Bamboo Makeup Brushes for Sustainable Beauty

Bamboo makeup brush

The world of beauty has entered a transformation. We have all seen the aisles change in exciting ways over the years.

Synthetic substances have been getting knocked off of shelves as natural products emerge.

This shift in consumer culture has changed formulas, brought transparency to production processes, and created awareness on how our everyday choices can be altered to be friendlier to the planet.

Walking through the aisles, I see plant-based colors in palettes and mineral makeup. On top of formulas, makeup materials are being rethought as well.

You may have seen them as you wandered the beauty department, but I would like to formally introduce you to where our friend bamboo has been dominating the makeup aisles.

Say hello to bamboo makeup brushes!

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    What Are Bamboo Makeup Brushes?

    Bamboo makeup brushes are intended to be used just like any makeup brush. The difference is that the handle is made of natural bamboo. You could use them to swipe and apply foundation, blush, eyeshadow, or any other makeup product.

    The main difference with a bamboo brush will be the look and the feel. Bamboo makeup brushes have a natural wood grain look and a smooth, solid feel. Bamboo is a perfect pair for makeup brushes because it is such a fast-growing plant.

    Considering the constant and continual demand for brushes, bamboo is a friendly solution for a more eco-friendly product.

    Natural Vs. Synthetic Brushes

    Bamboo is a wonderful alternative to traditional makeup brush handles. Synthetic materials that resemble wood are falling out of favor as we consider the importance of each material in everything we purchase.

    Plastic brush handles have also been quite common. They are more susceptible to breaking and are not supportive of a healthy environment.

    A natural handle, like a bamboo makeup brush handle, will prove to be durable, beautiful, and long-lasting.

    Bamboo is one of nature's strongest materials. It also outshines the tensile strength of steel. A sturdy handle will support your kit lasting longer than a top-notch setting spray!

    Bamboo Vs. Other Natural Alternatives

    You may have seen other natural makeup brushes on the market.

    Cork and wood are common natural materials used in makeup brushes. Although they are natural and often more eco-friendly than a plastic brush, they do not stand up to what a bamboo makeup brush can provide.

    A bamboo makeup brush will provide a handle that is water-resistant, helping to keep your kit clean and in good shape.

    Hardwoods can warp or tear if exposed to too much moisture. Cork can rot or crumble over time.

    Bamboo provides superior natural strength as well. This eco-friendly material is ideal for something that will be used regularly such as a makeup brush.

    What to Consider When Buying Bamboo Makeup Brushes

    When buying bamboo makeup brushes, be sure to pay attention to the materials.

    With bamboo being a trending material, there are plenty of brands that attempt to sell you a bamboo makeup brush that is really only bamboo colored, rather than made of the actual bamboo plant.

    When inspecting the materials, scan for what the handle is made out of. In most bamboo makeup brushes, the handle is what is actually made of the plant. The bristles, on the other hand, are often made of other materials.

    How to Use Bamboo Makeup Brushes

    Bamboo makeup brushes will do their job of makeup application just like a brush made of a traditional material.

    When using the brush, the handle may hold a bit of a different weight than a synthetic brush such as a plastic or synthetic wood brush.

    Of course, there are plenty of tips and tricks to understand the best way to use a makeup brush for the look you want to achieve. Check out the video below for some pointers!

    How to Clean Bamboo Makeup Brushes

    If you are a frequent flyer in the glam game, you likely have seen that it is important to change (or clean) your makeup brushes at least every few months. This is an important habit to assure your brushes do not build up excess dirty materials from regular use.

    To clean your bamboo makeup brush, swirl the brush in some warm water in a shallow bowl with a small amount of a facial cleanser or pure soap.

    Rinse the brush thoroughly and allow it to fully dry by using a clean towel and then exposing it to the air for at least a few hours.

    You may also purchase makeup brush mats that have grooves to help get into the bristles.

    For an eco-friendly alternative cosmetic tool, a natural bamboo makeup brush is a great swap to make. Traditional brushes are often made of materials that do not support our environment.

    The durability, resistance, and look of bamboo are sure to boost the feel of your makeup kit!


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