Bamboo Outdoor Furniture: Your Garden and Patio’s New Best Friend

Bamboo outdoor furniture chairs

Have you noticed that the way we use our backyards and gardens has evolved over time? When I was a kid it was an event if the deckchairs came out of the shed!

But now our gardens are no longer spaces reserved purely for the kids to run around in. Or even to grow veggies – although that is coming back into fashion. 

Now we demand much more from our outdoor space. We want our garden to be an outdoor haven of peace and tranquillity. A mini-retreat on our doorstep.

Think about your yard right now. Is it everything you want it to be?

Or are you struggling to convince yourself that a couple of faded plastic chairs will be ok for yet another summer?

If so, why not invest in some lush bamboo garden furniture to create the perfect home oasis?

Easy to say, but, with so many options available, where do you start? First, let’s take a look at the benefits of choosing bamboo garden furniture.

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    Why Bamboo Is a Good Material for Outdoor Garden Furniture?

    I don’t know about you, but when I think about buying garden furniture, I’m not only concerned with how it looks… I’m wondering how long it will last too.

    Whilst plastics and synthetic materials may look great at first, the sun will soon fade them to a shadow of their former glory. Rattan furniture is popular, but if not cared for properly it will also soon lose its appeal. And, if you get a fair amount of rain like we do here in the UK, then you’ll most likely want to avoid softwoods such as pine too.

    So what’s so special about bamboo?

    It’s Durable

    Bamboo furniture is amongst the most durable garden furniture. Just because it's not heavy, doesn’t mean it's not strong.

    Although bamboo is considered to be a lightweight material, it’s actually 2-3 times stronger than most timber – including hardwood. In fact, it’s so strong that the construction industry is even exploring how it can replace steel in the structure of some buildings!

    Having no knots means no weak spots. That means bamboo can withstand high levels of stress. Woodworkers love it because of its compressive and bending strength.

    Bamboo Plays Nice With the Sun… and the Rain

    Most of us will want to uncover our garden furniture during the first warm days of Spring and leave it in situ until the late Autumn chill finally drives us indoors. In the right conditions, bamboo furniture will resist moisture and sun damage for years.

    Bamboo naturally has its own layer of silica which protects it from the elements and makes it water-resistant. Over time this will erode, but implementing a simple care routine can prolong its resistance to the elements. We’ll talk more about that later.

    It looks AMAZING!!

    What’s not to love about the look of bamboo furniture? Seriously…. Bamboo garden furniture fits with the natural outdoor environment perfectly. Vibes of a Caribbean beachside bar, an elegant Japanese garden, or anything else you choose to create, and bamboo will fit right in.

    Want to find out what else we love about bamboo? Check out our Why Bamboo page.

    OK, we’ve established that bamboo is a perfect choice of material, but what should you think about before you start waving your credit card around?

    How to Decide What Bamboo Garden Furniture To Buy

    What’s the Main Purpose?

    We know you’re going to fall in love with lots of bamboo furniture as soon as you see it. So it’s a good idea to have your objective clear in your mind. What do you see yourself using it for most

    • Family time?
    • Entertaining?
    • Dining al fresco?
    • Relaxing?

    Understanding the main function of your outdoor furniture will help you see the bamboo for the trees. For example, how often do you imagine you’ll be eating outside? If that’s the main activity, you could think about a dining set. If your answer is “hardly ever,” then perhaps low seating is a better idea.

    How Much Space Do You Have?

    This is a biggie. Furniture of any kind always looks smaller in the showroom. Measure your outdoor space or patio and be realistic about how much of it you can give over to furniture. You don’t want your space to look crowded. Less is definitely more.

    How Many Seats Will You Need?

    This may sound obvious. Of course, if you have 4 in your family you’ll need at least 4 seats. But do you regularly entertain your wider family or groups of friends? Or can you supplement your permanent bamboo furniture with a few folding chairs for your only annual gathering?

    What’s Your Budget?

    Much less fun, but no less essential. Be honest with yourself about how much you can spend. We all know that better quality usually comes at a higher price, so take your time and choose wisely.

    Whilst it might not be practical to purchase a dining set in stages, buying a couple of quality items for a lounge area that you can add to later could be a way of spreading the cost.

    To help you decide what you need, let’s look at some of the popular options available…

    What Types of Outdoor Furniture Are Available?

    As bamboo grows in popularity as a material, so does the number of products we have to choose from.

    Dining Table and Chairs

    Do you cook up a storm on the barbecue? Do you spend more time eating outdoors than inside during the summer? Then a stylish bamboo dining set is a must.

    Need to keep the children in one place but still make the best of the weather? Then a more formal eating arrangement is definitely for you.

    Choose from a stunning range of chairs, benches, and tables to turn your patio into an inviting outdoor dining room.

    Couches and Modular Seating

    Do you love a late-night chat around the firepit? Or having the neighbors over for a few drinks at the weekend? Then a corner sofa or some low modular seating will fit the bill perfectly.


    No seating area is complete without a low table or two to rest your morning coffee, magazine, or evening glass of wine on. Choose round, rectangular, or square designs to compliment your setting.


    The ultimate summer luxury. If relaxation is your priority, why not treat yourself to a beautiful bamboo sunlounger or sunbed? Imagine finishing work and spending some quality time propped up on your lounger enjoying a good book. The perfect staycation!


    Decided on your bamboo garden furniture? Great, why not add some bamboo accessories such as trays, outdoor lighting, or a couple of bamboo blankets for when the evenings get chilly?

    How to Dress Your Outdoor Space

    Looking for inspiration on how to arrange your outdoor furniture to maximize your space and enjoyment? Check out our Bamboo Outdoor Furniture Pinterest board for some inspiration:

    DIY Bamboo Furniture

    If you can get hold of some large lengths of bamboo, why not have a go at making your own bamboo furniture? It might take some practice, but the results can be stunning.

    Check out this video demonstration of how to make a beautiful bamboo stool:

    How to Protect Your Bamboo Garden Furniture

    Bamboo is resilient to the effects of being outdoors, we’ve already established that. But treating your bamboo furniture with care will keep it looking amazing for a decade or more. Here are a few tips:

    • Wipe your furniture with good-quality mineral oil or linseed oil to retain its resistance to moisture and sunlight. Applied regularly (every 1 – 2 months) this can increase the life of your furniture by years.
    • Protect your bamboo furniture from direct sunlight when not in use.
    • Keep your furniture out of the range of sprinklers and use a waterproof cover to protect from rain when you can.
    • If you have space to store your furniture indoors during winter, that’s a good idea too.