Bamboo Fencing to Add Beauty to Your Yard

Person petting dog in yard; bamboo fencing

Robert Frost is often quoted as, “Good fences make good neighbors.”

While many of us are happy to say a friendly “hello” to our neighbors, having a quiet, private sanctuary is high up on most people’s wish lists.

So, let’s talk fences.

Bamboo fencing provides separation and privacy and allows us to express how we want to interact with our neighbors. Safe containment for kids and pets is a plus, while discouraging trespassers or unwanted foot traffic.

Fences can also feel unwelcoming and serve to divide us from our neighbors. They can highlight our humble home or provide an ugly yet functional barrier. Options abound in the fencing world.

What if you could gain privacy but also have a more natural, less stark barrier from the rest of the world?

Time for bamboo to enter the stage.

Choices among fencing materials vary in terms of privacy, durability, and attractiveness. These are often the larger variables in deciding how to wrap your home.

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    Why Bamboo Fencing?

    One of the many nice things about bamboo fencing is that you can buy it in rolls, panels, or woven.

    You can choose from split bamboo, thin reed-like bamboo stalks, jumbo reeds, or thick bamboo pipes. You can even opt for a privacy fence, go horizontal or vertical with the lines.

    Benefits of Bamboo Fencing

    1. Natural material: the look of bamboo fences blend into the outdoors better. Moreover, it is more pest-resistant.
    2. Durable: but proper care gets longer life from bamboo compared to other natural fence materials.
    3. Affordable: tends to be more affordable than other types of similar fencing.
    4. Easy installation: rolls and panels can be simpler to install.
    5. Variety: bamboo can be combined with other materials and can even be incorporated into existing fences!
    6. Flexibility: size, color, and style of bamboo material can vary widely and offer different style options. Bamboo is truly one of the most versatile materials on the planet.
    7. Attractive: it is a beautiful material! Stains, styles, and modifications allow you to find bamboo’s beauty.
    8. Eco-friendly: this may be the strongest argument yet! It is incredibly sustainable. Bamboo grows quickly, as it a grass. However, be sure to steer clear of bamboo options that contain formaldehyde and toxic glues.

    Bamboo is such a win-win product! It is practical, durable, affordable, and GOOD for the planet!

    Its natural appeal is warm and welcoming while its tight weave provides the privacy you want for a cozy sanctuary. If you prefer a more open weave – again, bamboo comes through with options!

    If you are looking for a resource to explore bamboo fences look no further than Forever Bamboo.

    Forever Bamboo offers an assortment of well-rated bamboo fencing options, as well as, tips for installation.

    Best Bamboo Privacy Fencing

    Best Overall

    Sturdy and sustainable, Forever Bamboo offers 8-foot fence rolls in 4-foot and 6-foot heights – and more. The tight weave gives that much-needed privacy.

    You can feel good that this fencing is good for the environment – it is free of toxic glues, pesticides, and formaldehydes that make some bamboo products less friendly to our planet.

    Runner-Up #1

    If you prefer a darker color scheme, Home Depot’s Caramel Brown Fence Panel may be just your style! This striking deep brown 6-foot fence offers plenty of privacy while making a statement in your neighborhood.

    You could use smaller sections for a “tiki” vibe. This fence can be cut to accommodate slopes and curves or whatever your individual needs.

    Moreover, this fence can be attached to cover existing chain link or other fence material. Indoor décor can be another option for this fence. It is budget-friendly. So, you are only limited by your imagination!

    See it for yourself on the Vigoro Caramel Brown Full Round Bamboo Fence product page.

    Runner-Up #2

    Let’s say you are a fan of clean, linear lines. Look no further than Wayfair’s 5-foot fence panel.

    This sleek fence provides a more traditional-looking fence line while still preserving the natural bamboo fibers in the slats. The deep brown conveys an almost “picket” style fence.

    Like other bamboo fences, this can be attached to existing fences, providing an easy way to update the look of your yard – AND leading to easier installation for you!

    Check it out on the World Source Partners Bamboo Fence Panel product page.

    Best Bamboo Fence Panels

    Traditional wood fences bring a more sophisticated and finished look to properties. Here, again bamboo delivers!

    Many fence panels will come beautifully crafted and designed. Lowe’s offers a variety of dimensions for consumers.

    Bayou Breeze has wood-framed bamboo panels in different sizes – 4ft x 3ft, 4ft x 1.5ft, 6ft x 3ft, and 4ft x 5.5ft. You will find the right size for your yard and garden.

    Learn more on the Bayou Breeze North Reading Fence Panel.

    Best Bamboo Fencing for Condos and Apartments

    Small space? Living in a high-rise condo or modest apartment? Fear not! There is a bamboo fence for you! Rolled fences work very well for balconies and small spaces with curves and corners.

    No need to crave those wide-open green spaces! Wake up to your own slice of mother Earth in your apartment outdoor space.

    Forever Bamboo sells a simple 3ft x 8ft rolled bamboo fence that will fit nicely on your apartment balcony. The strong, tight fibers of Tonkin bamboo provide a tasteful bit of the wild for your outdoor space.

    Let’s face it, condo living can be quite lacking in nature. A sturdy little bamboo fence gives you a touch of the outdoors while providing much-needed privacy.

    No matter what you are looking for to enclose your outdoor space – coverage for a large open yard, simple fencing for your life in suburbia, or privacy for your small corner of the world, bamboo has an option for you!