires reading near the window on a rainy day.

    With its vintage look and natural color, this armchair will bring warmth to any room you add it to.

    A big perk for me as an apartment dweller? It is incredibly lightweight and easy to move.

    Best Outdoor Bamboo Chair

    Ktaxon Foldable Bamboo Folding Chair
    These bamboo outdoor folding chairs will leave you smiling. Lightweight and foldable, storing and transporting these fun seats is incredibly easy.

    Slatted seats make these bamboo chairs ridiculously comfortable. Made from 100% bamboo and having moisture-resistant qualities, these folding chairs will withstand the elements during a picnic, camping trip, day at the beach, or even an outdoor wedding.

    A lacquer finish makes its smooth surfaces easy to clean. These adorable little chairs will brighten up your life and give you a place to rest while on the go.

    Best Bamboo Dining Chair

    VOXLÖV Chair, light bamboo

    This light and lovely bamboo chair is the perfect dining table chair. Settle into this woven seat for your family meal or a fun game night.

    These bamboo legs will provide you an immense amount of support while your torso cozies up in a perfectly curved back.

    This adorable and simple chair made from sustainable materials will give your dining table a warm pop.

    Best Bamboo Lounging Chair

    Arlmont & Co. Large Bamboo Rocking Chair Chaise Lounger Recliner

    Looking to relax? Look no further. This large bamboo has almost anything you could need to turn your home into a spa.

    This sweet slatted lounger reclines to five different angles, allowing you to relax the perfect amount. With armrests, a headrest, and a footrest equipped with rolling balls for massaging your feet to promote blood circulation, you’ll be able to give yourself the rest you deserve.

    No special occasion is needed for using this magical piece of furniture. Keep it in your garden to watch the birds, on your deck for tanning, or in your living room to watch your favorite show.

    This strong bamboo furniture can handle up to 440 pounds, use the rocking function to rock yourself and your baby (or fur baby) to sleep.

    The best part? For those with smaller living spaces or those who are located in places with harsher cold months, the foldable design allows you to fold this bamboo chair down flat for storage and transport made easy.

    Best Bamboo Rocking Chair

    Corrigan Studio Southa Rocking Chair
    A big benefit of bamboo’s natural color is that bamboo furniture easily blends into modern, mid-century, and vintage homes.

    This breathtaking rocking chair comes in a natural bamboo or dark walnut finish. With an ergonomic backrest and armrest, you’ll be able to rock yourself into a restful state.

    The bamboo wood surface is smooth to the touch and comes with a cushion pad seat to provide additional comfort.

    With the legs at a 20-degree rocking angle and a weight capacity of 260 pounds, this rocking chair can be enjoyed by nearly anyone.

    Add this classy rocking chair to your living room or bedroom for a stunning statement piece.

    Honorable Mention

    Bay Isle Home Ventimiglia Bamboo Patio Chair

    This large bamboo patio chair is inspired by your deepest tropical dreams. Made from bamboo and rattan and adorned with a large cushion and four pillows, you can expect a sturdy yet cozy place to lounge.

    Thoughtfully shaped in a large round, curl up with your favorite book or sprawl out for an afternoon nap in the sun.

    Adding this gorgeous bamboo chair to your outdoor space or living room will definitely give you that luxury feel.

    Oh, did I mention it comes in a variety of colors? From royal blue to natural bamboo finishes, this chair will blend perfectly into your home’s aesthetic.