Rachel Jones

Rachel is an interior designer living in Santa Monica, California.

Since graduating with a BA in Philosophy, she found her calling in designing beautiful homes and indoor spaces. She believes in the future of a sustainable economy and loves when she can add beautiful bamboo goods to the spaces she decorates.

Getting to share her research with the Bamboo Goods readers is a real bonus. Here’s to making your home a beautiful space with bamboo goods.

Bamboo Floor Lamps for Your Home

Women petting dog on bed; bamboo floor lamps

From budget buys to artisanal handcrafted designs, bamboo floor lamps come in as many styles as you can imagine. When left unprocessed, bamboo is textured. Once processed, it turns into a smooth wooden-like fabric or paper. Bamboo paper can replace regular tree-derived paper, as is the case with bamboo paper lampshades. This is a great …

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Bamboo Drawer Organizers for Your Sustainable Home

Woman in home office; bamboo drawer organizers

What makes bamboo the best material for a drawer organizer? Bamboo is super lightweight and won’t add heaviness to your pull-out drawers. Because each drawer is differently sized, finding the right organizer can feel a little bit like playing the tile matching video game Tetris. But you’ve still got to find something to hold all …

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8 Best Bamboo Sunglasses (2021) by Category

Man sitting on chair outside wearing bamboo sunglasses

Who doesn’t want to look their best? Unfortunately, fast fashion is terrible for the environment and leaves more and more non-biodegradable plastics and chemicals in landfills. Companies are starting to realize that sustainability doesn’t have to be excluded in the world of consumerism. As I recently discovered with luxury bamboo sunglasses, sustainability is the new …

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6 Best Bamboo Bowls by Category

Couple cooking; bamboo bowls

Do you ever get tired of your bowls chipping after normal use? I know I do. That’s why I decided to see what’s available in the world of bamboo bowls. I found that bamboo bowls have a bunch of benefits over traditional porcelain, like being shatter and chip resistant, as well as eco-friendly. Perfect. Yes, …

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