Top 5 Bamboo Toilet Paper Brands for a More Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Rolls of bamboo toilet paper in a basket

Heard of bamboo toilet paper but not sure if it's worth the hype? We get it. Toilet paper may not be the most glamorous addition to your home and something you want to spend your time researching. But it’s a product that we all have to use that has a major impact on the environment.

You might still be on the fence about making the switch to bamboo and wondering…

  • Is bamboo toilet paper soft?
  • Is it as strong as regular toilet paper?
  • Is it septic-safe?

Today we at Bamboo Goods will be sharing why bamboo toilet paper is even better than regular toilet paper for both your health and the planet’s health. We’ll also be listing our top picks for bamboo toilet paper brands to suit any lifestyle and budget.

So you can take care of business without compromising on quality or harming trees.

Whether you’re an eco enthusiast or an everyday consumer just looking to be more gentle on the Earth, bamboo toilet paper is one quick and easy swap that makes a huge difference. Read on to learn more about the benefits of bamboo toilet paper and why it’s the best alternative to traditional toilet paper.

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    What Is Bamboo Toilet Paper?

    Bamboo toilet paper is totally tree-free. When sustainably sourced, that means zero deforestation and zero pandas harmed. It doesn’t require any wood or recycled paper—instead, virgin bamboo fiber is pulped and pressed into a paper that is soft, durable, and most importantly, sustainable.

    Since we know the toilet paper industry is notorious for chopping down precious planet-saving trees—accounting for 15% of global deforestation—making the switch to bamboo paper products is the obvious choice for protecting the Earth.

    But how does bamboo toilet paper compare in terms of quality to regular toilet paper?

    Why Make the Switch to Bamboo? Bamboo Toilet Paper vs Regular Toilet Paper

    Bamboo Toilet Paper Is Softer and Stronger

    Here’s why you should swap out your regular toilet paper for bamboo toilet paper. First, bamboo fiber is naturally stronger than tree-based paper and even softer than materials like cotton.

    To make traditional toilet paper, the oldest trees are used to make the softest paper. That means some of the Earth’s oldest forests that store most of our carbon are being felled to meet human demand and ecosystems are damaged beyond repair.

    Bamboo toilet paper, on the other hand, is ultra-soft regardless of the plant’s maturity.

    By opting for bamboo toilet paper, you prevent deforestation and protect wildlife.

    Bamboo Toilet Paper Is Septic-Safe

    If you’re concerned about your plumbing, worry not—bamboo toilet paper is septic-safe! Pure bamboo toilet paper is completely biodegradable, meaning it dissolves quickly, requires less water than regular toilet paper to flush, and will easily break down in your septic tank.

    In fact, bamboo toilet paper is considered by some plumbers to be the best toilet paper for your septic system.

    Bamboo Toilet Paper Is Sustainable

    Finally, another reason why you should make the switch to bamboo is that it’s more eco-friendly. Unlike trees, bamboo is a renewable crop that doesn’t require replanting but regrows naturally on its own.

    Traditional toilet paper requires millions of trees to be cut down and replanted, which can take 10-40 years for a single tree to reach maturity. Meanwhile, bamboo grows quickly at three feet per day, reaches full maturity in only three years, and absorbs carbon from the atmosphere.

    This makes bamboo toilet paper a more efficient and sustainable choice.

    So now that you understand some of the major benefits of bamboo toilet paper, here are a few things to look out for when shopping around for the right brand.

    Things to Consider When Buying Bamboo Toilet Paper


    Ask yourself whether you prefer 2-ply or 3-ply toilet paper. 3-ply bamboo toilet paper will offer a more plush feel but does use up more resources to produce that added layer of paper compared to 2-ply.

    The choice is entirely up to you as either one will still be significantly more planet-friendly than traditional toilet paper. Plus, there ARE brands out there making products that have the softness of a 3-ply while using the same resources as a 2-ply toilet paper and minimizing waste.

    Keep reading to find out about one of these brands below!

    Sustainably Sourced Bamboo

    When you’re researching bamboo toilet paper brands, another thing you should look for is whether the brand is transparent about its production process and if the bamboo used is responsibly sourced.

    Is the brand certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)? Does it meet other standards of sustainability and ethics?

    A good example is brands that source products from sustainable factories like Newland Bamboo.


    Feel free to test out several bamboo toilet paper brands before making a commitment to sign up for a subscription. You’ll want toilet paper that feels soft, durable, and lint-free with no pilling.

    And lucky for you, we went ahead and did all the research for you to come up with the best brands offering all the above. Here are the top five bamboo toilet paper brands providing high-quality products we know you’ll love.

    Our Picks for the Best Bamboo Toilet Paper Brands

    Best Overall: Cloud Paper

    Cloud Paper is our pick for the best bamboo toilet paper brand. Their toilet paper is FSC-Certified, chlorine-free, and responsibly sourced from native bamboo forests. That means there are no animals harmed or deforestation that occurs in the production process.

    The brand provides carbon-neutral delivery with products arriving in fully recyclable and compostable packaging. And you also get several different subscription and bulk-buying options for a completely customizable schedule that fits your unique lifestyle. You can cancel whenever free of charge.

    Best for Sensitive Skin: Seek Bamboo

    Another favorite of ours is Seek Bamboo which uses zero harsh chemicals on its bamboo toilet paper. Being BPA-free, chlorine-free, ink-free, dye-free, and scent-free, their toilet paper is the best option for sensitive skin.

    Never run out of toilet paper again when you sign up for their subscription box. Get high-quality, hypoallergenic bamboo toilet paper in plastic-free packaging delivered to your door today.

    Best Budget: Grove Collaborative

    Interested in bamboo toilet paper but don't want to spend too much? You can try the bamboo toilet paper from Grove Collaborative for less than $1 a roll.

    Their toilet paper is soft, durable, and 100% biodegradable being biobased and made from sugarcane and bamboo grass. With Grove Collaborative, you can test the waters with little commitment and decide if bamboo toilet paper works out for you.

    Extra Plush Without the Waste: Bambooloo

    Up the plush factor of your toilet paper without the waste with Bambooloo’s bamboo toilet paper. Bambooloo provides a toilet paper that has the softness, strength, and comfort of a 3-ply toilet paper while using the same resources as a 2-ply and creating less waste.

    Their 2-ply bamboo toilet paper is BPA-free with no residual chemicals and feels 48% thicker than regular 2-ply toilet paper.

    Guaranteed the Softest or Your Money Back: Betterway

    Finally, we couldn’t not include Betterway on our list of top bamboo toilet paper brands. Betterway is FSC-Certified, offering organic bamboo toilet paper in compostable packaging. You can feel good about your purchase knowing that the bamboo used is hand-harvested on small farms in panda-free areas.

    Their toilet paper is hypoallergenic and ink, dye, BPA, and scent-free. And each extra long roll comes in 3-ply, 360 sheets so you get the most bang for your buck.

    Betterway bamboo toilet paper is considered by some to be the softest. The brand is so confident in this claim that if for any reason you’re not completely happy with your purchase, Betterway will refund you. You can try out their bamboo toilet paper risk-free for up to 100 days.

    Make the Switch to Bamboo

    Now that you know the benefits of bamboo toilet paper and have explored a few brands, swapping out your usual toilet paper for bamboo toilet paper is going to be easy. Once you make the change, we’re sure you won’t ever want to go back.

    Try out bamboo toilet paper to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle today.