Why Bamboo Is the Design Feature You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

Bamboo designs in living room decor features

It might seem like bamboo is trending in the design world as minimal and natural styles become more popular. But bamboo has been used in design for hundreds of years, and for good reason. Bamboo is one of the strongest natural materials out there and the smooth natural rods are easy to process into a variety of eco-friendly items.

I like switching to bamboo because of the environmental impact, but there are many benefits to bringing natural design into your home.

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    Incorporating Bamboo Into Your Home

    Some of the top design trends for 2022 include:

    • Curved furniture
    • Sustainable solutions
    • Warm wood tones
    • Natural touches

    What comes to mind when you think of these? Probably bamboo!

    Bamboo is used in sustainable interior design because it’s super durable and long-lasting. It’s also better for the planet than many alternatives. When you choose things for your home, you likely want them to be low maintenance and never go out of style. Natural materials like bamboo are easy to care for and timeless. They’re also thought to create a feeling of calm. What more could you want from your home?

    Where to Include Bamboo in Your Home

    According to Houze, 46% of US homeowners are planning to redecorate in 2022. This trend has continued for the past 5 years. If you’re planning to do some redecorating, start in the areas you spend the most time – like your bedroom, living room, home office, and kitchen.

    • In shared living spaces, bamboo decor can balance out the TVs and computers often found in living rooms and offices. Bamboo also compliments almost any interior design style so it’s easy to incorporate no matter your taste.
    • Adding bamboo decor to your bedroom can create a restful retreat. Nature will improve your mental health and some bamboo products even help improve air quality. For a deeper dive, see our research into bamboo and air quality.
    • Your kitchen is likely filled with heavy appliances (plus all the mail and random clutter that ends up there). Bamboo decor can help soften the space and bring the same benefits as spending time outside.

    Bamboo Design Elements to Add Function and Style

    Adding elements of natural design is easy to do with a few bamboo products. Look for products that complement your other decor and serve more than one purpose. Here’s a quick look at how I like to bring the beauty of bamboo into my space in a minimal and functional way.

    Bamboo Room Divider

    Instead of using bulky furniture (or hanging a sheet as you did in your childhood shared bedroom), try a bamboo room divider to define your space. Whether you need a little division from your roommate while working from home or want to conceal a play space in your open-concept living room, a bamboo room divider serves as an intentional decor without creating clutter.

    The Alexisa bamboo/rattan folding room divider doubles as art with a beautiful woven texture. It has four foldable panels so it can easily be used in smaller spaces or shifted out of the way for parties. At almost six feet tall it will give you all the privacy you need.

    Bamboo Bookshelf

    If you’re a bookworm like me, you likely have a favorite reading spot in your home. Take the cozy factor up a notch by adding a bamboo bookshelf. The light, natural look of bamboo furniture keeps your room from feeling too heavy and balances out plush couches with a smooth sleek finish.

    Add the Colbe Bamboo Shelving Unit next to your bed to hold a stack of your favorite novels for your late-night read-a-thons. The minimal design and spacious shelves are perfect anywhere in your home. Display family photos in your living room or stay completely organized in your home office.

    Bamboo Desk

    You’ve likely heard that time in nature can improve your mood. But what about when you can’t get outside? Try bringing nature in! In fact, 49% of homeowners believe having natural materials in their homes makes them feel happier. If you need to boost your mood during the workday, a bamboo desk will do the trick.

    Our friend Mike has the Fully Bamboo Jarvis Standing Desk and has used it every day since 2018. Tip:  go with the contoured desktop; it's a total game-changer. Choose your top shape and size as well as your frame height and color. Customizing the size makes this the perfect desk for a minimal, yet functional office space.

    Bamboo Coffee Table

    Sustainability and functionality are top design desires for 2022 and bamboo furniture is one of the most impactful design features you can add to your space. While I’m all about oversized couches filled with super soft blankets, I also want to balance out my rooms with smooth textures and solid materials.

    The natural wood tones of bamboo coffee tables go with any decor. I especially love the added storage found on the Seldak Bamboo Coffee Table. I can have a clear surface while keeping all my books, remotes, and snack stash close by.

    Bamboo Tray

    Did you know the average American household has over 300,000 items? I tend to choose a more minimal decorating style. When I’m adding something new to my home it’s important it serves a purpose or works double duty to create a comfortable and intentional living space. That’s why I rely on bamboo trays to contain and display all my items.

    The LaGrange Tray from August Grove provides several design solutions. It can be used as a home base for things like books and remotes, help you carry cocktails to the patio, or act as a breakfast tray on a lazy Sunday morning in bed. The low profile and light weight make it an ideal centerpiece for your ottoman and easy to grab when needed.

    Bamboo Cutting Board

    If you’re not lucky enough to have bamboo countertops, a bamboo cutting board is a great option to add a natural element to Formica or balance out the coolness of granite.

    The Bulk Cutting Board from Royal Craft Wood is 100% bamboo so the natural color makes it perfect to leave on a countertop. It has grooved edges for catching liquids as you cut and built-in handles for easy carrying. You might want to grab a couple of sizes to fix up dinner for two or a full-on holiday feast.

    Bamboo Wind Chimes

    You may not think to add natural touches outdoors where nature pretty much has it covered, but bamboo wind chimes add a beautiful rain-like sound. Studies have found that pleasant sounds have healing properties. Combine the relaxing sound of chimes with the soothing power of nature and feel your stress melt away.

    One of my favorites is the Melody Garden Handcrafted Bamboo Wind Chime from Bali. Handcrafted by Balinese artisans, the coconut shell and albesia wood create a melodic sound as the bamboo rods twist in the breeze.

    Bamboo Plants

    Most designers will tell you that less is more, but I don’t think they’re including plants. The final touch to give life to your space is a potted bamboo plant. These little powerhouses are easy to grow and help purify the air. Plus, they’re said to be good luck and a symbol of good health!

    These lucky bamboo plants thrive in low light and come in your choice of decorative pot to compliment your decor. Keep it indoors or out – all you need are the included pebbles and a healthy level of water to keep it growing! Don’t forget a bamboo plant stand to complete the look.

    Bamboo Decor is a Design Feature That’s Here to Stay

    Apartment Therapy notes that warm minimalism will top design trends for 2022. Living in a functional, clutter-free space is even more important as people continue to work from home following the pandemic. If you find yourself looking to update your living space, consider bamboo decor. You’ll enjoy sustainable beauty that brings feelings of peace and relaxation and maybe even a little luck!