Bamboo Floor Lamps for Your Home

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From budget buys to artisanal handcrafted designs, bamboo floor lamps come in as many styles as you can imagine.

When left unprocessed, bamboo is textured. Once processed, it turns into a smooth wooden-like fabric or paper.

Bamboo paper can replace regular tree-derived paper, as is the case with bamboo paper lampshades. This is a great environmental boost because bamboo requires 33% less water than trees.

Each lampshade design diffuses light differently.

But bamboo lampshades are not always made from bamboo paper! Some bamboo lampshades are solid bamboo. These types of designs include holes to filter light.

The cutout shapes typically surround a light source, like an LED light, a light bulb, or multiple light bulbs. From there, light passes through cutout shapes to decorate a room with confetti-like light.

Other bamboo lampshades are made from bamboo strips. For example, hand-crafted bamboo floor lamps are often designed from strategically placed strips of bamboo that create artistic patterns. This technique is used with standing structures as well as crisscross patterned lampshades.

Don't be fooled by imitators. Bamboo-shaped plastic is not real bamboo! Neither is bronze-painted metal.

All the products featured in this article are made using natural bamboo sources.

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    Best Overall

    Arturest Rustic Floor Lamp

    The Arturest Rustic Floor Lamp is made by hand and designed to be a lamp that acts as functional art for your living room, bedroom, restaurant, or business.

    It provides soft ambient lighting through its open lampshade, which is also made of bamboo.

    Strips of bamboo encircle a light fixture to create a barrier around its light source.

    The overall effect of this ambient lighting is warm and cozy. But, this lamp isn't just any old lamp. It also doubles as a statement piece.

    Best Bamboo Floor Lamp Under $40

    Mainstays Floor Lamp (Walmart)

    The Mainstays Rice Paper Floor Lamp is the most affordable floor lamp featured in this article. It has an on/off floor switch and a contemporary base made of bamboo.

    Use this lamp to give your space a modern look with diffused lighting. Its two-bulb setup produces soft light tones underneath its rice paper shade. The Mainstays Floor Lamp is a simple, trendy, ultra-affordable way to give your and your home some good ol' bamboo-sourced mood lighting.

    It stands 58″ tall.

    Best Japanese Bamboo Floor Lamp

    The Kojima Japanese bamboo floor lamp from Oriental Furniture has a long, rectangular paper shade and a bamboo pole body.

    It's on the larger side of floor lamps. At 67″ tall, it brings accent lighting to any room and is perfect for any space centered around Japanese decor.

    Best Bamboo Stick Lamp

    Visual Comfort Studio Bamboo Decorative Floor Lamp

    The Visual Comfort Studio Lamp supplies incandescent lighting on top of a beautiful stick of bamboo. Its style is referred to as a “stick bamboo floor lamp.”

    The bamboo core is paired with a natural paper shade and thick standing base.

    Finishing for this stick bamboo floor lamp comes in two colors: Belgian White and Bamboo.

    Best Bamboo Torchiere Lamp

    Callicles Floor Lamp (Wayfair)

    Standing at 59″ tall and 9″ wide, the Callicles Floor Lamp mixes contemporary design with rustic.

    The base of the standing lamp is made from bamboo sticks and crisscrossed wicker rope.

    The electric cord runs 97″ long. So, you won't be constricted to a small distance when trying to find a home for this bamboo torchiere lamp. You shouldn't be constricted to only nearby outlets.

    Diffused lighting shines through its beige paper lampshade. The paper lampshade is torchiere shaped and constructed with a frame of decorative rope.

    Best Bamboo Floor Lamp for Apartments and Small Spaces

    KNIXHULT Floor Lamp With LED Bulb (IKEA)

    The KNIXHULT by IKEA is part of IKEA's circular product initiative. Though compact, it packs a big punch. It's perfect for an apartment or office, or other small spaces.

    IKEA plans on having 100% circular products by 2030. The KNIXHULT lamp is created from previously discarded bamboo and intentionally designed to decrease its carbon footprint.

    Plus, this lamp is recyclable.

    Best Dimmer Switch

    South Pacific 60″ Floor Lamp (Perigold)

    This floor lamp includes a two-level dimming switch.

    Its made by Patio Living Concepts and has a natural woven bamboo resin base. It repeats a pattern with gold bamboo along its base, making this lamp functional as well as stylish.

    The South Pacific 60″ Floor Lamp also has a paper lampshade in gold sesame linen.

    This bamboo floor lamp is suitable for indoors or outdoors thanks to its bamboo finish.

    Best Bamboo Arc Lamp

    Marble and Bamboo Bali Arc Floor Lamp (World Market)

    The Bali Arc Lamp has a marble base and a woven bamboo shade.

    Arc lights are great for when you need extra lighting in a special space. This lamp would look great hanging over a coffee table, sofa, or reading area.

    Its woven bamboo shade acts as a secondary shade to its original light source. The bamboo shade is decorative and covers a paper shade to create soft diffused lighting.

    Best Bamboo Coastal Lamp

    Brown Bamboo Coastal Floor Lamp (Overstock)

    The Brown Bamboo Coastal Floor Lamp is crafted from weaved bamboo strips and 3 off-white frosted dome lampshades. The dark woven base of this lamp is secured to a dark brown solid iron base.

    It has an on/off footswitch, and 3 bulbs placed into 3 separate lampshades.

    Best Handmade Bamboo Floor Lamp

    Thai Fishing Trap Basket Freestanding Bamboo Floor Lamp (Etsy)

    These floor lamps are sold by Etsy seller LannaPassa. They come in 5 differently sized baskets.

    All bamboo floor lamps are paired with a natural wood bulb holder. Each basket features a bamboo weaving pattern resembling a Thai fishing trap.