Best Bamboo Chopsticks

Bamboo chopsticks and dumplings

Chopsticks are a staple in many kitchens, serving a multitude of purposes with a stylish flair. A great pair of chopsticks makes for an affordable and lightweight utensil perfect for everyday use or even travel. Unfortunately, billions of disposable chopsticks are tossed into landfills each year. Purchasing bamboo chopsticks helps to reduce this number. Bamboo …

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Best Bamboo Yarn

Bamboo yarn and knitting needles

While bamboo yarn is relatively fresh on the crafting scene, makers new or seasoned are seamlessly incorporating this incredible material into their projects. Bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to competitor materials and has soft, breathable qualities that will bring an extra touch of grandeur to whatever you knit or crochet. Add bamboo yarn to your …

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Best Bamboo Toothbrushes

Bamboo toothbrushes

Want to lower your plastic consumption, but not sure how or where to start? Opting for a bamboo toothbrush rather than a plastic one is a small swap you can make that can make a world of difference. It’s recommended that you should replace your toothbrushes every three to four months. For something that seems …

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Best Bamboo Steamers for Cooking Dumplings, Vegetables, and More

Freshly cooked dumplings in a bamboo steamer

You absolutely need to add a staple bamboo steamer to your kitchen. Steaming is a method of cooking that goes back thousands of years due to being so easy to use, consistently cooking delicious food, and having many nutritional benefits. Use an Asian bamboo steamer basket as a healthier option for cooking since it doesn’t …

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7 Best Bamboo Chairs for Your Home

Girl sitting at home; bamboo chairs

A statement chair makes a world of difference in your living space. Especially a bamboo chair. Chairs made from bamboo bring you comfort and class while blending seamlessly into both modern and rustically furnished homes. Not only will you love the way bamboo looks in your house, but you’ll also love the fact that your …

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