Sustainable Bamboo Wall Panels to Transform Your Space

Plyboo Louver bamboo wall panels with chair

Looking to refresh and elevate your space without a massive overhaul? Sure, you can use paint to change it up, but why settle for just a color change when you get much more with bamboo wall panels.

Whether you're looking to transform the exterior or interior of your home, bamboo wall panels are sustainable, versatile, and easy to use and transform your space.

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    What Are Bamboo Wall Panels?

    Bamboo wall panels offer a unique approach to transforming a space by adding texture and depth to your walls and home that paint can't replicate.

    Bamboo is a versatile material; bamboo wall panels come in various textures, from classic horizontal slats to textured 3D decor pieces.

    On top of that, compared to other wall panel materials, bamboo is much more sustainable.

    Bamboo grows quickly, requires little water, and uses little to no pesticide or chemicals to grow compared to hardwood. And unlike plastic, bamboo is biodegradable and doesn't leave microplastics behind.

    So, if you want to level up your home without harming the environment, bamboo wall panels are the way to go.

    How to Use Bamboo Wall Panels

    Bamboo wall panels are just as versatile as they are beautiful. You can transform any space from interior to exterior of your home with a few panels.

    Let's start inside and move out on how bamboo wall panels can transform your home.

    Indoor Use and Design

    If there is a wall, there is a way. Bamboo wall panels can be used on any wall of your choice in your indoor space.

    The most common way of using wall panels is picking one wall in the room and making it the centerpiece. The accent wall is different from other walls and creates a focal point in the room. All eyes are on that wall when you or your guests enter the room.

    Now, here are a few ways to use wall panels:

    1. Cover up one wall and make it the accent wall
    2. Cover only the top or bottom half of the wall
    3. Make the entire room a statement and cover all the walls

    Add depth and warmth to any room in your home with bamboo wall panels.

    Outdoor Use and Design

    Bamboo wall panels don't just work indoors. You can use it outdoors in your back or front yard.

    Whether it's to increase privacy or to section off different parts of your outdoor space, bamboo is an excellent option because of its natural warmth and depth in color.

    Bamboo elevates your living space while seamlessly blending into the outdoor space.

    What to Consider When Buying Bamboo Wall Panels

    Not all bamboo wall panels are made the same, so here are a few important things to keep in mind when shopping for them:

    Where the Bamboo Wall Panels Will Go

    Indoor and outdoor wall panels are not made the same. Compared to indoor wall panels, outdoor wall panels are built to be extra sturdy to withstand weather changes and outdoor elements.

    As for indoor wall panels, the only room you have to worry about is the bathroom. Bamboo wall panels in the bathroom experience frequent moisture and humidity changes, which can warp the bamboo over time.

    How Your Bamboo Wall Panels Will Be Installed

    With the variety of bamboo wall panels available, there are also various installation types available for homeowners and renters.

    Here are three ways wall panels can be installed:

    1. Nails and hammer/nail-gun: long-lasting and sturdy option
    2. Glue: Manually apply glue to clean the wall and press the wall panel to it
    3. Adhesive: Peel off the back of the board and stick it on the wall like a sticker

    If you're a homeowner, you're more likely to want a sturdy, long-lasting installation. If you're a renter, you'd want something that's easy to remove at the end of your lease.

    How Complex Is Your Bamboo Wall Panel Design

    When it comes to decorating a space, one of the things I look at is how much maintenance it requires. Typically, more care is needed if the design is complex and detailed.

    For instance, vertical bamboo wall panels are much easier to maintain than a textured 3D decor wall panel. With more texture and complexity, there are more areas where dust can settle and get trapped. As a result, more detailed cleaning is needed.

    Best Bamboo Wall Panels

    Plyboo's Louver Wall Panels Collection

    Plyboo is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, which means their bamboo products come from responsibly managed forests.

    The Louver Wall Panels Collection is made of 100% bamboo. It's carefully carved to define space, direct light, and absorb sound. It also has beautiful intricate vertical and horizontal options that can elevate any room in your home.

    With seven colors available with a custom color option, you can make this wall panel as unique as your space. Plyboo includes a detailed installation guide on their website so you can confidently and proudly install it.

    Stikwood's Vertical Caramelized Bamboo Peel & Stick Wood

    Stikwood products are the easiest to install out of the other options from this list. You simply peel off the sticker packing and put it stick to a clean wall. The Bamboo Stikwood is made of 100% real bamboo right here in the U.S. Its thin layer allows it to stay on your wall while elevating your home for as long as you want it to. It's great for renters and homeowners on a budget.

    When you buy a Stikwood product, you can feel good about your purchase because they are also FSC certified.

    Forever Bamboo's Wall Paneling

    When it comes to variety, Forever Bamboo has it all. With over ten bamboo finishes available, you can be sure to find a bamboo paneling that fits your decor.

    Forever bamboo's wall paneling is great for adding a tropical feel to your home or business.

    This bamboo paneling isn't just for walls, though. It can easily be cut and resized to jazz up any surface area, including ceilings, cabinets, doors, and even a tiki bar. It can also be installed with glue, staples, or nails to hold the panels in place.

    Lastly, Forever Bamboo has an easy-to-follow video on installing your bamboo paneling, so you know exactly what you're working with.

    Wayfair's Bamboo Wall Panels

    As you already know, bamboo is so versatile you can't even tell if certain products are made of the grass plant.

    In fact, Wayfair sells a large selection of 3D embossed wall panels made of bamboo fibers. Available in various designs and textures, you can also paint the wall panels in whatever color you want.

    Whether you want to add some funk or elevate your space, you have many options to choose from and feel good about using sustainable material.

    Care and Maintenance of Bamboo Wall Panels

    Your wall panels can collect lots of dust. But don't worry; bamboo maintenance and care are simple.

    Simply dust with a dry microfiber cloth. Then follow up with a damp cloth and finish with another dry microfiber to remove excessive moisture.

    If you can't reach it, get creative!

    My favorite way to clean walls is using a microfiber cloth on a stick or a Swiffer mop stick to get into the tiny crevices while picking up as much dust as possible.

    How to Make Your Own DIY Bamboo Wall Panels

    If you are a pro-DIY-er, DIY bamboo wall panels might be the next project you want to tackle. From breaking apart the breaking bamboo nodes to air drying, the project will take time, but the results are worth it.

    Here is a video detailing step-by-step how to create your own DIY bamboo wall panels: