Bamboo Serving Trays for Hosting and Organization

Breakfast in bed on bamboo serving tray

If you’re anything like me you probably have endless uses for trays and platters. A quick look at Pinterest will show you how you can use a bamboo tray to create a spa-like master bathroom, a sustainably styled kitchen, or a functional design for your ottoman so you never have to search for remotes again.

Whether you’re hoping to impress your friends at your next cocktail party or just want something to hold your mail, we’ve found a bamboo tray for you.

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    Why Choose a Bamboo Serving Tray

    When you’re shopping for home decor be sure to consider bamboo. Products made from bamboo are sustainable because bamboo is a renewable resource and uses much less water and no pesticides to grow.

    When shopping for our homes, it’s essential to consider the impact on the environment. Bamboo is a great choice because it’s stylish and durable while being eco-friendly.

    Along with being a great choice for the environment, trays made from bamboo are typically lighter weight than hardwoods. This is ideal if you know you’ll be carrying yours piled high with heavy coffee cups or cocktail glasses.

    Bamboo serving trays are sustainable, stylish, and can add much-needed organization and function to your home.

    What to Consider When Buying a Bamboo Tray

    Design and Function

    There are a wide variety of designs to choose from when looking for your bamboo tray so you’ll want to think about how you’ll be using it.

    When planning to serve food and drinks, look for trays that are lightweight and easy to carry. Be sure to choose a tray that’s easy to clean so you won’t have to worry when your kids spill their freshly poured lemonade.

    Bamboo serving trays are often used for displaying decor on ottomans or countertops. They work great as a little base to showcase special items. If this is what you’re looking for you’ll want to consider the type of items you want to contain and find a tray that compliments your style. I recommend a tray with low sides to prevent candles or remotes from sliding off.

    Size and Shape

    Once you know what you’ll use your bamboo tray or board for, you need to choose the size and shape that’s right for your space.

    Round bamboo trays work well for ottomans and or as table centerpieces because they make everything so easy to reach. They also bring a more organic design element when paired with books and furniture.

    You’ll also need to think about storage when choosing the size if you aren’t going to be leaving your tray out for daily use. Do you have a space big enough to keep your tray? If closet space is hard to find consider a wall to hang it on until you need it again.

    Care and Maintenance of Bamboo Trays

    Once you experience the beauty of bamboo trays, you’ll want to make them last by caring for them properly.

    Most serving trays can be cleaned easily by wiping them with a damp cloth. If you need a deeper clean or are using your trays as platters for snacks, you can hand wash them with soap and water as needed. Be sure to dry them completely to prevent any water damage to finishes or embellishments.

    If your tray doesn’t have a protective finish and starts to look a bit dry, you’ll want to follow up with a food-grade mineral oil treatment to keep the board from splitting. Wipe the oil on with a soft cloth and allow it to air dry before your next use.

    Of course, you’ll always want to check with the manufacturer for specific care and maintenance instructions.

    Bamboo Trays for Every Need

    Once you find your perfect bamboo tray it will be hard to stop yourself from buying every shape and size. From creating a drink station to corralling coloring crayons, there’s a bamboo tray to meet all your needs.

    Best Bamboo Serving Trays

    Even when you know what type of tray you need and what you’ll use it for, it can be tough to pick the perfect bamboo tray for your home. I’ve pulled together some of my favorites to help you find the right bamboo tray for your space.

    Best Overall

    This set of two Bamboo Nesting Trays from Comfify is my overall pick for the best bamboo serving tray because of the value and design. You’ll receive two different sizes and can choose from a dark or classic bamboo finish.

    Comfify bamboo trays
    Source: Comfify

    The trays fit together perfectly when not in use saving you valuable storage space.

    The metal handles add a modern touch and make them useful for carrying condiments to the deck. I love the rectangular shape for displaying a stack of books on my bedside table.

    Best Round

    A round bamboo platter can be the perfect finishing touch to your living room or kitchen countertop. I love the size and rattan quality of this bamboo serving tray with handles.

    Wayfair Bay Isle Home Netherton rattan bamboo serving tray
    Source: Wayfair

    The solid handles make this tray ideal for serving hors d'oeuvres on your Sunday brunch. Plus you won’t have to worry about the awkward corners crowding your space.

    With an 11” diameter and 1.5” sides, this tray is also perfect for containing small items like living room decor or kitchen essentials. Keeping them all together makes your space seem tidy and intentional so you finally feel like a true grownup.

    Best Multi-Use

    With handles, low sides and folding legs, the LaGrange Tray by August Grove is super versatile for serving snacks and drinks. Even better, use it as a tray for your laptop while working from the comfort of your couch.

    Wayfair August Grove LaGrange bamboo serving tray
    Source: Wayfair

    Imagine propping your feet up during your next Zoom meeting – your coffee is easy to reach, your camera is eye level, and your pajama-clad legs are hidden from view.

    You’ll also want to keep a couple of these bamboo trays on hand for movie nights at home. They’re the perfect design for serving pizza and popcorn for the whole family.

    Best Tray for Two

    For those lazy mornings reading in bed, I adore this Breakfast Tray for Two from Uncommon Goods. The shape and handles give it a true bed and breakfast vibe. And the removable sections will keep your hungry partner from stealing your croissant.

    Uncommon Goods bamboo breakfast tray for two
    Source: Uncommon Goods

    This tray is handmade in Pennsylvania and includes handles for easy carrying with two nested plates for single servings. The small, but mighty size of 17″ x 12″ won’t crowd you when you’re getting cozy, but will give you plenty of space for coffee and your extra danish.

    Best Giftable

    You might be invited to a lot more parties once you start gifting this personalized wood bamboo serving tray. The natural bamboo color combined with contrasting engraving will please even the most selective host. This tray will be used as a centerpiece for years to come.

    Etsy personalized bamboo serving tray
    Source: Etsy

    I love the universal size of 16 1/2″ x 9 3/4″ that will work for your bestie who loves to entertain or your sweet cousin who enjoys tiny house living. Choose from a variety of designs so no two trays are alike.

    Best for Display

    If you struggle choosing art as I do, don’t overlook the simple beauty of adding a decorative tray to help bring style to your space. I can’t stop staring at this Rectangle Bamboo Serving Tray from East Urban Home. I can picture this hanging on my wall, propped up on my counter, or even using it to add some clutter-free interest to my coffee table.

    Wayfair East Urban Home rectangle bamboo serving tray
    Source: Wayfair

    The large 18“ x 14” size and surprisingly lightweight (just 3 pounds!) make it an ideal serving tray. I love how the bold colors make it an eye-catching conversation piece. Being able to keep it on display means you’ll always be ready to serve summer cocktails.

    Best Under $15

    If you’re just starting your new bamboo tray collection (trust me, you’ll want a collection), this classic Bamboo Butler Serving Tray from Greenco is a great value with endless uses. It’s water-resistant, lightweight and the perfect size for simple serving needs.

    Source: Walmart

    At 16 ½” x 10 ½” it’s super portable and the wide, easy-to-grip handles make it comfortable to carry. I love to use this as a little platter for after school work snacks and it’s the perfect size for holding magazines or overdue library books.


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