Rachel Jones

Rachel is an interior designer living in Santa Monica, California.

Though she’s a California girl through and through, she was born and raised in Northville, Michigan.

After high school, she left her hometown in Michigan but stayed around the midwest to attend school in Illinois. That’s where she met Mike. They became friends and stayed in touch through the years to follow.

She graduated from undergrad with a BA in Philosophy, did some post-grad traveling in Europe, and eventually made her way west.

Rachel's a wanderer type that loves art, design, and a good adventure.

Since graduation, she found her calling in designing beautiful homes and indoor spaces. She believes in the future of a sustainable economy and loves when she can add beautiful bamboo goods to the spaces she decorates.

Naturally, she reconnected with Mike and the Bamboo Goods team to bring readers info on the latest in bamboo products.

Working with the team keeps her on her toes and in the loop with the latest eco trends. She loves getting in and researching which products stand out among the rest.

Getting to share her research with the Bamboo Goods readers is a real bonus. Here’s to making your home a beautiful space with bamboo goods.