Bamboo Drawer Organizers for Your Sustainable Home

Woman in home office; bamboo drawer organizers

What makes bamboo the best material for a drawer organizer?

Bamboo is super lightweight and won’t add heaviness to your pull-out drawers.

Because each drawer is differently sized, finding the right organizer can feel a little bit like playing the tile matching video game Tetris.

But you’ve still got to find something to hold all your kitchen utensils in one place!

That’s where insertable bamboo utensil dividers and cutlery trays come in handy. They’ll put your silverware into separate organized compartments.

If having extra space left over in your drawer is a big pet peeve of yours (like it is mine), take a good look at the expandable drawer organizers and the adjustable bamboo desk organizers featured in this breakdown.

Otherwise, click around and see what images speak to you. Featured below are 11 bamboo drawer organizers for use in both the kitchen and office.

Quick tip: Don’t forget to measure for depth!

To further organize your home, also be sure to check out our top picks for bamboo cabinets.

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    Best Overall – Seville Classics 10-piece Bamboo Storage Box Organizer Set (Costco)

    This Seville Classics bamboo box set is mix-and-match to make your own custom-sized drawer organizer. All pieces are laminated and 2.5 tall.

    It’s made by Seville, so it’s backed by a big name.

    Place the storage containers on top of your desk or slide them into a drawer.

    Any extra storage boxes can be divided up around your home, such as in the pantry or garage.

    With 10 pieces and 6 different sizes to choose from, this 10-piece bamboo drawer organizer from Costco will give you plenty of options to cut down clutter.

    There’s no one size fits all situation, so getting to rearrange your drawer organizer as often as necessary provides you with multiple uses and sizing options.

    It’s all however you want to build it.

    Best Bamboo Drawer Organizer Under $15 – Mind Reader Brown Bamboo 3-Compartment Organizer (Home Depot)

    If you’re on a budget and need a quick fix, this Brown Bamboo Organizer by MindReader has 3 compartments where you can store paperclips, erasers, staples, pencil lead, chapstick, jewelry, rings, or hair ties — basically, you name it.

    The Mind Reader bamboo drawer organizer is 13” long, and 2.5” high. Each sub-sectioned compartment has a depth of 4”.

    You can slide it into a drawer, use it as a tea organizer in your kitchen, or anything in-between.

    Best Expandable / Adjustable Bamboo Drawer Organizer – Miko Bamboo Expandable Kitchen Drawer Organizer (Walmart)

    The stain on this Miko Bamboo Expandable Kitchen Drawer Organizer is so gorgeous.

    It’s perfectly crafted to store your flatware and cutlery and makes for a great utensil divider.

    You can use it to store silverware too. By the way, have you heard of bamboo flatware? It’s lighter and more portable. (Great for outdoor dining.)

    If not, give my recent article 9 Best Bamboo Cutlery by Category a read.

    To learn more about bamboo kitchenware and kitchen tools, read 10 Best Bamboo Utensils for Your Kitchen.

    Getting back to this Miko cutlery tray from Walmart, it has 6-8 storage compartments for you to fill whichever way you please.

    Best Expandable Bamboo Drawer Dividers – Braeden Adjustable Organizer Set (Wayfair)

    If you’re looking to find bamboo drawer dividers instead of pre-built drawer compartments, then this Braeden Adjustable Organizer Set is the pick for you.

    Brought to you by the popular online store Wayfair, this 6-piece bamboo drawer organizer can be customized to separate whatever items you choose!

    To use, insert the drawer dividers between the items you want separated.

    Once you verify your drawer size is a proper match, you can customize exactly how you want your drawer to look. Set it up to give the proper width each item needs.

    You get to decide how much goes between one divider and the next.

    Minimum depth is 17.5”, with expandable depth up to 22.” Height is 0.6” tall. This means your drawer must be a minimum of 0.6” to be able to properly operate while using this set.

    All dividers are made of 100% Moso Bamboo.

    Best Bamboo Cutlery Tray – VARIERA Knife Tray (Ikea)

    If you like storing your kitchen knives in a drawer instead of a block, this Ikea VARIERA Knife Tray would make a great addition to your home.

    I also covered a block recommendation in my best bamboo cutlery article. Read on to compare the block to the tray and see which is for you.

