Bamboo Bathroom Accessories: Add Comfort and Elegance to Your Home

Bamboo soap dish at sink; bamboo bathroom accessories

Now that you’ve swapped out your old toilet paper for bamboo, make your eco-friendly bathroom collection complete with bamboo bathroom accessories. For example, you can replace your plastic soap dispenser and metal shower caddy with bamboo items that are luxurious and made to last.

Turn every day into a spa day with elevated bamboo essentials.

Keep on reading to learn more about the benefits of bamboo and explore a few of our most recommended bamboo bathroom accessories.

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    What Are Bamboo Bathroom Accessories?

    Bamboo bathroom accessories are made out of bamboo wood and can include bath trays, shower mats, caddies, towels, and more. Because of its water-resistant qualities, bamboo items are perfect for your bathroom as they won’t quickly rot or produce mold.

    At the same time, bamboo bath products are also versatile enough for use in any area of your home. So be as creative as you like. Place a bamboo trash can in your home office for a more put-together look. Use a bamboo tray as an organizer for your jewelry. Bamboo soap dispensers can also be used in the kitchen to dispense dish soap or placed throughout rooms as lotion dispensers.

    And in case you’re still wondering, “why bamboo,” here are some additional benefits of using bamboo bathroom accessories.

    Benefits of Bamboo


    Bamboo bathroom accessories give off a more luxurious and expensive look. The natural wood finish can also warm up your bathroom and make it feel more welcoming in contrast to metal and glass products. It’s no wonder bamboo accessories are typical of spas because of the serene and relaxing atmosphere they help create.


    Another benefit of bamboo is that it’s eco-friendly. Bamboo grows quickly and doesn’t require replanting like trees—it can also grow without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and a lot of water. When you buy responsibly-sourced bamboo bath products, you’re helping to prevent deforestation and protect wildlife.


    Did you know that when it comes to its tensile strength (that is, its resistance to being pulled apart) bamboo is stronger than steel? You don’t have to worry about your bath products breaking as bamboo is naturally durable. Bamboo is also water-resistant so your accessories will last longer in your bathroom than products made out of plastic or metal.

    But that doesn’t mean you should neglect regularly cleaning and taking the correct steps to take care of your bath accessories. Here’s what you should be doing to make sure your bamboo bath items last as they’re intended to.

    How to Care for Bamboo Bath Items

    We mentioned previously that bamboo is water-resistant—but that doesn’t mean it’s waterproof. If your bamboo bathroom product comes into direct contact with water, wipe down the item with a dry cloth and avoid letting too much water collect on the surface. Never soak your bamboo products or let them sit in water or else the bamboo may warp or crack over time.

    Keeping your bamboo bathroom accessories cool and dry is key to having them last longer. If you ever find yourself needing to clean your bamboo bath products, it’s usually safe to wash items with gentle, soapy water or spot-clean them. Then dry the items off with a towel and allow them to air dry completely before using them again.

    So now that you know how to properly care for your bamboo bathroom accessories, you’re ready to get started investing in your first few products. Read on to see which bamboo bath accessories made our final cut.

    Your At-Home Spa Starter Guide

    Best Bath Tray: Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Bath Tray

    We’re loving this bamboo bath tray from Royal Craft Wood which is made out of 100% bamboo and comes in seven fun colors. Stay connected while you unwind using the tray’s secure phone holder. You can also read a book or watch your favorite movie as you relax in the tub using the removable book or tablet holder. This bamboo bath tray also includes a wine glass holder, candle or cup holder, and is expandable to fit even the widest bathtubs.

    Best Shower Caddy: Crew & Axel Bamboo Hanging Shower Caddy

    Give yourself extra storage space in your bathroom with this two-level bamboo shower caddy from Crew & Axel. Hang the caddy over your shower head for easy access to all your bath essentials. This bamboo shower caddy is water-resistant, anti-stain, and features an anti-slip design so you never have to worry about anything falling down. Side hooks also allow you to conveniently hang loofas and other items in the shower.

    Best Set: Lavish Home 5-Piece Bathroom Set

    Get started designing the spa bathroom of your dreams with Lavish Home bamboo bathroom accessories. This 5-piece set includes a bamboo soap dish, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, trash bin, and tray for organizing toiletries or jewelry. The design is minimalist and natural, each piece being versatile enough for use in other areas of your home like an office or bedroom. Antimicrobial bamboo also keeps odors away and your bathroom smelling fresh.

    Best Towels: Cozy Earth Bamboo Bath Towels

    These towels from Cozy Earth are a blend of 40% bamboo viscose and 60% cotton, making them biodegradable and eco-friendly. The 800 grams per sq meter thickness means these towels are super absorbent, fluffy, and soft. Made to last, you can throw these towels in the washing machine for easy cleaning and they still won’t lose their plushness or pill. We also love that these towels are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified and responsibly produced.

    Best Bath Mat: Mind Reader Bath Mat

    This bamboo bath mat from Mind Reader is water-resistant, non-slip, and gives you a place to dry off that isn’t a smelly rug. You can easily clean the bath mat after showering by wiping it down with a dry cloth and hanging it vertically to air dry. Mind Reader's bamboo mat is larger than other mats on the market and comes in two sizes 16.5 x 23.5 inches. This mat is versatile and can be used in your bathroom or near entryways and outdoors, for instance by a pool.

    Add Style With Bamboo

    Achieve a sustainable and elegant-looking bathroom with bamboo bathroom accessories. Bring the luxurious spa experience home and incorporate bamboo products into your space today.