Bamboo Decor For All Seasons: A Natural Way to Elevate Your Space

Living room with bamboo decor items

Waking up this morning to the crisp fall air makes me want to transition to all things autumn. While I don’t stand in line for a pumpkin spice latte, I do enjoy aligning my home to the outdoors. I live in a climate with four very distinct seasons and, while I love it, it also means having to transition my space pretty frequently.

Truth be told, I’m a recovering hoarder of seasonal decor. I used to shop all the home goods stores to get the latest holiday signs and seasonal coffee mugs. I had LOTS of bins to store it all. So many I ran out of space for the things I actually needed like snow boots and my beach umbrella.

After realizing how much time I spent updating my home every season, I quit my wasteful ways. Now I like to live by the quote from William Morris, a textile designer from the late 1800s. “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Bamboo is both beautiful and useful so if you’re not using this little power plant in your home, you’re missing out.

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    What to Look for When Shopping for Bamboo Decor

    Having a mental checklist of what to look for when shopping can save you time and money. When selecting new bamboo decor you’ll want to make sure it’s useful and environmentally friendly. Here’s what I check for when I shop online or in the store.


    I admit this one is obvious. You probably aren’t buying something for your home unless it has a purpose. Or are you? The average American home has 300,000 items. I’m guessing they don’t all serve a purpose.

    To maximize my space and reduce my environmental footprint, I look for functional, natural decor like a decorative lamp or plant stand for my living room. I’ll be able to cozy up and read in my favorite corner chair or bring life into my room with my lucky bamboo plant. So before you place that third seasonal throw pillow in your cart, think about how you’ll use it and if storing it is worth it.


    Once you’ve figured out the function of each item, you can also pare down to those that serve double or triple duty. My bamboo serving trays double as storage for my books and remotes and work triple duty as a laptop desk when I want to work on my couch. Another favorite is my set of bamboo utensils that double as natural decor when not being used to serve. I try to think about where I will keep an item when not in use and look for natural materials that aren’t seasonally specific. While being thankful is a good thing, you don’t need it written on your salt shaker.


    Choosing items that you need and that serve more than one purpose is a great start to living sustainably. When selecting your new multi-function items, pay attention to how they’re made and where they come from.

    Bamboo is a great alternative material for almost anything, especially plastic. This is great news considering only about 9% of plastic is ever recycled. Bamboo is compostable and helps our environment by absorbing more carbon and producing more oxygen than trees. If you find an item you need that’s made from plastic, look for a bamboo alternative.

    Choosing Bamboo Decor With Function and Style

    Now that I’m a striving minimalist, I try to choose products that will serve me year-round. I don’t want to pack up my whole house every time the temperature changes. Here’s a list of my favorite bamboo decor items I use every day.

    Bamboo Vase

    If you’re still using that giant glass vase that held the flowers from your wedding or college grad party, it’s time to upgrade. A bamboo vase is one of the best sustainable decor items to add to your space.

    Bamboo vases can be used year-round with simple changes to what’s inside. The most obvious is fresh-cut flowers all spring and summer. Walking into a room with fresh flowers can boost your mood and help relieve stress. In the fall and winter months, I love to swap the flowers for feathers I’ve collected during walks on local trails. They add a little nature without having to worry about sunlight, temperature, or even water.

    Bamboo Serving Boards

    One of my favorite and most versatile bamboo products is my charcuterie board. Unlike seasonal platters, bamboo charcuterie boards are functional and elevate your space without adding any clutter.

    In the fall they make for a perfect after-school snack tray and are ideal in the winter if you host holiday gatherings. To transition your bamboo charcuterie board into the summer, just change what’s on it. I pile mine high with fresh fruit, nuts, cheese, pita bread, and hummus. Pair with a glass of fruity wine and I’ve got myself a meal to enjoy al fresco!

    Bamboo Rugs

    No one wants to step out of bed onto a cold, hard floor. A bamboo rug can be just the thing to save your toes on cold winter mornings. The natural look keeps your space looking fresh and the durable fibers make bamboo rugs easy to clean.

    During the warmer months, a bamboo rug can act as a layer of insulation to keep your home cooler. I also love keeping rugs in my highest traffic areas in the summer to help protect my floors from kids and dogs running in and out.

    Bamboo Wind Chimes

    Bamboo wind chimes are often thought of as outdoor items for spring and summer. The natural rain-like sound is perfect for a garden or covered porch. But are you tired of storing yours in your garage or attic as soon as the leaves start to fall? You don’t need to – move it inside to create a whimsical winter space!

    With so many options available, you can choose one that will fit well outside and inside. I love to hang mine indoors above my kitchen sink or near my bathtub. I can still enjoy the sound in passing with a simple brush of my hand.

    Bamboo Bath Trays

    You might only use your bath on cold winter evenings and I don’t blame you. There’s nothing better than getting cozy with a good book, a glass of wine, and some essential oils to calm your nerves. But don’t let that bath tray get dusty in the summer months.

    Bamboo bath trays are functional, sustainable decor. When styled right they’ll have you looking forward to a soak all year long. In the summer, create a spa-like retreat by adding some bamboo or eucalyptus plants, a summer candle, and the latest beach read. Trust me, it’s the perfect end to a hot day.

    Bambo Sheets

    Are sheets decor? I vote yes. Crisp, clean sheets can change the feel of an entire room and give you a bedtime experience like no other. Try spending the night on hot, rumpled sheets and I think you’ll agree with me.

    I love to use bamboo sheets on my bed year-round. They’re softer than cotton and very breathable so I don’t need to sleep with a fan on those hot July nights. In the winter months, they’re perfect for getting cozy without overheating. I like to keep a bamboo blanket on hand for extra warmth on snowy evenings.

    Cut the Clutter and Elevate Your Space With Bamboo

    Bamboo decor creates a natural and relaxing atmosphere in your home and selecting items you know you’ll use all year will help you save time and money. You’ll have less to store, fewer items to maintain, and more time to enjoy your favorite seasonal hobbies.

    If you’re new to using bamboo in your home, check out our top bamboo swaps for stylish and sustainable living.