    With a width of 5 7/8”, a depth of 19 3/4”, and a height of 2 1/8,” this utensil drawer insert can store small and large knives.

    The VARIERA cutlery tray by Ikea holds your knives in place with individual storing slots. Storing knives like this prevents them from banging into each other and minimizes dings and scratches. Accidental cuts are also minimized because your knives will be stored facing down.

    Best Stackable Bamboo Drawer Organizer – Stackable Bamboo Drawer Organizers (The Container Store)

    What is a stackable drawer organizer?

    A drawer organizer that lets you create multiple layers of organization.

    For instance, if you store your forks in the top layer… you can store your other utensils underneath.

    This style comes in handy when you’re organizing a drawer with a lot of depth.

    Each compartment in this mix and match set measures 2” deep.

    Some customers prefer to stack these drawer organizers on the top of a desk.

    Because these compartments are individual storage boxes, I can picture them looking nice on a desk when staggered.

    Use the 3″ x 12″ x 2″ height to store pens, and the 6″ x 6″ x 2″ height to store sticky notes.

    For a drawer, the individual compartments are nice for creating a customized organization strategy.

    Best Bamboo Drawer Organizer Box(es) — West Elm Brockton Bamboo Stacking Boxes

    These Brockton stacking boxes from West Elm can be used as extra storage on shelves, in bathrooms, or on top of desks. Basically, anywhere.

    Because they’re stackable, they won’t take up too much room.

    At work, you can use these bamboo storage boxes to store away staplers, paper clips, hole punchers, etc. Or, you can use the Brockton Bamboo Stacking Boxes to organize your in-going mail and out-going mail.

    Using these stackable boxes to store shampoo and body wash would work well for someone wanting to create additional storage inside their bathroom.

    Overall, they make an excellent junk drawer where someone can put scissors, a calculator, tape, batteries, pens, etc., out of the way. Bonus points for having such a beautiful box to put them into.

    Brockton Bamboo Stacking Boxes come in a pack of 2. But are stackable to make a pile of 4 boxes, or whatever feels right to you.

    Best Bamboo Drawer Organizer for the Office – Seville Classic 5-Piece Bamboo Storage Box Set (Bed Bath & Beyond)

    This 5-piece bamboo drawer organizer set is similar to the 10-piece set that won the Best Overall category. Both sets were made by the same company, Seville.

    The 5-piece bamboo drawer organizer set, however, is the better choice for a small drawer.

    As may be the case with a small office drawer.

    Split up the separate compartments to store a few boxes on top of your desk and then a few in your drawer. Or, if space allows, store them all in one place.

    The 5 different-sized compartments can be placed together however you like.

    The different-sized compartments let you organize several office supplies, like pencils, markers, scissors, keys, paper clips, tape, post-it notes, and calculators.

    Outside of your office desk, this small bamboo drawer organizer could find use in the office kitchen. Use them to store snacks, tea, sugar packets, and more as decor for client lunches.

    Best Bamboo Desk Organizer for Kids – Totally Bamboo 5-Piece Organization Box Set

    This is another 5-piece bamboo drawer organizer that comes with separate compartments. However, each set featured in this article measures differently. Be sure to measure your own space or drawer before deciding if it’s the proper match.

    Totally Bamboo makes this drawer organizer, so you can expect it to be well-crafted.

    The large green compartment has an option to add in additional dividers.

    Use it to store one large item, or turn a 5-piece set into a 7-piece set.

    I think this organizer is great for kids because each box is decorated with a brightly colored bottom. Colors include: blue, red, orange, purple, and lime green.

    Best Bamboo Drawer Organizer for the Bathroom – KOHLER Bamboo Bathroom Vanity Drawer Organizer (Lowe’s)

    Keep track of hair styling tools and prevent cord tangling. Placing curling irons and hair straighteners into a bamboo storage compartment where they won’t slide around every time their drawer opens and shuts.

    This organizer holds electronics, but you can pair it with the KOHLER Bamboo Twill Bathroom Vanity Drawer Organizer (for small compartment storage), or the KOHLER Bamboo Twill Bathroom Vanity Drawer Organizer with included removable magnifying mirror (for makeup item storage).


    Bamboo makes great drawer organizers without adding in unwanted heaviness. Because bamboo is a grass and not a wood, it’s lighter than hard maple (and other dense woods). And, it doesn’t hurt the environment like plastic.